Thursday, July 9, 2009

About Ford / Ford Cars

Buy Ford cars at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Ford cars with the mileage from the official car and in the best Ford auto with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal offers car company Ford Motor Company, named after its founder, Henry Ford, the company has opened in the distant 1903. It was Henry Ford - the author of Maxims car - this is not a luxury but a means of transport. Company Ford pioneered assembly line, which made a technical revolution in the machinery, enabling to increase production capacity. Most popular models: 

• Ford Focus (Ford Focus) 
• Ford Focus 2 (Ford Focus 2) 
• Ford Fusion (Ford Flushes) 
• Ford Monde (Ford Monde) 

Ford Focus - it is the most famous flagship company Ford, which has excellent characteristics and high level of reliability and security. This car a few times "Car of the Year" in Europe and the United States. Depending on the modified Ford Focus completed the two types of gasoline engines - Zeta or Duarte (volumes 1,4, 1,6, 1,8 and 2,0 l). The base configuration Ford Focus includes everything necessary to ensure driver and passengers: air bags, seat belts, a system of manual adjustment provisions driving seat and steering column. Ergonomic driver's seat Ford Focus intensifies informative thought-out control panel with user-friendly interface. 

Ford Focus 2 - is a logical continuation of the popular models of Ford Focus. The changes affected not only the appearance, but also the technical equipment. The manufacturer refused to shoot the first version of design by creating a more practical car, a pleasure emphasizes the social status of its owner. Car Ford Focus 2 petrol engines fitted with Duarte (1,4 l/80 hp, 1.6 l/100 hp, 2.0 l/145 hp) latest Duarte Ti-VCT (1, 6 l / 115 hp) and diesel engines Curator (1,8 l / 115 hp). All types of engines Ford Focus 2 selected under the European standards. Depending on the type of engine, the car is equipped with a mechanical or five, or four-automatic gearbox. 

Ford Fusion - is not only a modern design, but also excellent technical characteristics that have helped this car to win worldwide fame. 16-valve Duarte petrol engine with aluminum Carter is one of the most powerful in this class. Economical fuel consumption allows you to spend Ford Flushes 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers. Dynamic Stability makes driving more comfortable and safer. The design of a powerful engine Ford Fusion avoids losses to friction. 

Ford Monde offers a high level of security and rich functionality, which depend on the configuration, created by taking into account the individual wishes of the buyer. Refinement of the model in 2003, 2005. Concerned mainly appearance. The new version of Ford Monde fully suitable slogan Created to be the first, adopted by designers for this Ford model. 

In the official Ford car always in the presence of a wide range of different models of Ford set. You can buy the best Ford Motor Show in Moscow, the sale of Ford at low prices as the new Ford cars, as well as the cars have been run.

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