Thursday, July 16, 2009

THE CAR Ford Puma

Compact Ford Puma car was assembled on the base platform of car Ford Fiesta. The debut of the machine came in 1993, the time of recovery of sales of small cars in Europe. Ford Puma became the first American car company, styling which was entirely designed on computer. The team of designers led by Claude Lobo have created a unique, memorable appearance of the car Ford Puma. Large 15-inch wheels set wide and give a feeling of power, aggression, awarded by the nature of predatory pumu. A small shop offers a high level of comfort not only the driver but the passengers. Modern requirements for passive and active safety have forced designers to optimize the design of all means, protect the driver and passenger Ford Puma and the tangent of the frontal impact with the side. Thus in the case of an accident, all interacting parts of body, protective arc incorporated in the door, and the airbag Ford Puma, which is also located on the sides.

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