Tuesday, July 21, 2009

THE CAR Mazda 3

Car class golf Mazda 3 entered into series production in 2003, although the first photos Mazda 3 have appeared on the World Wide Web long before that. These photos Mazda 3 have contributed to drawing attention to this comfortable vehicle. Reviews of Mazda 3 independent experts, only fueled the interest of buyers. Mazda 3 has the expressive appearance, based on a sporting, muscular design, which effectively underlines the taste of his master. Mazda 3 equipped with the buyer's choice of two petrol engine variants of a series of MZR: a working volume of 1.6 liters (105 hp) and a working volume of 2 liters (150 hp), which completed five modernized mechanical gearbox. 

Positive feedback about the Mazda 3 have pushed developers to modernize the car, called the Mazda 3 MPS. He received a higher level of security that is based on the original concept of Impact Distribution And Absorption System. Case Mazda 3 MPS has a number of special cells, which absorb shock, sending him to the safe route. The introduction of this technology, the new Mazda 3 received the highest rating, tested at an emergency security EuroNCAP. A high quality build and reliability of all the arrangements for the new Mazda 3 appreciate motorists in many countries around the world. In Russia there are Mazda 3 club, established on the initiative of the owners of the car. Mazda 3 Club helps its members the professional help and advice on the operation of this machine.

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