Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THE CAR Volvo XC70

In 2002 the world market, there's a new car Volvo XC70, is able to move successfully in a full off-road. Developers have the basis for a popular car Volvo V70. Technical capabilities and appearance changed. Instead viskomufty was installed multidisk electron-mechanical clutch Haldex, which makes it possible to connect the rear axle when the front wheels slip. Design has become more dynamic through the use of lining the sidewalls and nadbrovya wheeled niches, as well as practical bumper. 

The main force Volvo XC70 uses a single-Five turbocharged gasoline engine with an output of 2.5 liters 210 hp At the request of the buyer, you can set Five aluminum turbodizel working volume 2.4 liter capacity 163 hp with direct injection. Spacious lounge Volvo XC70 has a high level of comfort, which is based on applying the latest rabotok in the field of high technologies.

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