Monday, May 28, 2012

Exclusive new Ford Kuga

A New Ford plan about Exclusive Ford Kuga, which aims to unify their products into a single global range, both models are merged into one, while retaining the original name of each market. Thus we had the unique opportunity to test the new Escape in Mexico and know almost exactly how it will be the second generation of the Kuga, which will surely come to Argentina in 2013.
Presented at the Hall of Los Angeles in 2011, the third generation of the Escape or the second of the Kuga uses the Focus platform. Aesthetically takes the new interpretation of the overall design language called Kinetic Design Oval, on time based on the Vertex Concept.

Among the many new benefits from a range of technologies and the new Ecoboost engine 2.0 we saw in the Monde and replace the five-cylinder turbo.
Technical and Mechanical
The top model (tested) features a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ecoboost (Turbo and direct injection) that delivers 240 hp and 365 Nm at 3,000 rpm that are downloaded to the front axle through a traditional automatic transmission six changes. When you arrive in Argentina, probably the Top version will incorporate a system of four-wheel drive.
On the side of safety, ABS, stability control and airbags are now required equipment in this segment, however the backup camera, automatic parking system Park Assist, and BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) The extras in the unit tested and come to appreciate that our country.
Inside the new Ford Kuga (which is extremely similar to the third generation Focus) highlights both design and the quality of materials and assembly. It is also true that for some, the futurism of the center console and plenty of buttons can be overwhelming, but just use the car a bit to realize that many controls are redundant. Much of the available features of My Ford Touch, trip computer, climate control, etc, can be manipulated: the steering wheel, center console or the touch screen, greatly facilitating the interaction with different systems.
The seats are comfy, offer excellent lateral support and rigidity. Also, the rear bench space is very good, easily surpassing exponents. Also, the cargo space is 971 liters, whiles the mechanism for folding the seats, and gets a good flat space up to 1,928 liters, requires no effort and is easy to use.
Another detail that will not go unnoticed is the new panoramic sunroof that allows light naturally throughout the cabin and also incorporates a solid curtain that effectively isolates the sun.
Outstanding acoustic insulation
Behind the wheel, the second generation Ford Kuga offers outstanding acoustic insulation; noise is not filtered from the wind, or rolling road imperfections, even shooting at high speeds.
The 2.0 L EcoBoost is wonderful; there is virtually no delay in delivery by the turbo power and torque available from very low revs. The automatic is very smooth and takes very good torque curve is very flat.
Just stepping on the accelerator a bit to let us know who has power to spare for any circumstance that may arise, joyous rhythms roll is a pleasure thanks to the strong power delivery offering.
Perhaps the only system that served slightly below the rest of others is the brake that while fully meets its purpose could be a little better, especially considering that the engine pulls very strong. Either way is not even enough to cause concern.
Comfortable Handling
The new Escape / Kuga offer a highly rigid chassis with a good balance between comfort and sporty handling, modern engine of excellent performance, good quality of assembly and efficient transmission and smooth.
For the pubic North, accustomed to the Ford Escape, is a revelation and provides levels of refinement and quality typical of European models. For those who already know the first generation of the Kuga, does nothing to reconfirm the qualities of the first generation.

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