Friday, December 31, 2010

Name chosen for a hybrid sports car BMW

Hybrid sports car BMW, which became a serial embodiment of the concept Vision Efficient Dynamics, will be called i8.
Vision Efficient Dynamics is a hybrid with the ability to recharge the batteries from the household mains. Lithium-polymer battery, which is located in the center of the floor along the body is fully charged for 2.5 hours.
The total capacity of power plant, consisting of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo diesel and a synchronous electric motor - 328 hp Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 4.8 seconds, top speed is limited to 250 km / h. Average fuel consumption at the same time - 3.76 liters per 100 km, and the increased level of CO2 - 99 g / km.
Production of BMW I8 starts in 2013, and the value of its pre-call in the amount of 235,000 dollars.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kia Venga will appear in Market

Kia intends to bring to the market compact city hatchback Venga.
Venga - a very practical car: with a length of 4,068 mm to the wheelbase - 2615 mm, which is at a height of 1600 mm allowed to make interior urban compact enough spacious and roomy. The rear seats are divided in the ratio 40:60, with each part can be completely folded to form a flat platform for cargo.
Thanks to the elegant silhouette and the rapid, expressive and aggressive front end optics, the appearance Kia Venga, established in line with the latest design trends, and leaves no one indifferent.
More information about the car and the price will be published closer to the start of sales scheduled for the first quarter of 2011.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tata Nano to release golden jubilee jewelry

The company Tata Motors has summed up competition dedicated to the anniversary of five thousand years of jewelry in India.
The contest was presented 13 projects to decorate Micro cars Tata Nano precious stones and metals. Put into practice the project, selected the best, Tata entrusted subsidiary Titan Industries.
Machine, encased in gold "armor" will be made at the company's in Bangalore. As for the cost of the project and its subsequent fate, until such information is not propagated.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A new generation Toyota Vitz / Yaris

In Japan, a new generation of hatchback Toyota Vitz, a well-known in other markets around the world as a Yaris.
Third-generation Vitz was slightly (by 10 mm) longer wheelbase and increased by 50 mm - is allowed to increase seats, adding space and rear passengers a bit by increasing the amount of luggage.
Vitz is the base for a 1.0-liter 69-strong petrol unit, working under the hood paired with a five-step "mechanics". Engine volume 1.33 liters and 101 hp receive system start-stop ", and will be aggregated with either a six mechanics, or with the CVT. For the domestic market also offers a version of the RS 1.5-liter engine (108 hp) and some sporting attributes of the exterior and interior, but in Europe there will be cars with 1.4-liter diesel engine, outstanding 90 hp
Sales in Japan begins with the January 8, 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Five-seated electric car from Norway

Norwegian manufacturer of electric Think announced a five-seat version of its Model City.
Norwegians have reported that electric car gets landing formula "2 +2", with the rear seats are folded to increase luggage. Specific numbers of this volume, however, the manufacturer has not yet specify.
Think City has a 34 kW electric motor and a set of nickel-chloride batteries. These batteries last longer lithium-ion and environmentally cleaner than them, but more expensive, which increases the cost of operation.
Maximum printing speed - 110 km / h to 80 km / h it is dispersed for 16 seconds. Mileage on a full battery charge - 160 km, and the full charging time - 11 hours, up to 7 hours of battery is charged at 80%.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lotus is preparing a city car

British brand Lotus joins lineup, consisting of a sports car, sub kompaktnym city car. Developing the future a little Lotus is in conjunction with the Malaysian Proton and the automaker, which management does not name names yet. The machine will be in 2013 and will be available in three versions - for the European and Asian markets, as well as the sports version.
Apparently, the car will form the basis for a conceptual Lotus City Car, shown at the Paris Motor Show last year. He was a four-three-door hatchback with a rear-drive and hybrid power plant with total capacity of 120 hp and single-stage transmission, ensured the dispersal to "hundreds" for 9 seconds, top speed 170 km / h and cruising range of 500 km and 60 km of the machine could go on electricity.
Will the series machine with the power unit is not yet known.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alfa Romeo Giulia - a new flagship brand

Alfa Romeo will release a large sedan that will replace the current model line 159. Reportedly, the model will be named Giulia, and will be built on an elongated platform Giulietta.
New products will be different striking design in a spirit of Alfa Romeo MiTo, will receive LED optics and a wide range of high-tech options, such as a system of Active Roll Control, which changes the stiffness of shock absorbers in the corners and package DNA, allowing control settings and steering response on the gas pedal.
For Guilia offer range of petrol and diesel engines ranging from 104 to 200 horsepower and sports version of Quadriplegia Verde receives Chrysler V6.
The premiere of the new sedan is scheduled for 2011.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ford is preparing a plant for the new Escape

Ford Motor will invest 600 million dollars in upgrading the plant in Louisville, Kentucky, which intends to produce a new generation of SUV Escape.
Release of this model will begin in 2011, and by the time the plant will be the most modern production Ford of all actions.
In total there is planned to produce five models, including, since 2012 - a compact SUV brand Lincoln. If necessary, you can deploy and production of Ford Focus third generation. Produced by the same company now Ford Explorer in December will be collected at another plant in Chicago.
With regard to the model Ford Escape new model year, the presentation of the prototype is planned at the motor show in Detroit.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mitsubishi is developing a new compact car

Mitsubishi showed sketches of a new compact model for all world markets, which since 2012 is scheduled to begin production in Thailand.
Ceremony for the new plant, which compacts and should priizvoditsya, was held on 9 December, and officially a prototype will be shown next March at the Geneva Motor Show.
Manufacturer reports that the new model will feature and fuel economy. We also know that a platform for new items will be developed completely new, but it will get engines volume of 1,0 and 1,2 liters.
It is reported that the cost of the new Mitsubishi in Thailand will be 13,300 dollars.

Monday, December 13, 2010

BMW 1-series M: "Emka" for the anniversary

On the anniversary of the first model line M in BMW’s smallest declassified "emku - 1-series M. This model has received the name because the name of the M1 is already worn in the 70 years of very different sports.
Current 1-series M is bigger, not only of his distant ancestor in the back of E30, but "civil" coupe 135i: «loaded" coupe is longer by 20 mm, and with its extended wheel arches - a 55 mm wider than the base model. In addition, "Emka" below 8 mm.
External differences 1-series M - new front bumper with improved aerodynamics and the large air intakes, a mirror of M3, 19-inch wheels and four pairs located pipe exhaust system.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nissan electric car was Car of the Year in Europe

Nissan Leaf - European Car of the Year 2011. Thus the title of an electric awarded by a jury of 57 journalists from leading automotive publications, representing 23 countries.
Leaf has a 107 hp electric motor, which accelerates electric car weighing 1600 kg to 100 km / h in 11.9 seconds and a top speed of 145 km / h. Power reserve when fully charged batteries - 175 km, according to studies, most drivers that is enough.
Electric car equipped with air conditioning, satellite navigation system, brake energy regeneration, in addition, it is possible to remotely turn on heating and cooling compartment via computer or phone. Optional solar panel in the rear spoiler allows you to replenish the charge 12-volt battery, power supply accessories.
Sales of Nissan Leaf will start in Japan and the United States this December and in Europe - since the beginning of 2011. In addition, Nissan plans to launch in 2012-2013, the production of electric vehicles in Europe and America.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Subaru will have a CD-van

In the model range marks Subaru will be a CD-van Trezia, which may be supplied to Europe.
Trezia built on the same platform with the recently debuted in Europe, Toyota Verso S, and the external differences between them are reduced, mostly to the front, made in the style of Subaru, so changed the rear optics.
Migrated from Verso S and 1.33-liter engine that develops 99 hp and 126 Nm. However, besides him, the novelty will receive and adapted for her 1.5-liter boxer engine produces 109 hp, which as an option will be available four-wheel drive. Transmission for all variants is one - is the CVT with seven fixed "stages".

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hyundai Solaris displaces the market Getz and і20

Hyundai Motor announced that Getz and i20 hatchbacks at the end of the year will leave the market.
The company leads the market with these fairly popular model (for the year sold 18,500 Getz and about 3000 - i20, sales of which began in the summer) to make a niche for the sedan's Solaris, which will be produced at the plant Hyundai near St. Petersburg.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Opel Combo get platform Fiat Doblo

Opel Combo waiting for a generational change: the current form, the light commercial vehicle will last on the line just before the fourth quarter of next year.
As for the new generation, it will retain its former name, and will be collected based on the Fiat Doblo. According to the agreement signed Fiat and Opel, the production of machines will be in Turkish factory Tofas, and they will be sold through a dealer network Opel worldwide, excluding North America.
The new Combo will such modifications, as a passenger car, cargo van, chassis-cabs. During 2011 it is planned delivery of 6,000 vehicles, but only under the contract - not less than 250000. The contract would also increase the production of machines on the platform of Fiat Doblo in Turkish factory to 1300000 copies.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chevrolet Orlando being launched in the UK

Introduced at the Paris Motor Show family minivan Chevrolet Orlando is available for order, so far only in the UK. 
Built on a platform of a sedan Chevrolet Cruze, minivan combines the practicality of a large family car with an impressive appearance crossover. Three rows of seats set out "amphitheater", provide each passenger with a reasonable review of the salon, as well as provide opportunities for more than 30 variants of transformation.
Range of engines will make 1.8-liter gasoline from Cruze capacity of 141 hp and two diesels.
Chevrolet Orlando is available in three trim levels, already in the database are stabilizing system, air conditioning, electric mirrors and six airbags.
Price in the UK will be 16,395 pounds - approximately 19,500 euros. Orlando should get in the summer of 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ginetta G55 - an update from the British sports car

British manufacturer Ginetta, whose main specialization - racing cars, has introduced a new model of G55.
The new model, which is the deep processing of its predecessor - G50, is designed to participate in the racing series Ginetta GT Super cup (formerly Michelin Ginetta G50 Cup).
Under the hood of G55 - Ford engine capacity of 3.7 liters develops 370 hp He gives the rear wheels, working in conjunction with a sequential gearbox Hewland.
Presentation of the new car will take place January 13, 2011 at the exhibition Auto sport International.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A new generation of minivans in China

Owned concern GM brand Buick, targeting the Chinese market, GL8 minivan introduced a new generation.
In the guise of novelty features thinly veiled concept of a hybrid minivan Buick Business, presented in Shanghai last year, but the real machine is slightly smaller in size, and power plant at the moment is quite traditional: 3.0-liter V6 rated at 258 hp, a 167-strong Quartet ECOTEC 2,4 l in combination with six automatic.
Depending on configuration, MPV will be powered by an electric tailgate, Bose audio with 10 speakers, a 10.2-inch screen for rear passengers, a 7-inch touch screen on the center console and top-end versions get six airbags.
Sales Buick GL8 new generation will be in January at a price in terms of the European currency, from 32,600 to 44,000 euros.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Racing Mazda MX-5 coloring

The subsidiary of Mazda has opened on its website voting for the best version of paint racing version of the roadster Mazda MX-5. This car in February 2011 to take part in a European race "MX-5 Ice Race 2011 will be held in Sweden. Specifically for these events are independent designers have developed six versions of graphic design roadster Mazda MX-5, where the team will fight for the victory. Voting will close on Dec. 8, 2010, but then announced author of the best version of the coloring.
Andrei Glazkov, director of marketing for Mazda Motor Since the launch of Zoom-Zoom Challenge, we have accumulated an impressive experience in organizing sports competitions. In all zadumok, 2011 will be perhaps the most athletic in our history. The race in Sweden - is only the beginning of expression of our sporting ambitions. After the fifth place last year, we Aim for the podium, though, of course, will fight against very worthy opponents. "