Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE CAR Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra car became available in 1979 and three years later was able to completely replace an outdated model Ford Taunus. From the beginning, the car had several options for bundling of petrol and diesel engines, had a memorable appearance and rich functionality. After the first modernization in 1983, Ford Siera received full drive and 4-step automatic gearbox. The next phase of a major modernization took place in 1985. She spoke of technical equipment (add proprietary suspension McPherson, a security system ABS and much more), and appearance. This Ford Sierra becomes the leader of sales, conquering the world more of their fans. In 1991, Ford again Siero changing. For the comfort of the occupants set the hydraulic engineers, electronic windows and audio system. Years later, this car continues to surprise with a high level of quality and reliability in the service of faith and truth to their owners.

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