Saturday, July 4, 2009



Outwardly, the model is similar to the BMW M3 BMW 3rd series. Symbol M indicates that the machine produced a unit of the group Motorsports, and is a sports car for the fans of fast driving. 

The first BMW M3 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1985, and next year started the serial production. 
The main event in 1995 in a world of powerful machines became Update M3, the engine now develops 321 hp, that is specific power in excess of 100 hp per liter of working volume, and it was achieving. Many believe BMW M3 these years the best car in the history of the series. 

In 2003, the world has shown Ownership M3 CLS. For the race has developed a special version of M3 gtr engine V8, which gained 460 hp 
Since 2007, produced a series BMW M3 with the V8 engine capacity of over 420 hp, which became one of their hits for the company. 

M3 is considered the most sporting car in its class and enjoys great popularity. Concern even participate in the development of a racing simulator free BMW M3 Challenge.

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