Monday, December 19, 2011

Mercedes A-klasse will be convertible

The German edition AutoBild appeared that Mercedes-Benz is preparing a tiny convertible on a platform of the A-class. Moreover, there are rumors about the appearance and small sports coupe that will compete with BMW 1-series. It is reported that, technically, the new convertible will be virtually no different from conventional cars. The car will compete with similar models from Audi and BMW. But the machine looks, agree quite well.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Volkswagen will bring to Detroit and hybrid electric trolley

There is evidence that the German manufacturer Volkswagen will bring to the Detroit auto show in concept electric and hybrid version of the Jetta. Interestingly, the electric trolley will be the name of "pure concept" - it is not built on any of the current models of the concern and is unlikely to be produced commercially. Perhaps the car will get some design elements from the VW Beetle, to look more authentic and familiar, but this is not an electric version of "bug". But the Jetta hybrid will be in U.S. showrooms by November. The car will be in direct competition to the dominant U.S. market, Toyota Prius. Under the hood is a new 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine which works in tandem with an electric motor.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mazda shows new minivan

Tokyo Motor Show to go for new innovations. So, Mazda showed a new minivan Biante Granz, based on the production version of the Biante. It is, however, mention that the differences a little novelty and almost ready to get back on the conveyor. The machine is designed exclusively for the Japanese market. Sizes eight-car are 4715 x 1770 x 1835 mm, and under the hood will be a two-liter engine DOHC DISI, which interfaces with the five-step machine. Differences from the published market in 2008 Biante in the design of the grille and chrome bodywork in detail. Also received a new van alloy wheels measuring 17 inches. Changes in the cabin is almost imperceptible.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hover H3 with a gift

Motors Company Great Wall announced a new "Christmas" campaign - all buyers Hover H3 SUV to the dealer network will be set IRITO dopoborudovaniya $ 20 thousand. The action is 1 to December 31. Buyers will offer three packages to choose from - "The City" (additional anticorrosive, a set of plastic wing flaps, floor mats in interior), "Terrain" (metal engine protection, transmission, transfer box and heatsink, plastic wing flaps) and "Comfort" (a set of aluminum thresholds and mats). All packages will "set the motorist" (rope, fire extinguisher and warning triangle).

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toyota Aqua - a new hybrid of the B-Class

Tokyo Motor Show was the hybrid Toyota Aqua. It is reported that due to the 74-strong polutoralitrovomu gasoline engine working in tandem with an electric motor, the car spends less than 3 liters (2.8 to be exact) for a hundred miles away. The total capacity of the power plant is equal to one hundred "horses." Hybrid will be the "younger brother" of the popular Toyota Prius - Length of 3995 mm hatchback, which classifies the vehicle is a Class B on the European classification. Interestingly, the machine will not "connect" - to charge the batteries from home network can be. Representatives of the company keep silent about the reasons for this strange decision, since Rechargeable from household outlet hybrids have become increasingly popular.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Lexus CT 200h - Safety at height

Hybrid sedan Lexus CT 200 h has been tested and scored JNCAP maximum 5 stars.  However, it is not surprising - in a car 8 airbags, seats, which absorbed the latest technology to protect against attack from behind.  Incidentally, in the EuroNCAP car also received the highest rating. A total of 179.6 points scored sedan, of which 92.31 for the safety of passengers, 83.35 for pedestrian safety and 4 points were added in the belt system.  Unfortunately, the video test it on JNCAP not, but you can see the crash test EuroNCAP.