Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Modern design with the Chevrolet Orlando

The Chevrolet Orlando - a new modern design family car with a bold design that is as versatile on the inside and the outside. At one point carrying seven people comfortably and the next you can bring down all the seats and fill your car with a heavy load. With 16 different seating combinations Orlando a car is extremely flexible and adaptable to your needs.
Exceptional design
Significantly different, the Orlando is a personal choice - is a car that stands out from other cars for many good reasons. The Orlando is available in a choice of colors ranging from the Velvet Smokey Grey Red alloy wheels are standard on LT trim levels and LTZ.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Twingo RS Red Bull Racing RB7

Using this limited edition was created to commemorate the 2011 F1 championship as a basis cafe inizada version of the Twingo, the RS 133 hp, comes this limited edition will be sold only in a handful of European markets and Japan. It highlights the color treatment, the Cup chassis and specific items such as tires, 17 "dark.
The Twingo RS Red Bull Racing RB7 is easily differentiated by its pearl black paint to add details to yellow as F1 style sheet that crosses the grill or rear spoiler and mirror housings. Continues indoors with the same combination yellow applies on the steering wheel, seats and dashboard. Number plates topped with the 2011 FIA World Champion legend, commemorating the title won last year.

The Alpine A110-50

The Alpine A110-50 will be rolling on the F1 street circuit in Monaco is present in such important event. The A110-50 falls to two important moments in the Alpine brand, the acronym refers to the model A110 Berlinette produced from 1962 to 1977. The author of the A110 design was Berlinette Giovanni Michelet, who sculpted the beautiful shapes with a new material, fiberglass. The number 50 refers to the half century of the Alpine A110. 
On the twenty-first century Alpine little is known, the only picture "leaked" to the network, makes much reference to the concept desire Renault, with some characteristic features of the A110 Berlinette   such as river of headlights and a large central diamond Alpine crowning word at the apex of the bodywork. 

According to speculation the A110-50 carries a central engine of a Megan Trophy legacy that delivers 400 hp, its construction is in composite materials (resins and carbon fiber) and the authorship of the design is clearly attributable to Lauren van den Acker, chief designer Renault.The company was founded Alpine in 1955 by Jean Reediness, son of a Renault dealer in Dipped France, the restless Reediness began producing its own cars, using the mechanics I had on hand, from a Renault 4CV. 

Alpine vehicles began to attract worldwide attention, thanks to its beautiful silhouettes, one of those impacted by the Alpine style was one of the senior management of Renault, who offered technical support Reediness in the production of future vehicles competition and success in ASSEMBLIES arrived. In the sporting arena Alpine won the first World Rally Championship in 1973, in the same year, the Reggie Renault (state company) takes over 100% of Alpine Management, sporting success kept coming, in 1978 a Alpine A442B piloted by Diddler Perini and Jean Pierre Jaussaud wins the race edition of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

After winning the world's most prestigious race engine, the Alpine-Renault approach was Formula One, but for some marketing decisions Alpine name was diluted, leaving only Renault Sport, a division that develops all high performance models Renault, and is located in Dipped, in the same location where Reediness Alpine farm. The brand stopped using the name Alpine, probably by a legal spat between the founder of the brand and Renault, being the last Alpine GTA production in 1995.

Exclusive new Ford Kuga

A New Ford plan about Exclusive Ford Kuga, which aims to unify their products into a single global range, both models are merged into one, while retaining the original name of each market. Thus we had the unique opportunity to test the new Escape in Mexico and know almost exactly how it will be the second generation of the Kuga, which will surely come to Argentina in 2013.
Presented at the Hall of Los Angeles in 2011, the third generation of the Escape or the second of the Kuga uses the Focus platform. Aesthetically takes the new interpretation of the overall design language called Kinetic Design Oval, on time based on the Vertex Concept.

The new BMW 1 Series 3-door variant comes with M135i

Recently as a concept a motor shows in the Geneva the 1 Series 3-door hits the streets of the old continent and makes entering through the front door with a devilish version M135i 3.0L turbocharged inline six 315 hp and AWD option.
Aesthetically, the new BMW hatchback medium is identical to the 5-door version, featuring the main difference (besides the absence of both rear doors) the use of frameless windows, which will also be taken in the second generation of the silhouette coupe.
The new 1 Series 3-door will use a range of four cylinder engines, both gasoline and diesel, including the new 101 hp 1.4L and 2.0L turbo 1.6 and reaching the 215 hp 125i and 125d versions.

The new automatic Volkswagen A-Mark 2012

Cordoba:  The Volkswagen has 8 speed boxes and the 4Motion system of the Toured. IT raised the journey as a test of regularity giving a road map and suggested speeds for travel. The idea sought to prevent journalist’s accelerators other in public, tempted by analyzing the properties of the A-Mark 2012, which also stretches the engine power to 180 horses.  The German has the 2012 version of its first Pick-Up, which debuts as big news, for the segment also an automatic gearbox ratio is 8. In the event held in the province of Cordoba, we were able to handle it through the intricate mountain roads linking the provincial capital of Villa General Bertram.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Geneva, the debut of VW Amarok Canyon

The International Geneva Motor Show Concern Volkswagen AG, reporters were shown a pickup Amarok special model called Canyon, intended, as stated in the release, for freestylers, kayakers (the loading platform adapted for fast loading of two racing kayaks, attached special slings) but in all respects suitable for fishermen, hunters, hikers and other lovers of active leisure. From serial Amarok Canyon pickup has a higher ground clearance (4 centimeters), and besides freestyle pickup is made in the exclusive "war paint" - three-layer paint Baladi Orange.  The roof mounted lights more powerful, rear - stylish tinted lights on the sides - with electric sliding threshold, and "shod" in the new off-road tires 275/65, mounted on 18-inch diameter Durban. In the motion Volkswagen Amarok Canyon leads a 2-liter diesel TDI biturbo twin turbo, issuing out to the surface 180 horsepower and 420 Newton-meters draft. Learn about updates to concepts Geneva Motor Show 2012, view photos and read the reports can be on a special page of the exhibition.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The car MR01 Marussia F1 Team was the 18th crash-test

Marussia F1 Team, the presentation is told the day before yesterday, today was the 18th crash test.  Thus, nothing stands between the team defending the colors of Russian flag, and the first stage of the Formula 1 season 2012 - Australian Grand Prix. As already reported, Marussia F1 Team has planned to prepare MR01 last February, but the car's debut was delayed for various reasons until March 5.  In addition, in late February MR01 failed crash test FIA, and for this reason the team did not participate in preseason testing. As a result, the account Marussia F1 Team drivers of a "shooting day" during which the MR01" on the track Silverstone Circuit in the County of Northamptonshire (UK).  Under the rules, on a day the team shoot commercials with his car, but the World Cup participants traditionally use this time for additional checks on all fireball parameters.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cadillac launches XTC W20

An outdated model in all respects, DTS sedan is XTC - in the first place, labeled W20. It will be followed W30 with a wheelbase increased by 203 millimeters, well, in the long term - the emergence of a limousine under the code V4U, whose length is 1.8 meters higher than that of W20. The new XTC W20 is "the base" (if this term is appropriate for a "caddy") is "on the ignition key", heated and cooled front seats, three-zone climate control, rear-view camera, GPS-navigator, and a luxury sound system with speakers that create a surround sound effect. The manufacturer claims that the new product is designed to continue launched 10 years ago tend to radically change the image of the car brand Cadillac. The main rivals XTC W20 on the world market premium sedans were "classmates" under the brands Mercedes-Benz and Audi, well. And on the domestic market Cadillac will try to win back some customers at the "countryman Lincoln MKT Town Car.

BMW revealed the updated X5 M

Powerful version SUV BMW X5 M and the company has updated published photos of the car.
The car was only slightly modified radiator grille, new LED head lights, tail lights changed and the brake calipers are blue. Salon has a new version of the same color trim and new seats.
Under the hood is the same 555-horsepower 4.4-liter turbo engine, coupled with a six-speed "automatic". Cross-country exchange first "hundred" in 4.7 seconds and a top speed limited to 250 km \ h
The cost of the car in the U.S. market was slightly higher - 88 850 dollars, an increase of 1.6 thousand dollars more than the previous price.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mercedes-Benz A-Class next generation

One of the ubiquitous hit avtopaparatstsi passing a road test hatchback Mercedes-Benz A-Class the next generation. Accordingly, the photos immediately appeared on the website edition of automotive Autoblog. Design a future production version is virtually identical to the concept that made its debut last April at the International Auto Show in Shanghai. The upcoming A-Class hatchback will be based on a modular front-wheel drive platform, already used for B-Class models of the second generation. Later on the same platform, "stand up" compact SUV designed to compete with the BMW X1, and then the four-door coupe, with a caliber smaller than the current Mercedes-Benz CLS. According to the preliminary and, of course, unofficial reports, the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is available with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and a 1.8-liter diesel engine, and in addition to the all-new four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine capacity of 210 horsepower. "Hot" modification hatchback gets four-wheel drive and bi-turbo engine with 300 horsepower.