Saturday, July 4, 2009



The first sports model of the fifth series BMW M5 as the M530i was launched sports department of the group in 1976, but experts believe that the first true BMW M5 was introduced in 1984 - a family sedan, received power 286 hp, accelerated up to 250 km / h. However, because of high prices, it was released just a little over 2000 such machines. 

In 1989, a new BMW M5 with upgraded S38 aggregate capacity of 315 hp In 1992 the engine output increased to 340 bhp, and in 1998, BMW has developed a BMW M5 engine V8 S62 output of 400 hp Subsequently, the engine is placed on an exclusive roadster Z8. Curiously, the BMW M5 touring in the body not producing e39. 

The latest 5th generation 5th series e60 (sedan) and e61 (touring) podospela by 2003, and after a year has undergone renovation and BMW M5 e60, getting a new engine. Built on the basis of a racing engine V-shaped dozens develops 507 horsepower, the engine has become the holder of the Prize The best engine is the year in its class.

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