Monday, July 6, 2009

THE CAR Volvo 850

Sedan with front drive and transverse engine layout Volvo 850 was presented to the public in June 1991. This car has caused the positive reviews by independent experts and customers, thanks to attractive appearance, high comfort and impressive technical ability. It is in the Volvo 850 was the developer to impose smooth lines, which face the car a more dynamic and modern. 

Under the bonnet is Volvo 850 engine capacity 2.5 liters and output of 193 hp The manufacturer installed on Volvo 850 rear differential mezhkolesny self to successfully move even with a poor road surface. To secure the protection of occupants in Volvo 850 manufacturer has established a system of protection against side impact SIPS and self-belt safety seat during impact. 

Interesting fact from the history of Volvo 850 - in 1996 on the basis of this car model was released with the ability to work both petrol and methane, through a dual fuel system.

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