Wednesday, July 15, 2009

THE CAR Ford Mustang

Legend of the global automotive industry Ford Mustang, named after an American fighter, was first presented to the public in far-off 1964 at the exhibition in New York. Its stylish design and technical abilities have made the present furor. On the first day of sales had been sold 22 thousand cars! Since then, Ford Mustang remains the standard for an entire generation of sports cars. 

The appearance of the vehicle, its technical characteristics and operational equipment were several stages of modernization. At the moment, produced several versions of this famous car: Ford Mustang GT, Ford Mustang GT Auto, Ford Mustang V6. Basic set of car includes trehlitrovy engine V6 (over 200 liters. Pp.) The front suspension, McPherson, automatic or manual gearbox. Design the salon - the perfect combination of restraint and luxury.

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