Sunday, July 19, 2009

About Infiniti

Buy Infiniti vehicles at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Infiniti vehicles with mileage in the official car and the best Car Infiniti with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal company offers cars Infiniti, is a unit of major Japanese company Nissan, which specializes in the production of luxury cars, which are real works of art. The company produces luxurious Infiniti sedan, coupe, convertible and the powerful off-road, successfully mastering the new niches and markets for its products. The most popular models of Infiniti: 

• Infiniti FX (Infiniti FX) 
• Infiniti FX35 (Infiniti FX35) 
• Infiniti FX45 (Infiniti FX45) 

Infiniti FX - is a powerful crossover, with an original appearance and functionality of a powerful off-road vehicle. Five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode and Downshift Rev Matching function ensures good governance, even at high speeds and poor road surface. Infiniti FX, even in the basic configuration has everything you need for comfort: speaker Bose audio system with capacity of 300 Watts, leather interior, DVD-player with a folding color monitor, color display on the seven inch and modern airbag system (AABS), is able to provide reliable protection for the driver and passengers. 

Infiniti FX 35 - off-road vehicle, built on the platform G35 sport sedan from Nissan. This model has a constant drive to the rear axle. Full gear is used to make the vehicle more of stability on the road. On a good road surface is a torque to the rear axle. When you slip the driving wheels Infiniti FX 35 torque viskomuftoy redeployed to the front axle. Motor for 3.5 liter to dramatically reduce the cost of an expensive car. 

Infiniti FX 45 is a continuation of a series of FX. From his younger brother, Infiniti FX 35 car is a more powerful engine. Engine volume of 4.5 liters and output of 328 hp capable of a speed of 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. These opportunities can not boast of a representative of the family SUV! Fuel consumption is around 20 liters per 100 kilometers. Infiniti FX 45 has a rear-view camera, which is located under the chrome lining the fifth door. This includes while driving in reverse. The image is transmitted to a monitor, allowing the driver to see the layout and the distance to obstacles. 

A formal Infiniti car is always in the presence of a wide range of different models of Infiniti equipment. You can buy Infinity in the best motor in Moscow, selling Infinity at low prices as the new Infiniti cars, as well as the cars have been run.

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