Friday, July 24, 2009

THE CAR Mazda 5

Family car Mazda 5 was first presented to the public in autumn 2004 at the Motor Show, which took place in Paris. Already in 2005, begin to supply the European market. The elegant exterior, interior ergonomics and impressive technical ability allowed Mazda 5 to win the hearts of all those who need a comfortable car for long trips the family or a large company. 

At the buyer's choice of Mazda 5 proposes two options for a family of gasoline engines MZR: - 1,8 liters. R4 16V (115 hp, 165 NBM) and 2.0 liters. R4 16V (145 hp, 185 NBM) and two diesel units MZR-CD 2.0 liter working volume. R4 16V output of 110 hp or 143 hp Petrol engines Mazda 5 sets five and six diesel manual gearbox. 

The interior of the  Mazda 5 is transformed in a matter of seconds, thanks to the original concept  named in honor of Japanese dolls. The average number of seats moved longitudinally, up, down, in all conceivable positions, allowing you to use the Mazda 5 for a variety of tasks.

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