Friday, July 24, 2009

THE CAR Mazda 929

Luxury cars Mazda 929 began production in 1977. He is glorified through the impressive appearance and high technical capabilities, which correspond to expensive machines. The first generation Mazda 929 has two types of engines: a working volume of 2.2 liters capacity of 136 hp (injector) and a working volume of 2.2 liter capacity 115 hp (carburetor). The spacious salon offers the highest level of comfort not only the driver but the passengers. 

In 1987, the market is the second generation Mazda 929. The developers have a new V6 engine with a working volume of 3.0 liter capacity 205 hp and a soft suspension. It increased the basic equipment of Mazda 929, which included on-board computer, sound system, micro-climate and cruise control. 

In 1994, the Mazda 929 was taken off the production, but until now this car is considered a symbol of Japanese quality and reliability.

THE CAR Mazda 626

Comfortable car Mazda 626 was created for the American market, which he left in the distant 1979. Since then the Mazda 626 has been several phases of modernization, allowing him not to lose relevance and be the leader in sales of an average class of vehicles. 

The last generation Mazda 626 is able to complete two types of gasoline engines (2.0 liter volume and capacity of 115 hp or 136 hp), or diesel units (capacity of 100 hp). The space inside the cabin Mazda 626 can be transformed, turning the car to a cozy mini-bar. 

To protect the driver and passenger Mazda 626 is built to the unique technology Maidas, which can save lives, even during a frontal collision. The essence of this technology is that the shell consists of a Mazda 626 cells, which extinguish blow, sending him on a safe route. In addition, the Mazda 626 is complete with five modern belts with protechnic device .

THE CAR Mazda 6

Multi-car Mazda 6 came in 2003, replaced the Mazda 626. Enhanced technical capacity, modern design (some commentators saw features the famous Mazda Xedos 6) and a high level of comfort has allowed Mazda 6 to win the world market. In 2007, an updated version. 

The new Mazda 6 has several levels of protection for the driver and passengers, based on recent advances in high technology. The high level of protection provided six airbags, traction control system, a unique and modern parking assistant system dynamic Stability Control DSC. The new Mazda 6 are completed by air conditioning, light alloy rims, audio "Bose" and other options for a comfortable ride. At the request of the buyer, you can set biksenonovye headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels and a number of advanced features.

THE CAR Mazda 5

Family car Mazda 5 was first presented to the public in autumn 2004 at the Motor Show, which took place in Paris. Already in 2005, begin to supply the European market. The elegant exterior, interior ergonomics and impressive technical ability allowed Mazda 5 to win the hearts of all those who need a comfortable car for long trips the family or a large company. 

At the buyer's choice of Mazda 5 proposes two options for a family of gasoline engines MZR: - 1,8 liters. R4 16V (115 hp, 165 NBM) and 2.0 liters. R4 16V (145 hp, 185 NBM) and two diesel units MZR-CD 2.0 liter working volume. R4 16V output of 110 hp or 143 hp Petrol engines Mazda 5 sets five and six diesel manual gearbox. 

The interior of the  Mazda 5 is transformed in a matter of seconds, thanks to the original concept  named in honor of Japanese dolls. The average number of seats moved longitudinally, up, down, in all conceivable positions, allowing you to use the Mazda 5 for a variety of tasks.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE CAR Mazda 323

Legendary car Mazda 323 first appeared on the market in 1963. Then, in his terms, it was difficult to guess the leader of world sales. Mazda 323 was not a very expressive look, and the average performance. Nevertheless, the car has its fans, who appreciated the Japanese quality of assembly. That changed in 1980 when Japanese engineers introduced the second generation Mazda 323. Car upgrading every five years, changing not only the appearance but also the technical possibilities. 

Currently, the market can often meet the fifth-generation Mazda 323 and Mazda 323 F. The first car buyer has to choose two engine options: a working volume of 2.0 liters. output of 71 hp and a working volume of 1.7 liter capacity of 82 hp, which are equipped with five mechanical gearbox. Mazda 323 F complete with 1.8-liter gasoline engine power 115 hp Standard equipment of these vehicles includes the distribution of braking forces (EBD), electronic system for stabilizing the movement, tires Michelin Pilot, skinned perforated leather steering wheel and the lever gearbox and more comfort for driver and passengers.

THE CAR Mazda 3

Car class golf Mazda 3 entered into series production in 2003, although the first photos Mazda 3 have appeared on the World Wide Web long before that. These photos Mazda 3 have contributed to drawing attention to this comfortable vehicle. Reviews of Mazda 3 independent experts, only fueled the interest of buyers. Mazda 3 has the expressive appearance, based on a sporting, muscular design, which effectively underlines the taste of his master. Mazda 3 equipped with the buyer's choice of two petrol engine variants of a series of MZR: a working volume of 1.6 liters (105 hp) and a working volume of 2 liters (150 hp), which completed five modernized mechanical gearbox. 

Positive feedback about the Mazda 3 have pushed developers to modernize the car, called the Mazda 3 MPS. He received a higher level of security that is based on the original concept of Impact Distribution And Absorption System. Case Mazda 3 MPS has a number of special cells, which absorb shock, sending him to the safe route. The introduction of this technology, the new Mazda 3 received the highest rating, tested at an emergency security EuroNCAP. A high quality build and reliability of all the arrangements for the new Mazda 3 appreciate motorists in many countries around the world. In Russia there are Mazda 3 club, established on the initiative of the owners of the car. Mazda 3 Club helps its members the professional help and advice on the operation of this machine.

Mazda 2 - Compact car

Mazda 2  
Car Mazda 2 1.5 - description, photos, specifications Mazda 2 1.5, reviews of owners with photos, prices and hot offers buy / sell used car Mazda 2 1.5, and other useful information that will help in choosing a car Mazda 2 1.5.

Mazda 2 - Compact car, which not only looks great, but deft drives, easily leaving behind other cars. Lightweight and compact (though surprisingly spacious), the car is easy to control and acceleration, is economical fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Mazda 121 Model

Mazda 121  
Mazda 121 Vehicle 1.2 - description, photos, specifications Mazda 121 1.2, reviews of owners with photos, prices and hot offers buy / sell used car Mazda 121 1.2 and other useful information that will help in choosing a car Mazda 121 1.2.

Model121 completes anti-theft device, central locking and alarm device with the protection of the perimeter, which provides comprehensive protection. In general, the model 121 is allocated in the company of its famous rivals.

About Mazda Car

Buy Mazda cars at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Mazda cars have been run from the official car and the best auto Mazda with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal offers cars from the famous Japanese company Mazda, received its name in honor of the god Ahura-Mazda life. In 1931 the company began manufacturing trucks. A little later, Mazda has signed an important agreement on the development of rotary engines with the German CB NSU. Since then the company has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of powerful sports cars. Those victories have given us added impetus to develop its own production. Currently, the company Mazda - this is new technology in machine building, power units to adapt to the new fuel cells and environmental technology. Most popular models: 

• Mazda 3 (Mazda 3) 
• Mazda 6 (Mazda 6) 
• Mazda 626 (Mazda 626) 

Mazda 3 - it is a comfortable car with a modern, sporty design and a high level of security. New security system to protect not only drivers but also passengers. Mazda 3 has in its arsenal of electronic brake force distribution and dynamic stability control, which provide reliable protection in an emergency. In addition, the car is equipped with excellent steering system, which enables the driver of Mazda 3 has full control over the road. 

Mazda 6 distinguishes great functionality and comfort, which is able to evaluate even the most exacting customer. Not only the technical and dynamic characteristics are aimed at creating a feeling of comfort, but also a stylish finish inside the cabin, and smart layout of controls make it possible to get pleasure from my visit to this elegant car. 

Mazda 626 - a car that has passed several stages of modification, to present technical and external perfection. It was manufactured in several forms: 4-door sedan, pyatidverny хетчбек, station wagon and two-compartment. In addition, based on the various bodies is also a sports changed Mazda 626 GT. Standard Mazda 626 includes: a convenient and reliable electric front windows and mirrors, four airbags for driver and passenger, ABS, a height adjustable steering wheel and immobilizer built. According to individual requirements, you can add automatic climate control, protivobuksovochnuyu system and a laptop computer, which shows the instantaneous fuel consumption, the balance of gasoline in kilometers and more. 

A formal car Mazda has always made available a wide range of Mazda models of different equipment. You can buy the best Mazda Motor Show in Moscow, Mazda sales at low prices on new cars as the Mazda, and on cars with mileage.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

THE CAR Infiniti QX

Elegant car Infiniti QX - this is the true harmony of the beautiful appearance and technical equipment, based on recent developments in the field of high technologies. Rememberable design includes a streamlined line, emphasizing athletic style, designed for people who choose an active life. 

The car has been widely distributed throughout the world, thanks to the high level of comfort and security. Today in the market, there are several versions of this car. The most striking of these Infiniti QX 56 has now become the benchmark for powerful American cars. Inside the cabin Infiniti QX56 is a color display, transmitting information from the rear-view camera and DVD-player. Dashboard Information Center is located near the driver, allowing you to effectively control not only the work of the car, but also a sound system and climate control. 

Under the hood Infiniti QX 56 is hidden 3.5-liter V6 engine with an output of 315 hp, 5-speed automatic transmission with manual control function. Standard equipment in the Infiniti FX QX56 include: Front and side airbags, climate control and cruise control, a powerful Bose sound system with capacity of 300 watts, electronic drive gas drive-by-wire, and much more.

THE CAR Infiniti FX

Infiniti FX luxury car has a unique appearance, excellent technical abilities and high level of comfort. Infiniti FX is built on an advanced platform Nissan FM, unlike its predecessor, pronounced sporting character and functionality. 

Currently on the market there are several models of Infiniti FX, the most famous of which Infiniti FX35 and Infiniti FX45 are different design and technical equipment. Infiniti FX 35 has a 3.5-liter engine V6 power of 250 hp, a 5-step automatic transmission and a modern system of exchange rate stability, which allows to carry out complex maneuvers, regardless of the quality of road surface. 

Infiniti FX-45 offers a 4.5 liter V8 engine power of 320 hp, a 5-step automatic transmission, ABS system, traction control system and stability, as well as sports suspension. Another difference from the Infiniti FX-35 - have a disc radius of 20 inches. 

Standard Infiniti FX include: vysokorazryadnye headlights, climate control and cruise control, a powerful Bose sound system with capacity of 300 watts with a built CD-changer for six discs, and 11 th speakers, navigation system and much more for the comfort of the occupants of the car . Additional equipment on the Infiniti FX is installed at the request of the buyer.

About Infiniti

Buy Infiniti vehicles at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Infiniti vehicles with mileage in the official car and the best Car Infiniti with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal company offers cars Infiniti, is a unit of major Japanese company Nissan, which specializes in the production of luxury cars, which are real works of art. The company produces luxurious Infiniti sedan, coupe, convertible and the powerful off-road, successfully mastering the new niches and markets for its products. The most popular models of Infiniti: 

• Infiniti FX (Infiniti FX) 
• Infiniti FX35 (Infiniti FX35) 
• Infiniti FX45 (Infiniti FX45) 

Infiniti FX - is a powerful crossover, with an original appearance and functionality of a powerful off-road vehicle. Five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode and Downshift Rev Matching function ensures good governance, even at high speeds and poor road surface. Infiniti FX, even in the basic configuration has everything you need for comfort: speaker Bose audio system with capacity of 300 Watts, leather interior, DVD-player with a folding color monitor, color display on the seven inch and modern airbag system (AABS), is able to provide reliable protection for the driver and passengers. 

Infiniti FX 35 - off-road vehicle, built on the platform G35 sport sedan from Nissan. This model has a constant drive to the rear axle. Full gear is used to make the vehicle more of stability on the road. On a good road surface is a torque to the rear axle. When you slip the driving wheels Infiniti FX 35 torque viskomuftoy redeployed to the front axle. Motor for 3.5 liter to dramatically reduce the cost of an expensive car. 

Infiniti FX 45 is a continuation of a series of FX. From his younger brother, Infiniti FX 35 car is a more powerful engine. Engine volume of 4.5 liters and output of 328 hp capable of a speed of 100 km / h in 6.8 seconds. These opportunities can not boast of a representative of the family SUV! Fuel consumption is around 20 liters per 100 kilometers. Infiniti FX 45 has a rear-view camera, which is located under the chrome lining the fifth door. This includes while driving in reverse. The image is transmitted to a monitor, allowing the driver to see the layout and the distance to obstacles. 

A formal Infiniti car is always in the presence of a wide range of different models of Infiniti equipment. You can buy Infinity in the best motor in Moscow, selling Infinity at low prices as the new Infiniti cars, as well as the cars have been run.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

THE CAR Ford Probe

Ford Probe sports car first came down the conveyor plant in 1988. Engineers added a powerful car engine mounted on a platform of Japanese Mazda 626 sedan. Bright appearance, high technical and functional capabilities have allowed Ford to obtain samples of world famous. In 1992, the car has been redesigned. Ford Probe II received on-board computer, electronic panel air conditioner and a system of passive safety. Front-wheel drive and independent suspension all wheels allow safe driving even with a poor road surface. Many experts say that the Ford Probe is steadier than many cars of this class.

THE CAR Ford Taurus

Car Ford Taurus - the future of this famous car, which the audience could see on the big screen, he saw the light in the distant 1985. The main emphasis was placed on the appearance of the car, which still affects their unique shapes and exquisite shape. After three years on the market is beginning to receive athletic Ford Taurus, which was a more powerful engine (3 liters, 220 liters. Pp.). The next stage of modernization Ford Taurus occurred in 1992 and 1996. The car received an engine power of 200 hp, the new body and trim inside the cabin. This car is gaining global popularity. But the developers did not stop progress. In 1999, the Ford Taurus has become even more powerful because of the installations of two trehlitrovyh V-shaped engine Six (155/200 hp).

THE CAR Ford Puma

Compact Ford Puma car was assembled on the base platform of car Ford Fiesta. The debut of the machine came in 1993, the time of recovery of sales of small cars in Europe. Ford Puma became the first American car company, styling which was entirely designed on computer. The team of designers led by Claude Lobo have created a unique, memorable appearance of the car Ford Puma. Large 15-inch wheels set wide and give a feeling of power, aggression, awarded by the nature of predatory pumu. A small shop offers a high level of comfort not only the driver but the passengers. Modern requirements for passive and active safety have forced designers to optimize the design of all means, protect the driver and passenger Ford Puma and the tangent of the frontal impact with the side. Thus in the case of an accident, all interacting parts of body, protective arc incorporated in the door, and the airbag Ford Puma, which is also located on the sides.

THE CAR Ford Expedition

First Ekspedishn Ford (Ford Expedition) came down the conveyor in 1996. Due to its high functionality, high comfort and impressive appearance, the car earned respect for motorists all over the world. In 2003, Ford Ekspedishn was modified, with two V-shaped eight-engine and four-automatic gearbox. Now, the car received four operating modes: 2WD (rear drive), A4WD (full drive), 4WD (automatic activation of the whole drive) and 4WD Low Range (activation of reduced transmission). In addition, Ford Ekspedishn equipped with independent rear suspension, reechnym steering and advanced braking system, complemented by a double carriage and systems ABS and EBD. Summing up a small review of the modern automobile, it is safe to say that he is an excellent combination of confident style, high comfort and reliability.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE CAR Ford Transit

Car Ford Transit - it is a leader in the segment of commercial vehicles with a courageous appearance and rich functionality. The first generation of these vehicles appeared in the distant 1965. Then they were fitted with petrol engine and have a modest appearance, which shows that this is a real workhorse, and not a car for a walk. Since then, Ford Transit passed several stages of modernization. The design and power. The car was decent comfort inside the cabin. Today, Ford Transit has a firm suspension, McPherson, 18-inch alloy wheels, steering wheel and a unique opportunity to transform the cabin. Ford Transit may be called a cult model for American industry, because of the time all over the world have been sold over four million motor vehicles of this brand.

THE CAR Ford Sierra

Ford Sierra car became available in 1979 and three years later was able to completely replace an outdated model Ford Taunus. From the beginning, the car had several options for bundling of petrol and diesel engines, had a memorable appearance and rich functionality. After the first modernization in 1983, Ford Siera received full drive and 4-step automatic gearbox. The next phase of a major modernization took place in 1985. She spoke of technical equipment (add proprietary suspension McPherson, a security system ABS and much more), and appearance. This Ford Sierra becomes the leader of sales, conquering the world more of their fans. In 1991, Ford again Siero changing. For the comfort of the occupants set the hydraulic engineers, electronic windows and audio system. Years later, this car continues to surprise with a high level of quality and reliability in the service of faith and truth to their owners.

THE CAR Ford Scorpio

Comfortable car Ford Scorpio created in 1985. Just one year later he received the title in Europe The car of 1986. This success is linked to the fact that the car was running fine quality, high level of security and a beautiful appearance. After several stages of modernization, Ford Scorpio is more comfortable and powerful. 

New types of engines (petrol 2.0 / 2.9 liters. Diesel and 2.5 liters.), A unique suspension system and an additional security system ABS helped Ford Scorpio to win the global popularity. Currently, Ford Scorpio confidently won the love of our fellow citizens. Find parts and assemblies for the car can be almost any vehicle


Car Ford S-Max was first presented to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in 2006. Modern design and high functionality to immediately attracted the attention of independent experts, who appreciated the characteristics of the vehicle, setting it among the sport minivans. Developers Ford S Max position it as a vehicle for active people, choosing the extreme lifestyle. Ford C-Max is ideal for those who frequently travels out of town to ski or snowboard, to parachute jump or other madness associated with the release of adrenaline 

Ford S-Max has a few modifications: five-and semimestny variants differ only in the number of passenger seats, which predumastrivayut advanced system settings. The car has the ability to store the goods, not only in the trunk, but also in the plating of doors, under seats and under the floor. For extra comfort when traveling far Ford C Max equipped with separate air-conditioning and modern media set (DVD-player and two monitors with headphones). For the driver the car offers a convenient dashboard, 

THE CAR Ford Mustang

Legend of the global automotive industry Ford Mustang, named after an American fighter, was first presented to the public in far-off 1964 at the exhibition in New York. Its stylish design and technical abilities have made the present furor. On the first day of sales had been sold 22 thousand cars! Since then, Ford Mustang remains the standard for an entire generation of sports cars. 

The appearance of the vehicle, its technical characteristics and operational equipment were several stages of modernization. At the moment, produced several versions of this famous car: Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang GT Auto, Ford Mustang V6. Basic set of car includes trehlitrovy engine V6 (over 200 liters. Pp.) The front suspension, McPherson, automatic or manual gearbox. Design the salon - the perfect combination of restraint and luxury.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

THE CAR Ford Mondeo

Comfortable car Ford Mondeo was published in 1992. Hard work for its establishment was seven years old. The company set itself the task of Ford to make a car that must leave behind not only the current models, but those machines, which appear in the near future, in particular, Opel Vectra and the Volkswagen Passat. The development of the look of the vehicle entrusted to four design centers - three fordovskim in Dirborne, San Jose, and Cologne, as well as the Italian company Carrozzeria Ghia. All work on the design were given the mechanical equipment of machines. 

New Ford Mondeo almost immediately became a leader of sales in Europe, which gathered around him a large number of fans of this quality and reliability. In subsequent years, the car has passed several stages of modernization. Today the Ford Mondeo - it is a luxury car, killing its elegant beauty and docile power capable to deliver real pleasure to its owner.

THE CAR Ford Maverick

Ford Maverik (Ford Maverick) - a compact SUV with expressive exterior and high technical equipment. Its main advantages - excellent dynamics and excellent controllability, regardless of the quality of road surface. Ford Maverik offers a high level of comfort inside the cabin, which is based on the application of new high-quality materials, providing the opportunity to relax, even in the very long journey. 

The car has good body, independent suspension, all wheels, standing on the front-wheel drive and connected through a multi-clutch transmission to the rear wheels. Ford Maverik system is equipped with personal safety Personal Safety System, which provides protection in a collision not only drivers but also passengers. In addition, Ford Maverik has ABS anti-lock braking system with EBD, could adequately respond to any surprises the road.

THE CAR Ford Kuga

Truck off-road Ford Kuga was first presented to a wide audience at the Geneva Motor Show. Modern design, rich functionality and high level of comfort based on the active use of the latest developments in the field of high technologies. Intelligent Protection System (IPS) helps the driver Ford Kuga to effectively monitor the situation on the road and protect passengers from the effects of any emergency. 

Ford Kuga is equipped with a petrol engine volume of 2.5 liter capacity 197 hp, which is working with six mechanical gearbox, which was named Durashift. Ford Kuga Basic equipment includes front and side airbags for driver and front passenger, as well as side airbags to protect zanavesochnogo type of head and shoulders had additional protection system that prevents vyskalzyvanie the driver and passengers out of the seatbelt.


City car Ford Ka (Ford Ka), which became the first in a new line of New Edge, differs from its competitors modest size, the expressive appearance and availability of broad functional capabilities. Seeing the light in 1996, the car has passed several stages of modernization, changing its power and equipment, but little tronuvshih his instantly recognizable appearance. 

Ford Ka has a comfortable landing on the front seat and a high aperture, on the threshold of which has never accumulated dirt. Passenger seat can be adjusted for angle, that is a characteristic feature of large and luxury sedans. A modern style, agility and ease of administration make the Ford Ka, a very interesting offer on the world market of cars of this class.

THE CAR Ford Galaxy

Family Ford Galaxy car (Ford Galaxy) is a collaborative work of Ford and the famous German group Volkswagen. The first car in this series came down the conveyor in 1995. After the update, which in 2006 made the American engineers, Ford Galaxy was enhanced functionality and a more modern appearance. 

Temperature inside the car is controlled by a unique system of EATC, modifying the temperature in the three sectors of the cabin. Each passenger seat adjustable height and angle. Adaptive cruise control with collision warning function, the system will display the pressure in the tires, as well as complexes of ESP, ABS and EBD - Equipment Ford Galaxy is aimed at developing a high comfort and coziness, not only the driver but the passengers of the car.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

THE CAR Ford Fusion

Car Ford Fusion (Ford Fusion) - a perfect combination of modern style and broad functionality. Spacious comfortable lounge, a large trunk and a powerful engine is perfectly suited not only for movement within the city, but for a trip to the nature of the family or a large company. A large area of Ford Fyuzhen windshield provides excellent visibility. Strict Salon: black bottom, white top, a bit of aluminum. Comfortable seating is not allowed to feel tension, even while driving with a high speed mode. The high level of comfort, reliability and manageability of clear, high ground clearance of passive and active safety - the car Ford Fusion is ideally suited for operation in Russia.

THE CAR Ford Focus

The famous car Ford Focus (Ford Focus) was released in 1998, triggering a genuine interest on the part of experts and motorists from all over the world. The following year, the car becomes the "Car of the Year" in Europe, in 2000 he received the same title in America. In 2002, Germany, its most reliable cars. Why such success? The thing is that Ford Fokus was conceived as an ideal vehicle. His appearance, the space inside the cabin ergonomics, technical data and equipment aimed at the creation of absolute comfort, reliability and security of not only the driver but the passengers of the car. Currently, citizens of Russia have the opportunity to buy a Ford Focus, which is produced in Vsevolozhsk. This car is fully adapted to the climate and roads of Russia. Russian Ford Focus is equipped 16-valve petrol engines (1.8 liters and 2.0 liters) and 8-valve engine Duratec (1,6 l) function is added up windshield and significantly increased clearance.

THE CAR Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta (Ford Fiesta) produced since 1976. Over the years, the production car has passed several stages of modernization, change its appearance and technical equipment. Today, Ford Fiesta is the bearer of good ideas and technologies, different from other cars of this class of ease and comfort in the office. Standard equipment in the vehicle onboard computer is fully adapted to our country, rain and temperature sensors in the cabin, the automatic option of including lights and much more. Ford Fiesta offers several levels of passive and active protection, which includes front and side airbags, antilock system ABS, protect the vehicle itself on a wet and slippery road surface.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ABOUT THE CAR Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer (Ford Explorer) is one of the brightest symbols of America. Starting in 1991, the car almost immediately became a leader in sales in its class in the United States, leaving far behind its competitors. In 2002, the Ford Explorer has been the modernization, which affected not only technological, but also appearance. The car received four airbags, ABS, the system control path and a unique system of Roll Stability Control, which effectively prevents roll-over. Dear Ford Explorer finishing materials, high quality build, comfortable seat with the use of special pennoy basis, the new design of the upholstery and door armrests, as well as many other nice details create a sense of comfort and style, perfectly underlining the individuality of its owner.


Car Ford Escort (Ford Escort) was established in the distant 1968. Since then the car has passed several stages of the modernization of technical equipment, and changes of appearance. At the present time - a car which is equipped with a proprietary front McPherson suspension and rear semi supplemented elastic transverse beam for optimal handling and agility. Among the wide range of engines that are installed in the Ford Escort, is worth special mention of a powerful 1.8-liter diesel engine, which consumes only 7.4 liters per hundred kilometers, and 105-strong petrol unit volume of 1.6 liters. Comfortable interior, comfortable control and a high level of reliability of all units allowed Ford Escort achieved world popularity.


Truck off-road Ford Eskeyp (Ford Escape) first saw in 2000. Its development has been three years. The work of American and Japanese engineers (Ford Eskeyp created in conjunction with Mazda Motor Corp.) Designers, and became a powerful sports car style, with a high level of comfort and rich functionality. 

Ford Eskeyp equipped with a unique independent suspension, four ABS system with an additional set of brake force distribution. The powerful engine is an economical mode of fuel consumption. In addition, the car has several levels of passive and active protection of not only the driver but the passengers.


Car Ford C-Max (Ford C-Max) - is a modern design and rich functionality, based on the use of the latest developments in the field of high technologies. Ford C-Max (in the very frequent misspelling Ford S-Max, Ford S-Max) is a new system of adaptive turning headlights, windscreen wipers with rain sensor, the system of intellectual security, the opportunity to voice management systems, a car with Bluetooth technology for connecting mobile phone and other functions to achieve maximum comfort, not only the driver but the passengers of the car.
A unique independent rear suspension provides a stable position, Ford C-Max, regardless of the quality of road surface. Informative steering wheel with electrohydraulic amplifier provides sure handling, significantly improving the control of the road.

About Ford / Ford Cars

Buy Ford cars at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Ford cars with the mileage from the official car and in the best Ford auto with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal offers car company Ford Motor Company, named after its founder, Henry Ford, the company has opened in the distant 1903. It was Henry Ford - the author of Maxims car - this is not a luxury but a means of transport. Company Ford pioneered assembly line, which made a technical revolution in the machinery, enabling to increase production capacity. Most popular models: 

• Ford Focus (Ford Focus) 
• Ford Focus 2 (Ford Focus 2) 
• Ford Fusion (Ford Flushes) 
• Ford Monde (Ford Monde) 

Ford Focus - it is the most famous flagship company Ford, which has excellent characteristics and high level of reliability and security. This car a few times "Car of the Year" in Europe and the United States. Depending on the modified Ford Focus completed the two types of gasoline engines - Zeta or Duarte (volumes 1,4, 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 l). The base configuration Ford Focus includes everything necessary to ensure driver and passengers: air bags, seat belts, a system of manual adjustment provisions driving seat and steering column. Ergonomic driver's seat Ford Focus intensifies informative thought-out control panel with user-friendly interface. 

Ford Focus 2 - is a logical continuation of the popular models of Ford Focus. The changes affected not only the appearance, but also the technical equipment. The manufacturer refused to shoot the first version of design by creating a more practical car, a pleasure emphasizes the social status of its owner. Car Ford Focus 2 petrol engines fitted with Duarte (1,4 l/80 hp, 1.6 l/100 hp, 2.0 l/145 hp) latest Duarte Ti-VCT (1, 6 l / 115 hp) and diesel engines Curator (1,8 l / 115 hp). All types of engines Ford Focus 2 selected under the European standards. Depending on the type of engine, the car is equipped with a mechanical or five, or four-automatic gearbox. 

Ford Fusion - is not only a modern design, but also excellent technical characteristics that have helped this car to win worldwide fame. 16-valve Duarte petrol engine with aluminum Carter is one of the most powerful in this class. Economical fuel consumption allows you to spend Ford Flushes 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers. Dynamic Stability makes driving more comfortable and safer. The design of a powerful engine Ford Fusion avoids losses to friction. 

Ford Monde offers a high level of security and rich functionality, which depend on the configuration, created by taking into account the individual wishes of the buyer. Refinement of the model in 2003, 2005. Concerned mainly appearance. The new version of Ford Monde fully suitable slogan Created to be the first, adopted by designers for this Ford model. 

In the official Ford car always in the presence of a wide range of different models of Ford set. You can buy the best Ford Motor Show in Moscow, the sale of Ford at low prices as the new Ford cars, as well as the cars have been run.

THE CAR Volvo 940

The first car from the popular family of Volvo 940 was born in autumn 1990. This machine is a logical development of angular series 700, which is almost the same shape, but very different technical capabilities and operational equipment. Quality and reliability of Volvo 940 helped gain popularity in many countries around the world. 

The manufacturer has made every effort to protect the driver and passenger Volvo 940 in the event of an emergency on the road. Hull Volvo 940 is equipped with additional beams from side impact protection in doors. Standard equipment includes a three-wheel inertia seat belts and adjustable rear seat head restraints. In addition, the rear seat integrated child seat, which can be installed at the request of the buyer.

THE CAR Volvo 740

Luxury car Volvo 740 went out to the world market in 1984. The high level of comfort and security enabled Volvo 740 adequately compete with other cars of this class. Buyers prefer to use the Volvo 740 as a service or a family car because of its impressive appearance and reliability in operation. 

Last generation Volvo 740 has a 159-strong 16-valve gasoline engine B234F, which are equipped with a four-manual gearbox with an additional step increases, or the two types of automatic transmissions. Workspace body universal Volvo 740 allows store from 990 to 2125 liters with the rear seats folded.

THE CAR Volvo 460

Sedan class Volvo 460 goes back to 1989 when the developers decided to present the world prestigious and respectable car. Buyers rated the attractive design, high level of comfort and technical capabilities of this machine. 

Volvo 460 is equipped with a wide range of power units: a working volume of 1.6 liter capacity of 83 hp, 1.8 liter working volume capacity of 90 hp and a working volume of 2.0 liter capacity 110 hp Much attention is paid to the safety of the occupants. Hull Volvo 460 is amplifying elements inside the door frame and the safety of the engine. Steering type reechnogo has good feedback and sensitivity. 
In 1996, the Volvo 460 was taken off the serial production, but still, this car remains a symbol of quality and reliability in operation.

THE CAR Volvo XC90

In 2002, at the Detroit Motor Show in a famous Swedish car manufacturer presented the impressive Volvo XC90, which immediately attracted attention, thanks to modern design look and a broad technological capabilities. The absence of mechanical span mezhkolesnoy and lock the wheels, as well as digital duplicators indication of the Volvo XC90 to the class of «parquet» SUVs, were now widely available in many countries around the world. 

The manufacturer installed on the Volvo XC90 several advanced systems to ensure the stability of the motion: Roll Stability Control (RSC), which works in conjunction with the Dynamic Stability Traction Control (DSTC), as well as a unique system antiprobuksovochnuyu Volvo XC90 TRACS. Using new technology allows the driver Volvo XC90 completely control the movement of the car even with poor road surface.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

THE CAR Volvo XC70

In 2002 the world market, there's a new car Volvo XC70, is able to move successfully in a full off-road. Developers have the basis for a popular car Volvo V70. Technical capabilities and appearance changed. Instead viskomufty was installed multidisk electron-mechanical clutch Haldex, which makes it possible to connect the rear axle when the front wheels slip. Design has become more dynamic through the use of lining the sidewalls and nadbrovya wheeled niches, as well as practical bumper. 

The main force Volvo XC70 uses a single-Five turbocharged gasoline engine with an output of 2.5 liters 210 hp At the request of the buyer, you can set Five aluminum turbodizel working volume 2.4 liter capacity 163 hp with direct injection. Spacious lounge Volvo XC70 has a high level of comfort, which is based on applying the latest rabotok in the field of high technologies.

THE CAR Volvo V70

Multi-car, which increased the ground clearance and a broad technical equipment, Volvo V70 entered into series production in 1997. The modern appearance, the possibility of transforming the internal space and the excellent quality of maneuver increased the popularity of Volvo V70 for buyers wishing to purchase a comfortable and reliable family car. 

Volvo V70 is a powerful acceleration at low revs, thanks to the efficient use of the new cylinder turbocharged engine, which is a continuation of the famous series of T5. Five cylinders, and a working volume of 2.5 liters allow it is the most powerful engine in the Volvo lineup. In addition, the Volvo V70 is equipped with Dynamic Stability Control and traction control DSTC, which controls the movement of the car even on how much the road.

THE CAR Volvo V40

Elegant car Volvo V40 has an attractive appearance and high level of protection of the driver and passengers. Multifunctional equipment contributed to the rapid advancement of Volvo V40 in the international market. Not stopping the progress made, the developer, in 2000, makes upgrading the car. No changes have been referred to the appearance, but were eliminated all the small flaws that were found owners Volvo V40. 

Currently, the base version equipped with the Volvo V40 gasoline engine working volume of 1.6 liters and output of 109 hp, which works with five gearbox. Independent multi-link rear suspension Multi Link allows you to perform complex maneuvers, even in dense Road stream. Active and passive safety systems effectively protect occupants in Volvo V40 in the event of an emergency on the road.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

THE CAR Volvo S70

In 1996 the world market has a comfortable car Volvo S70. Manufacturer equipped the car an impressive list of modern equipment, including electric front and rear windows and exterior mirrors, gidrokorrektor headlight and side airbags. To increase the maneuverability of opportunities for Volvo S70 has been a unique stabilization system and traction control STC (Stability and Traction Control). 

It controls the transfer on the driving wheel torque to maintain the steady grip of any road surface. 
Under the bonnet is Volvo S70 power unit with a working volume of 2.0 liters and output of 126 horsepower, which operates five mechanical gearbox. Hull Volvo S70 has a warranty period of ten years from the perforation corrosion.

THE CAR Volvo S60

In 1997, Swedish engineers have begun work on a modern car with a dynamic design and the sporting nature. Three years later they presented the public sports sedan Volvo S60. Thanks to the bright exterior, the high functional and technical features the vehicle has been widely spread in many countries around the world. 

Under the hood Volvo S60 is 2.4-liter Five turbodvigatel power, which is very economical and low emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. To secure the protection of occupants in Volvo S60 received a modern system of road safety BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), capable to inform the driver on the appearance of danger in the dead zone by transferring the information to display on-board computer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

THE CAR Volvo S40

Car with a transversely located four engine Volvo S40 was first introduced publicly in 1995. The manufacturer has made every effort to create the ideal combination of performance, comfort and safety. Judging by sales Volvo S40 in many countries around the world - a task with the developer have done! 

Volvo S40 has a gasoline engine with direct fuel injection working volume 1.8 liters and output of 125 hp At the request of the buyer's Volvo S40 can be equipped with integrated phone system STC stabilization and traction control, Dynamic Stability Control and traction control DSTC, cruise control, xenon headlights, memory driver's seat with electric and other advanced options. Volvo S40 Base equipment includes air conditioning, electric and heated front seats.

THE CAR Volvo C30

Modern car Volvo A30 - this is the perfect combination of broad functionality and high level of comfort, which is based on the use of recent advances in the field of emerging technologies. The manufacturer tried to establish a salon inside the Volvo A30 pleasant atmosphere, which has to do even during long trips. You should specifically note that the results of crash tests according to EuroNCAP Volvo A30 received the maximum five stars. 

Volvo A30 is equipped with six mechanical gearbox with a clear course. BLIS current system allows the driver to receive information about the appearance of cars in the dead zone. The on-board computer transmits the information to display on-board computer, in advance of warning drivers about the dangers of Volvo A30.

THE CAR Volvo 850

Sedan with front drive and transverse engine layout Volvo 850 was presented to the public in June 1991. This car has caused the positive reviews by independent experts and customers, thanks to attractive appearance, high comfort and impressive technical ability. It is in the Volvo 850 was the developer to impose smooth lines, which face the car a more dynamic and modern. 

Under the bonnet is Volvo 850 engine capacity 2.5 liters and output of 193 hp The manufacturer installed on Volvo 850 rear differential mezhkolesny self to successfully move even with a poor road surface. To secure the protection of occupants in Volvo 850 manufacturer has established a system of protection against side impact SIPS and self-belt safety seat during impact. 

Interesting fact from the history of Volvo 850 - in 1996 on the basis of this car model was released with the ability to work both petrol and methane, through a dual fuel system.

THE CAR Volvo 460

Sedan class Volvo 460 goes back to 1989 when the developers decided to present the world prestigious and respectable car. Buyers rated the attractive design, high level of comfort and technical capabilities of this machine. 

Volvo 460 is equipped with a wide range of power units: a working volume of 1.6 liter capacity of 83 hp, 1.8 liter working volume capacity of 90 hp and a working volume of 2.0 liter capacity 110 hp Much attention is paid to the safety of the occupants. Hull Volvo 460 is amplifying elements inside the door frame and the safety of the engine. Steering type reechnogo has good feedback and sensitivity. 
In 1996, the Volvo 460 was taken off the serial production, but still, this car remains a symbol of quality and reliability in operation.

About Volvo

Buy Volvo cars at affordable prices in Moscow, sales of new Volvo cars and cars with mileage in the official car and in the best Volvo auto with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal offers cars from the famous Swedish company Volvo, was founded in 1927, Assar Gabrielssonom and Gustaf Larson. The company produces high-quality cars, according to the classical tradition, most important of which are reliability and safety. 
The first car was Jacob April 14, 1927. He received good evaluation specialists, who have appreciated this car with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. But this success came to us much later Volvo. 

Gradually expanding its own production, Volvo went to the world scene, presenting in 1960 at the International Exhibition of a new sports model, hit its capacity of almost all those present. Begins a new era of automobiles, established in accordance with the basic principles of the company - reliability, quality and safety. 

Engineers continued to experiment with a selection of engines, but in general, Volvo cars are still fairly conservative. Guidelines are not being addressed at the steps of a fundamental change in appearance, while remaining committed to the classical style. Because of such an approach the company Volvo has been forced to move to a major car concern Ford. These moves have greatly increased the output and make any necessary adjustments to the design appearance of the car. 

In Russia the company Volvo has a small plant with small capacity for the production of trucks. The plans of construction enterprises in Kluge. According to independent experts in the plant, which will also specialize in the manufacture of heavy equipment, will invest around one hundred million euros. The capacity of the plant will be calculated on the assembly of 10 000 trucks a year. 
The most popular models of Volvo: 

• Volvo S40 (Volvo S40) 
• Volvo S80 (Volvo S80) 
• Volvo C30 (Volvo C30) 
• Volvo XC90 (Volvo XC90) 
• Volvo XC70 (Volvo XC70) 
• Volvo S60 (Volvo S60) 

Volvo S40 - it is not only a powerful engine and good governance, but also the economical treatment of fuel, calculated on the motion of any road surface. High levels of passive and active protection can ensure the safety of not only the driver but the passengers of the modern automobile. For convenience and comfort of Volvo S40 has a built speaker system and the engine noise. Extensive equipment vehicle shall be drawn up taking into account the individual wishes of the buyer. 

Volvo S80 has a comfortable cabin, excellent handling and extensive functionality, which perfectly match with security built in the light of recent developments in modern technology. The car is equipped with informative on-board computer, which connect the driver the necessary information on the road, route, weather and much more. The high maneuverability allows confidently talk about the wonderful adaptation of a car to the Russian roads. 

Volvo XC90 - it is a nice, neat design, which has excellent ergonomics of free space. The car does not react to changing weather conditions, delivering to the owner the opportunity to enjoy the convenient control and maneuverability. Manufacturers equipped Volvo XC90 powerful speaker system, designed for lovers of good sound. 

Volvo XC70 is allocated a high cross, based on full drive, capable to cope with any surprises pavement. Interesting design and thought-finish inside the cabin, suggests a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. The space inside the cabin can be transformed for the minimum time. Large trunk and balanced the power of the engine complete the image of the modern automobile. 

A formal car Volvo has always made available a wide range of different models of Volvo equipment. You can buy the best Volvo Car in Moscow, selling Volvo at low prices on new cars as the Volvo, and in the car with the mileage.

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BMW Z8 A prototype was presented in autumn 1997 in Tokyo, the serial model of BMW Z8 - in 2000. The external design of the car like the legendary model 1950. BMW 507 samples in 1955 

BMW Z8 - twin model sports car with aluminum bodywork. Quick-aluminum roof, and rear panel in the open version, performed in concert with the rear wings and boot (actually lid in BMW Z8, as such, no). With the transformation of the body of the roadster coupe in the rear of the car changes completely. Elements of the chassis is also made of aluminum alloy, and bumpers - Polyurethane. 

Car BMW Z8 is equipped with V-shaped eight-cylinder powerplants, and the volume of 5 liters capacity of 400 liters. with. Acceleration from the floor up to 100 km / h takes less than 5 seconds. 

BMW Z8 car produced in small quantities from April 2000 to July 2003



Roadster BMW Z4 - this is an open double car that came to replace the roadster Z3. Compared with the predecessor, BMW Z4 grew slightly in all directions, but retained the overall concept of the roadster. 

BMW Z4 roadster will go on sale in the United States in October 2002 and in Europe he has appeared only in March 2003. Like its predecessor, BMW Z4 is produced only in the United States at the factory in Spartanburge in South Carolina. 

Currently, BMW Z4 models completes engine 2.2i, 2.5i and 3.0i (170 hp kVt/231 / maximum speed of 250 km / h). At the BMW Z4 3.0i installed six manual gearbox and five models for BMW Z4 2.0i and 2.5i, a five-speed automatic transmission (installed as optional equipment.)