Monday, July 6, 2009

About Volvo

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Automobile portal offers cars from the famous Swedish company Volvo, was founded in 1927, Assar Gabrielssonom and Gustaf Larson. The company produces high-quality cars, according to the classical tradition, most important of which are reliability and safety. 
The first car was Jacob April 14, 1927. He received good evaluation specialists, who have appreciated this car with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. But this success came to us much later Volvo. 

Gradually expanding its own production, Volvo went to the world scene, presenting in 1960 at the International Exhibition of a new sports model, hit its capacity of almost all those present. Begins a new era of automobiles, established in accordance with the basic principles of the company - reliability, quality and safety. 

Engineers continued to experiment with a selection of engines, but in general, Volvo cars are still fairly conservative. Guidelines are not being addressed at the steps of a fundamental change in appearance, while remaining committed to the classical style. Because of such an approach the company Volvo has been forced to move to a major car concern Ford. These moves have greatly increased the output and make any necessary adjustments to the design appearance of the car. 

In Russia the company Volvo has a small plant with small capacity for the production of trucks. The plans of construction enterprises in Kluge. According to independent experts in the plant, which will also specialize in the manufacture of heavy equipment, will invest around one hundred million euros. The capacity of the plant will be calculated on the assembly of 10 000 trucks a year. 
The most popular models of Volvo: 

• Volvo S40 (Volvo S40) 
• Volvo S80 (Volvo S80) 
• Volvo C30 (Volvo C30) 
• Volvo XC90 (Volvo XC90) 
• Volvo XC70 (Volvo XC70) 
• Volvo S60 (Volvo S60) 

Volvo S40 - it is not only a powerful engine and good governance, but also the economical treatment of fuel, calculated on the motion of any road surface. High levels of passive and active protection can ensure the safety of not only the driver but the passengers of the modern automobile. For convenience and comfort of Volvo S40 has a built speaker system and the engine noise. Extensive equipment vehicle shall be drawn up taking into account the individual wishes of the buyer. 

Volvo S80 has a comfortable cabin, excellent handling and extensive functionality, which perfectly match with security built in the light of recent developments in modern technology. The car is equipped with informative on-board computer, which connect the driver the necessary information on the road, route, weather and much more. The high maneuverability allows confidently talk about the wonderful adaptation of a car to the Russian roads. 

Volvo XC90 - it is a nice, neat design, which has excellent ergonomics of free space. The car does not react to changing weather conditions, delivering to the owner the opportunity to enjoy the convenient control and maneuverability. Manufacturers equipped Volvo XC90 powerful speaker system, designed for lovers of good sound. 

Volvo XC70 is allocated a high cross, based on full drive, capable to cope with any surprises pavement. Interesting design and thought-finish inside the cabin, suggests a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. The space inside the cabin can be transformed for the minimum time. Large trunk and balanced the power of the engine complete the image of the modern automobile. 

A formal car Volvo has always made available a wide range of different models of Volvo equipment. You can buy the best Volvo Car in Moscow, selling Volvo at low prices on new cars as the Volvo, and in the car with the mileage.

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