Saturday, May 29, 2010

BMW Electro car for $ 88 million

The car will be sold under the new brand. 

Create a new electric car will help Daimler strengthen its position in the Chinese market and to prepare a competitor car Mega city, which develops group BMW and compact car Audi A2 a new generation. 

In addition to the new electric cars, plans of Daimler during the current year are build 500 electric Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and by 2012 the company plans to deploy full-scale production electrodes Car Smart in China. (Build Smart began in November 2009, were gathered around a thousand of these machines).

The partnership agreement to develop electric car company BYD and Daimler signed in March this year.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The new Ford Mondeo

New items are different front bumper with air intake, another form of LED headlamps and fluorescent light, a new grille and a slightly updated rear lights.

Face lifted Ford Mondeo will be equipped with a new 2 liter. Petrol engine series EcoBoost, combines turbo charging and direct fuel injection. The new engine has a capacity of 203 horsepower with maximum torque of 300 Nm. Motor will be shipped together with preselektivnoy Power Shift gearbox with two clutches that allow Ford Mondeo sedan speed of 100 km in 7.9 seconds, and universal for 8.2 seconds. Top speed improved sedan reach 232 kilometers per hour, station wagon - 227 kilometers per hour.

For European customers the new machines will be offered with 1.6-liter gasoline "Ekobustom, improved 160-horsepower two-liter diesel engine, power dostupnymv versions 113 and 138 horsepower, and with 2.2-liter dvigatelemna" heavy fuel with a capacity of 180 horsepower.

Completely new generation Ford Mondeo is expected by 2014.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Automotive electronics: the benefit or potential danger?

The modern car without electronics - is nonsense. Smart silicon under the supervision of cunning software manages the engine and brakes, steering and suspension. Soon, they say, the driver does not need, got into the car, took a couple of digits on the keyboard - and read a magazine or an annual financial report, whichever is more appropriate. Beauty! Really? 

Above safety stuffed with electronics auto thoughtful scientists from the University of California at San Diego looking at the problem from the perspective of a hacker.

Car electronics - essentially, the same computer, trained to make a decision based on the testimony of various sensors and interfere with the management nodes and units to correct their work.

No company in the world, who would not be subservient to competent hacker . It is only necessary to examine iron and soft, think by themselves and find a solution.

Hackers with university degrees to begin detailed studies of the standard system of CAN - Controller-area network, protocol information devices onboard network of electronic equipment of modern American cars. On the basis of this protocol operates virtually all electronics products of the American automobile industry in recent years.

Then there were the special software Car Shark, a kind of interceptor information packets that can make them adjust.

As a result, hacking program has been an influence on all systems and components, from control door locks and air conditioning, to brakes and engine.

During a demonstration of new software developers are "naughty" - the dynamics of airborne sound suddenly "cut in" on full blast, the speedometer jumped like rabbits, foxes running away, and the air conditioner suddenly "pop" in the face of the driver to the jet of hot air.

This is flowers! No not working to organize unruly skid at high speed, stop engine and lock the door. All these artistry administered with conventional notebook from moving close to another car.

Curiously, all the tricks occurred "accidentally" as a result of introducing an excessive number of packets with random information. What possibilities open up if CarShark will be "brought to mind" and will adjust the signals purposefully?

Scientists have demonstrated that any electronic system created to make life easier, you can use in opposite order.

Conceiving his experiment, experts in California have sought not only to demonstrate their skills, but above all, to draw attention to the problems of safety of modern cars with electronic filling. According to one of the professors, car manufacturers have neglected the safety of their systems, and ignore the possibility of their intrusion by hackers.

Well, the experiment clearly failed. Developers Car Shark consoles, today repeated his "ordinary" hackers can not afford to be required not only expertise, but also access to a car, an attacker would have to be either "to alter" on-board computer, or enter into the electrical accessories.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Updated Toyota RAV4

Company Toyota officially unveiled a new generation of its popular crossover Toyota RAV4. First of all, drew the attention of the new design of the car - a substantial treatment was subjected to front bumper, radiator grille, headlights, hood and front fenders. As a result of changes in design RAV4 has become more like older brothers on the line, from which only won. A vibrant, stylish, modern car - these are just some of the epithets that are appropriate to the new look RAV4.

In appearance, Toyota engineers had worked on a new engine and Valvematic, Transmissions Multi drive S, as well as equipped crossover Russian navigation system with speech recognition. So what changes have RAV4 enough - it really wants to call new, and not face lifted.

Depending on the configuration, RAV4 is offered with standard and long wheelbase. Especially popular are "short" versions, among which there are front-wheel model with a 6-speed INC, as well as all-wheel-drive model with the same 6-speed INC or new V-belt variator, CVT. 

Variable Multi drive S is not by chance ends with the letter "S", which designates Sport. It must be said, sports mode on the RAV4 - is what will like young and energetic car enthusiasts. Before hundreds of machines accelerated in just 11 seconds, while top speed is 185 km / h. And while fuel consumption according to the manufacturer - just 7.5 liters of the combined cycle. Impressive. 

As part of the test-drive, organized by Toyota for the press, we were able to personally verify high performance vehicle. Despite the fact that the RAV4 is not positioned as an SUV, a moderate off-road nothing to him. The car has not only the differential lock, but also useful help system during the descent. Enough to confide in electronics, and she pulled the RAV4 with any of the mountain without any risk to passengers and vehicles. Of course, there is a system and help with the rise, not giving the car an arbitrary slipping, slope. At the same slippery road will incidentally protivozanosnaya system that works just perfectly.

Perhaps the main drawback of the car - a high level of noise in the cabin. Otherwise - excellent car that deserves the closest attention. True, many will stop the price - front-wheel car is a complete set of 899,000 rubles, and in four-wheel drive - from 988,000 to 1 million 385 thousand. Expensive? Perhaps, yes. Nevertheless, for the fans RAV4 is clearly not a problem. 

Of course, one day to test-drive is not enough to fully appreciate the new car. Therefore, we will soon take it again to test more closely. Watch for information

Cars for Russia

Localized Verna cars will be produced at a factory in St. Petersburg from January 2011. Russian version of the model would have several fundamental differences from the "Korean" brothers.

Now Hyundai inspects equipment in the shops at the Russian plant. In August this year, the manufacturer expects to begin test production of machines. The official opening of the plant is scheduled for September.

The plant will produce a model Kia c'eed and Hyundai i30. In the first year of production capacity should reach 100,000 cars a year, and by 2012 - 150 thousand. On the territory of the enterprise in addition to the assembly shop will have its own stamping shop, paint shop and body shop.

Construction of the Russian factory in the cost Hyundai $ 500 million.

Temporary registration of cars. How to save?

According to the rules, not later than 30 days after the state registration of the purchased cars (re-registration of property rights) should be carried out inspection. 

And what do those who left their places of permanent registration to the place of registration of temporary and took a car ? Indeed, for various reasons, can "impatient" for a long time to move to another city or village. In this case, inspection stickers and further use of cars has its own nuances. 

So ... you came from another region and have temporary registration. In order to pass inspection (TO), you'll need to put in a temporary account your car with the inevitable change of numbers in the new code in the new region (35 - on the example of the Vologda region - Moscow instead of 177). Old (basic) numbers will be stored on demand by you during the period of temporary registration in the district of ATS.

To place a temporary registration will require the following documents (originals and photocopies) and actions: 

Vehicle registration certificate (PTC - blue bumazhentsiya); 

Certificate of your personal temporary registration issued by the village council (municipality);

Passport RF; certificate of registration of the vehicle (MV) in the original (taken away for storage traffic police officers along with the old numbers "177" with a new certificate of vehicle registration in the 35-m region with a "temporary registration"); 

  own facilities (state registration plates with the numbers 177), taken alone and cleared of mud;

  application for re-registration (of registration) of the vehicle, a model which can be found at the information stands of traffic police (militia) or a duty officer of the District. On line registration actions must specify "for staging the temporary registration";

  Receipt paid to the department of Sberbank, indicating the theme "for the registration of action - statement on the account, the sum of 500 rubles.;

  Provision of vehicles with purified numbers of aggregates (body and engine) to inspect in accordance with the duty of registration of motor traffic police.

After completing all the formalities after mandatory in such cases, checks on all databases tracing and verification of numbers of units of automobiles to those specified in the statement and evidence, you will receive a new certificate of vehicle registration and new public facilities (signs). Duration of temporary motor vehicle registration may not exceed the term of your time of residence registration, but both can be easily extended, with a near relatives or property in the property. 

After successfully carried out the procedure must be within 30 days to pass then (in accordance with the requirements of the law). When you move back to the main registration area (177) voucher TO dealt with in the numbers (35) in the traffic police department, which issued them. Instead, you get old, the main number (177) and a paper on the time required for the next inspection (certified stamp act), which after the presentation in your area (177) at TO exchanges (without charge and test the car) to a new card checkup. 

Contact region change registration 

When the inverse change of registration of the car - with the time taken for the - filed a similar declaration with the traffic police plot "for the removal of the temporary registration. This services are only 200 rubles (present a receipt of payment through Sberbank), because you just get your old number (177) and the old certificate of registration of vehicle, is still preserved in the traffic police (35). That is, if you replace the back a few saves, and paying only the registration steps. 

In addition, if you want to change the temporary registration of his "iron horse" (35) for the core (177), while in "home" region (177), it is not necessary to drive the car for inspection in the "temporary" region (35) as would be close or far he is. You go to the local traffic police (in my example - in Moscow) and presenting a car for osmotrovyh platform, the same day receives inspection report, certified by the seal. Present this act (along with the numbers (35), a receipt for 200 rubles and a Certificate of temporary vehicle registration) without the car itself in the local registration district traffic police (35), without delay, you get old (177) number and certificate of vehicle registration core of the region. Now just have to bring their own numbers to the car, not vice versa.

About the new regulation of the technical inspection for vehicles 

In 2009, the territory of Russia adopted a new regulation for implementation of the technical inspection for motor vehicles and parts from car owners are having problems because many people speak foreign cars of various years of issue and condition. For instance, the turn signals on the newly introduced regulations should be yellow, but what about those with cars imported from the U.S., and there turn signals - red? And tuning (angle) headlamps in the U.S., Europe and in Russia (regulations) are different. And what do those who have the front bumper is equipped with a "kengooryatniki"? Now these cars, according to the regulations, is unlikely to pass inspection will have a minimum rent "kengooryatniki.


For such options would recommend passing inspection at the place of temporary registration (in the outback). First, its cost is significantly lower, by the example of the Vologda Region about 600 rubles (new prices from February 2010). Secondly, cheaper and insurance - on a temporary registration, it cost me 892 rubles per year for four-wheel drive passenger car foreign car with 110 hp Third, upon presentation of the car on inspection in the province of traffic police inspector completely satisfied by inspection (not always have a special station SO and computer diagnostic equipment), "kengooryatniki" shoot do not need lights to change, too, Draw your own conclusions.... 

And one more thing ... At the time of registration may be less expensive than, for example, in Moscow, "bump" category on the management of vehicles. Go to the category "C" (cars with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes) to the category "E" (cars with trailer) in my hometown of cost (including courses in driving school) to 19 000 rubles, Verhovazhskom District, Vologda Region - in 7500 rubles. Similarly, we can get right to the tractor, snowmobile, Jet Ski and boat up to the boat (the last two options - in Vologda GIFT Department, State Inspectorate for Small Vessels), costs a fraction of financial assets.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to buy a car and not be deceived?

The famous phrase "car is not a luxury but a means of transportation" in the recent past, the majority of Soviet citizens was seen with a certain amount of humor and skepticism. At those wages, prices and volumes of the market "iron horse" was by far not everyone can afford. 

But times change, and rather quickly. First car ceased to be unavailable deficit, and today it's functionality is much greater than the obsolete concept. What are the roles played by cars in the life of modern man? 

It is hard for something not to miss. Contemporaries quickly had forgotten that once the four wheels were just a means of moving in space. Today the car - this tool and a tool for relaxation, hobbies and entertainment, a measure of prestige and an indicator of affluence, self-expression and realization of plans, objectives, and in some situations, the goal itself. 

Yes, exactly! The car - a goal of modern life, temporarily left without iron friend. How much effort, time and money we spend to achieve that goal! How many dangers and pitfalls waiting for us on the path to the secret acquisition! 

It would seem - there is nothing easier. If you have money - go to a showroom and choose what one likes. Not enough money for a new car - on the market is full of second-hand in good condition for a variety of prices. Automotive industry around the world offers the buyer make and model narrow realm of expertise and a broad, diverse shapes and sizes, all colors of the rainbow, for every taste, able to satisfy the broad needs. 

Market Auto insatiable as unlimited human needs. In the area of car sales "turns" huge money, based on the cost of a single purchase - your. 

Unfortunately, money is always attracted swindlers. Car market - not an exception to the general rule, but rather a popular place for hangouts fans quick profit. People buy cars infrequently, and therefore the shopping experience they have a little bit. An inexperienced buyer - a favorite object of frauds. From their point of view there is nothing easier than the "Provisional Government teapot" rusty tin can at the price of a Formula 1 car. 

Fraudster not interested in how to get his money to the victim. Fraudster not interested in what will happen to the person deceived, his family, work, and mental health. Fraudster only interested in money. Your money is allocated for the implementation of long-cherished goal - buying a car. 

In the arsenal of scam many intricate combinations. They are built on two things - lack of attention of the buyer and his ignorance. You can dismiss board - look better. But not so simple. 

In the market of used cars is important not just watch, we must know where to look and that there can be seen. Each latent defect has its visible manifestation, would know just what to look for. The disadvantages, of hidden really, not so much. 

Adoption of this is true not only in relation to technology. The human soul - the darkness, but the identity of the seller for an experienced buyer - an open book. Unless you know what language this book is written, how bold typed and on what page the necessary information. 

In an unsophisticated buyer may get the impression that the "divorce" only when buying used cars with it. They say dangerous buy an ad or on the city car market, seething evil "Kidal" with unshaven faces. 

In practice, not rare deceptions in showrooms, where buyers are not random encounters seller rumpled denim jacket, a smiling manager in an immaculately white shirt. Remember, do not you never heard someone slipped bituyu car under the guise of a new, or sold to two buyers in the same instance, delayed a car out of the cabin after the payment, provided documents that are not put on the record ... 
Shoulder to shoulder with cabin scammers plies bankers and insurance agents. For example, offering a "paltry" interest for the use of credit, but his conditioning insurance purchases for "symbolic" price from damage due to floods in the Sahara. 

And how can frazzle the nerves routine procedures of your purchase! Wait - we're waiting for, sign in the adjoining room - and we are moving forward again, and write it to pay - and we pay ... for what? But just because you have money to fraudsters who really want to take. 

Which would not have chosen a niche for its fishing car thieves - all united by one thing, a burning desire to profit at the expense of the buyer? Like a wolf pack, they, until a certain time, tail between his legs, wander around the intended victims, choosing a convenient time to chop off a piece of juicy. 

Memorize once and for all: going for the purchase of a car, no matter where, at the city market or in a prestigious salon, you go into battle. You will receive a real battle for your dream and your money, even if outwardly composed most blessed situation. 

The success of any battlefield depends on the ability to fight, ready to fend for themselves and their goals, equipment, availability of allies. The easiest option - to hire their allies during the battle, turn to professionals to help you choose the car, inspect it, to find hidden defects, tell you where and how to get a loan and purchase. 

Simple - not the cheapest. Employment specialist qualifications certainly effective, but good work and is expensive. Imagine that heeding the advice you gave up the first option, second, third... 

But you have to pay in any case. As a result, the buyer can get something from which sought to protect. A much better option if buying a good car for the price of two, taking into account broker fees than buying pimped for a reasonable price? In addition, in all honesty, who can give no assurance that hired a specialist does not lead you by the nose? 

The only reliable option - be ready for battle himself. You can interview friends and acquaintances, as buying a car passed them, analyze the situation, draw conclusions and predictions. But on the one hand, people tend to forget whether they can recall the necessary details? On the other - a lot of you have such friends? But if much, much needed time to talk with each? And it is not a fact that of all the stories in practice, you can use at least one. Lesson clearly yielded promising results. 

However, conscientious professionals who choose the means of livelihood services for fellow citizens to choose a car, working constantly in the field of selling cars accumulate over time, a huge and invaluable experience. They are not afraid of any frauds, the latest just do not communicate with those who are familiar with all the hidden techniques of deception. 

Specialists are ready to share with you the fact that they know and can do. Their experience is collected, processed and systematized by the authors of educational video course "How to buy a car and do not be deceived. All and all variants of purchase” . 

In an accessible and understandable format video course acquaints with virtually all versions of cheating in buying a car, simple and effective tips collected in step by step instructions, the use of which would protect car buyers from losing money. 

After reviewing this video training, you will be fully prepared for situations developing when buying a used car in the city market and abroad, the new car in the saloon, credit registration and insurance. You will be informed of the legal subtleties and technical secrets, learn how to legally save huge sums, obtaining favorable credit, choosing a balanced and reasonable insurance. 
Statistically, when buying a car is wrong 97% of potential car owners. Not all errors are fatal, but agree with crooks a huge field of application of their abilities. 

On error learning. Most people - by their own mistakes, to correct that require time and money. And only a minority of drawing conclusions from the experience of others. Stay in the minority, click on the link to view the videokursom, Find out all about scams, save your money, health, good spirits and good mood. 

We are all different and we all have the right to choose. And in any case, I wish you all my heart an excellent car, save money and happiness in the family!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How to escape from a sinking car?

About forty years ago, when I was preparing to become car owners, I came across a book "The Soviets experienced" - a collection of advice for the many critical cases. 

Something in handy then, something not. But be prepared to force majeure need. One of the tips of the books I remembered reading an article in Vladimir Rogoza "Spring tide. As Moscow was drowned and turned into Venice? " . 

And earlier were occasional reports in the media machine that has failed under the ice and fell into the water from the embankment or a bridge. And this spring, the probability of hitting the car in the water has increased considerably. Even where flooding never happened. And I decided to share with the readers of your knowledge (thank God, while in theory) to this case. 

The main thing - do not panic! After reading this article, you will already know what to do. 

Drowning the car with water is not filled, you have a few minutes. They must be used rationally. First, close the windows and sunroof, to slow the flow of water in the car. Then turn on the lights to the car was more visible to rescuers. Electrical under water not immediately reject. 

Reassure passengers and give them instructions. Do not attempt to open the door until the cabin was filled with water more than three-quarters of the volume - the water pressure will not let you do. And if you can open it, then poured water into the salon will not swim out of the car. 

Use the time until the interior is filled with water to get rid of extra clothing, unfasten seat belts, turn off the lock door locks. 

If you feather bed , do not remove it - it does not become saturated with water immediately and will play the role of a lifesaver. 

Keep the state in which the car plunged. Map out the door or window through which you will leave the car, when the pressure inside or outside will be equal. Find a heavy object, which you can break the glass, if the body twisted, and the door or window is certainly not open. Sgoda lock on the steering wheel or pedals, fire extinguisher, any instrument. 

And then, when the water rises up to you neck, take a deep breath the air, pulling the door hook, and then at her shoulder. If the door does not open - open or break the glass windows. There is nothing to break - try, perishes back in his seat and two legs to squeeze out the windshield. Then head forward, helping himself with his hands, bounced out of the car. 

When you're safely out of the water until help came, try to warm up exercise. Do not remove the wet clothing - it still somehow retains heat. 

If you were a casual witness such a scene, then as a first aid possible, give the victim dry clothes, wrapped him in something. Warm it in your car, but not too hot, or dilute the fire . Drink something hot. With stirring, be careful - large amounts of alcohol may be an oppressive act on the central nervous system.

Car battery. How to make friends with him?

Many car owners at least once in your life got in trouble situations involving refusal battery. How many bad words at this point, there was also addressed to the battery, and the address of the manufacturer thereof, and addressed neither the innocent relatives. So I want to share experiences, to help fans get to know your car battery. 

Briefly - what is the battery? The basis of the battery remains the same: two lead plates immersed in electrolyte (sulfuric acid). At the plate affixed paste of lead oxide. When charging the battery on one of the plates released hydrogen, restoring oxide to metallic lead, on the other - the oxygen carrying the oxide to peroxide. 

The entire design is transformed into a galvanic cell with electrodes made of lead and lead peroxide. In the process of detente peroxide deoxidized, and the metallic lead converted into oxide. These reactions are accompanied by the emergence of the electric current which will flow through the circuit so long as the electrodes will not be the same - covered with lead oxide. 

The first step - the acquisition of the battery (CRA). The best option: the battery capacity should be equal to or slightly less than the amperage listed on the generator (ie, for example, if the force produced by a generator listed current 60 A, then the acquired capacity of the battery should be 55-60 A / hour). Do not think that setting on your car battery larger capacity you simplify your life. The reason lies in the charge-discharge cycles. 

If the discharge - the value of relatively constant (pagoda, electrical work), then the charge of the battery depends on the generator. If the battery is regularly nedozaryazhatsya, for a long time he did not "stretch". And the flip side: if the capacity of the battery will be much smaller than the generator produces, again will be the destruction of the plates as a result of overcharging. 

Choosing the battery in the store, pay attention to his appearance - he should not have dents, mechanical damage, terminals should be in the form of a truncated cone and not have nedolivov lead, cracks, dents, and should not be heavily oxidized. You may also want to check with the seller's date of issue - long stood for the battery to be discharged (manufacturers recommend that after months of "downtime" must recharge the battery). In addition, ask the seller to check the battery - EMF (voltage of rest) should not be less than 12.6 and the density of the electrolyte 1.28 ± 0,001 g / cc. Having bought the battery, be sure to read the instruction manual. 

By installing the battery on the car, do not forget that you must first it securely. If you want to remove oxides from terminals and lugs fine sandpaper, then wipe with a cloth. In my practice was a case where I could not make his car, stood in the damp weather a couple of weeks. Although EDS battery was 12.64 V. It was only clearing the terminals of the oxide; I was able to start the engine. Connect the first tip of "+" and then "-" before turning off all consumers (cassette, air conditioning, lighting, etc.). When you install and transportation do not let tilt battery over 45 º C. And do not forget to always remove the packing film (if any). 

A very important point - the care of the battery. Here we must distinguish several basic points. 

1. Checking the strength of mounting the battery. 

Verification of strength of attachment to produce short and simple - open the hood, move the battery and close the hood. If this is not done, in a "beautiful moment" attachment may weaken and the consequences can vary - from holes in the back, before the fire. 

2. Check the status of terminals and battery terminals. 

Check the status of terminals and terminal is disconnected from the terminals and terminals clean and those of other oxides. To reduce the formation of oxides use any insulating anti-corrosive composition (you can use a simple litho logic). 

3. Control of surface cleanliness battery. 

The surface of the battery should be clean, not only for beauty. Dust and dirt on the lid of the battery can be electrically conductive and at rest contribute to self-discharge batteries, especially for long-term parking. 

April. Control of charge / battery. 

The state of charge is checked tester (voltmeter) with run-down engine. The voltage of rest should be not less than 12.5 V. At a lower value is needed dozaryadka, which is held charger constant current value of 10% of battery capacity (example: if the capacity of 55 A / hour - charging current to produce 5,5 A, 80 A / hour - 8 A, etc.) to the value 13.4-14.0 V. The electrolyte temperature during charging shall not exceed 60 º C. 

Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to check the temperature of electrolyte, so try to hand housing batteries. Boiling should not be, but the appearance of bubbles is allowed. Recharge spend in a ventilated place and in any case there is no smoke or light a fire - when charging is actively released hydrogen, and mixed with oxygen in the ambient air, it forms an explosive mixture. 

Do not leave discharged batteries in the winter in unheated room - at a low density of the electrolyte can freeze (not uncommon). Naturally, this battery will only throw it away, because it will not be accepted for replacement under warranty. 

5. Control of level and density of the electrolyte. 

The normal level of electrolyte - a few millimeters (3-5) above the bridge with the plates, is determined visually. Do not see the bridges - look at the plates, the normal level of about 15-20 mm above the upper edge of the plates. If the level of low, add distilled water (and in any case - electrolyte!). 

The normal density of the electrolyte ranges from 1.27-1.29 g / cc (checked hydrometer). If the density is higher - dilute with distilled water (do not forget about the level), if lower - need dozaryadka. By the way, the degree of suction can be defined and the density of the electrolyte. 

Do not forget about the temperature - density is reduced to a temperature of 20 º C. For every 10 º C the density is changed to 0,007 g / cc. That is, if at 20 º C normal density of 1.28 g / cc, then at 0 º C normal density is already 1.28 +0.014 = 1.294 g / cc, and at +40 º C - 1.28-0.014 = 1.266 g / cc. 

At the same time, check electrolyte on the transparency several times, type and pour it hydrometer. If at least one bank electrolyte is opaque, many particles namazki, color dark or reddish - prepare to replace the battery, because began the process of destruction of plates. 

In addition to the above, remember the ambient temperature. In warm weather, the battery heats up more, consequently, the evaporation of water from the electrolyte occurs more intensively. Due to which decreases the level of electrolyte and increases its density. A higher density leads to accelerated destruction of the active mass plates. 

6. Check the vents designed to release gases. 

Ventilation holes - in a traffic jam or in the lid - designed for free exit of the gases. Therefore, they should always be open and clean. Otherwise, possible explosion. 

7. Checking the battery charge. 

Periodically check the battery charge. When a routine engine and headlights turned compete voltage at the terminals of batteries - it must be within the range 13.8-14.2 V. Leaving the car for a few days, be sure to turn off "a lot" or remove the negative terminal of (to avoid discharge, short circuit).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The most expensive car in the world

A rare retro Mobil released in quantities of 4 pieces and is considered to be generally accepted standard of beauty amongst the classic cars. One of the four instances belong to the notorious native of Belarus, Ralph Laurent, another - Peter Williamson. It was his Bugatti and put up for auction. 

According to the California auction house Gooding & Company, a price at which bought Bugatti Williamson (the exact amount is not disclosed, but sources put the number at 30 to 40 million dollars) - is an absolute record price of the car. The last record was set rarity Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa release in 1957 and amounted to 12,2 million dollars. 

According to unconfirmed information, Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic will soon be on display at one of America's auto museum in Californi.

Tuning the BMW 5-Series GT

Hamann the Company introduced a new tuning package for the BMW 5-Series GT. Car new front and rear spoilers, side skirts and rear apron. On the machine is 22-inch wheels ANNIVERSARY EVO, lowered suspension and exhaust system pipes out of stainless steel. 

In addition, the company offers tailoring individual interior. Under the hood, GT 530D models is a modified control unit. This makes it possible to increase the engine power to 275 hp and torque to 620 Nm. Compared with the standard modification was an increase of 30 hp and 80 Nm.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hyundai Sonata may become convertible

It is assumed that the model will differ cheapness and practicality among his "colleagues" in this segment that will be achieved by folding rag top. 

According to preliminary information, convertible Sonata is equipped with two engines - a 2.4-liter four-cylinder rated at 200 strength and 2-liter turbocharged 272 "horse".

Lada Togliatti returns to the UK market

The company is a shareholder Renault Togliatti plant. 

"The UK was one of the few markets where the" Lada "a success. I am sure that it is time to return the "Lada", - explained the vice-president of Renault, Steve Norman. 

"Okay," produced in Britain since 1992. However, due to low standards of safety of these vehicles in 1997, their production was discontinued. 

Now Renault is ready to finance the return of Russian cars in the United Kingdom. As stated by the Renault, the production will be launched within two years. According to preliminary forecasts, the price of a new version of "Frets" in the order of 5 thousand pounds.

The updated line of Infiniti

Infiniti Company is preparing to start sales on the Russian market, the updated line crossover Infiniti FX / EX, sports sedans and coupes Series Infiniti G. In addition, the first time in Russia will be represented spetsversiya Infiniti FX Limited Edition and a convertible Infiniti G. 

In May, will start selling a limited series crossover Infiniti FX 37/50 Limited Edition. A special edition car offered a limited edition of 150 pieces, each of them has a serial number on the center console. Cars Series Limited Edition painted in exclusive colors - black and white Black Obsidian Metallic »Moonlight White. All trim, starting with soft leather colors "Graphite" and ending with contrasting stitching, finishing the ceiling of the Alcantara and wool floor coverings made of natural materials. 

For standard equipment includes automatic 7-speed gearbox with the ability to control magnesium podrulevymi switches, front seats with electric adjustment, heating and ventilation functions, as well as electric sunroof. FX Limited Edition with the V8 engine accelerates to 100 km / h in 5,8 seconds. Little inferior to them in the dynamics of the version with the engine V6. Completes the standard vehicles FX Limited Edition multimedia navigation system Infiniti new generation of hard disk. 

The standard crossover Infiniti FX37/50 2010 model year also changed: a new 3.7-liter 24-valve V6 engine capacity of 333 horsepower, while the basic version of the crossover has become richer and the list of options have expanded. The compact crossover Infiniti EX has received a new 3.7-liter 24-valve V6 engine capacity of 330 hp and a new 7-speed automatic transmission. Now the list of standard equipment appeared rearview camera, ports for connecting an iPod and USB, as well as the function of Bluetooth. Abholstery The basic version provides for insertion of natural maple. 

Fully refurbished sports series Infiniti G sedan includes G25/37, G37 coupe and the first time in Russia convertible Infiniti G37. At the G-series sedan for the first time Infiniti will be a completely new 2.5-liter 24-valve V6 engine power of 222 hp and torque to 640 rpm. Maximum speed is 232 km / h, acceleration to "hundreds" took 8.9 seconds. Fuel consumption in combined cycle - 10,2 l/100 km. 24-valve V6 engine capacity of 3.7 liter capacity 330 hp will continue to be available in four-wheel drive versions of the sedan. Appearance G sedan also has changed significantly; he received a new front bumper with integrated fog lights, new headlights, grille and sills. All G series optionally available navigation system Infiniti new generation of hard drive c and active cruise control (ACC).

Volkswagen New Beetle will provide replacement

Model of the next generation of Volkswagen will present in November this year at auto exhibition in Los Angeles. According to CEO of the American unit Volkswagen Group Stefan Jacoby, the sale of novelty appears in 2012. 

Featuring a new platform Volkswagen become more capacious and faster. It is assumed that the new model draw down the evolutionary design submitted in 2005, the concept Ragster. 

A new generation of "beetle" will have a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, 2.5-liter 5-cylinder gasoline engine and hybrid system. New VW will be available on the platform of the latest model Jetta, which will launch production in 2010.

Mercedes M-Class Grand Edition

The new package will be available for all models in this series, except ML63 AMG. 

Differences between special version - 19-inch alloy wheels, Y-shaped spokes, tinted front lights, LED technology for day-lighting, plus aluminum rails on the roof and grille AMG. 

M - Class Grand Edition will be available in the base hue "metallic", but you can order chromate black or brilliant-white versions. Optionally, the package includes 20-inch two-color disks.

New German cars Audi A3

On the market comes an updated family of German cars Audi A3. The grill single frame and medium-sized racks purchased a glossy black finish, the lower air intakes were chrome crossbar, the shape of the external mirrors changed to improve aerodynamics, and the door handles came chrome inserts (except for modifications Audi S3). Behind on all versions of Audi A3 has a new diffuser inset with sculptural projection, and in three-door version used tinted rear lights. 

There are new exterior colors: Red Volcano Red, two shades of gray Dakota Gray and Amethyst Gray, and Blue Scuba Blue. For the complete set of sports Ambition, a new wheel design. In addition, the expanded range of proposed additional drives for all models. Now you can order a polished 17-inch wheels with the design of 10 "spokes" and two versions of quattro GmbH: 17-inch aluminum wheels with the design of the 5 double spokes, and 18-inch with the design of the 5 sleeves, Rotor »(the last, the truth in Russia are not supplied) 

Among the key features of the new interior design - a gray background scale devices, cut the bottom of a sports leather steering wheel and a decorative plate to form a ring, a new selector lever gear S tronic, black bezel deflectors and glossy panel delivered an additional navigation system navigation plus. The central console, the switch adjustment of mirrors and windows buttons supplemented with decorative inserts "under the aluminum. 

Among other new options that have emerged now "three-ruble bills," it is worth noting the system dynamic cornering light adaptive light for xenon headlights xenon plus, Assistant switching beam high-beam assistant and the navigation system, navigation plus with the logic control MMI. Another item in the list of equipment is the new assistant park parking assistant, allowing you to select a place to park parallel to the motion. Updated models of family A3 Audi will appear at dealers in early summer.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Curious Kia Optima 2011

New Kia Optima to the coupe version of the longer, lower and wider than previous models. According to preliminary data, Optima coupe will be equipped with a 200-horsepower 2.4-liter inline-4 and two-liter inline-4 with an output of 274 horsepower. 

It is assumed that the turbocharged Optima Koup get too low sports suspension, low profile tires and a small spoiler on the trunk. Transmission in the new Kia Optima - six-speed "mechanics" and "automatic".

Lexus GX460 2010 model year

Features of the new Lexus GX460 steel grille, some changes in the interior and exterior, and, most importantly - V-shaped 8-cylinder engine. 

In the U.S. new car will be equipped with 4.6 liter V-shaped 8-cylinder engine of 301 hp and 6-speed sequential automatic transmission. The new engine can be reduced by 13% of fuel consumption, which now amounts to 11,8 / 15,7 liter. 100 km. 

The basic cost of a new Lexus, recommended by the manufacturer, will be $ 51,970, the premium version will cost $ 56,765. The official debut of Lexus GX460 held in Los Angeles this month, while sales of new items will begin the new year.

BMW thinks of X4

BMW Group can proceed with the development of a new four-door coupé crossover which will be a small BMW X6. The concept of this car was though unusual, but so successful that the Bavarian Motorostroiteli decided to satisfy the dreams of those who X6 not afford it. Platform for BMW X4 will likely crossover X3 next generation. The appearance of new items can combine design and concept X6 X Coupe 2001. It is obvious that in general it will be the new X3 with a body of X6, only smaller.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sales of Honda

Honda Motor Company published financial results of the company's 2009 fiscal year ended March 31, 2010. The company's turnover amounted to 91.7 billion dollars, while net profit increased by 96% compared to the same period in 2008, and amounted to 2,9 billion dollars. Total has sold 3.4 million cars, 9.6 million motorcycles and 4.7 million units of power products Honda. 

Such impressive growth is due to successful sales results in the U.S., Chinese and Indian markets. Also, its share has Honda and implementing a program to reduce costs.

Start of sales of new Renaul Megane hatchback

First day of May 2010 in started selling a new Renault Megane hatchback. Car customers will be offered in three different complete sets with a gasoline engine 1.6 hp Krobki Transmission: MKPP5 or AKPP4. Price of the new Megane hatchback in the base. The car warranty for 3 years or 100,000 kilometers. The new Megane hatchback initiated the updating of the model number of Renault in segment .

Hyundai opens gallery.

Today, the grand opening of Gallery Hyundai, the first national gallery in the history of the brand. In Tverskaya Street, directly opposite the main post office, everyone can witness the latest achievements of Hyundai. Gallery occupies three floors, the first of which is located showroom, visitors the brand new items, but on the other two - stylish cafes, offices and museum brand. In addition, the Gallery is a collection of accessories from Hyundai, and connoisseurs of advanced technologies will be interesting electronic referral system, capable not only fun to tell about the technological achievements of the company, but also to help "construct" a car in the desired configuration