Thursday, July 9, 2009

THE CAR Volvo XC90

In 2002, at the Detroit Motor Show in a famous Swedish car manufacturer presented the impressive Volvo XC90, which immediately attracted attention, thanks to modern design look and a broad technological capabilities. The absence of mechanical span mezhkolesnoy and lock the wheels, as well as digital duplicators indication of the Volvo XC90 to the class of «parquet» SUVs, were now widely available in many countries around the world. 

The manufacturer installed on the Volvo XC90 several advanced systems to ensure the stability of the motion: Roll Stability Control (RSC), which works in conjunction with the Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), as well as a unique system antiprobuksovochnuyu Volvo XC90 TRACS. Using new technology allows the driver Volvo XC90 completely control the movement of the car even with poor road surface.

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