Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Audi A2 show in Frankfurt

BMW i3 not yet been released, but Audi is already preparing her rival. Rumors have long prophesied revival Al2, and seems to be in Frankfurt ingolshtattsy her last show, only without the letter l in the title. As main rival, the little Audi is completely electric, but as a trump card up her body slipped aluminum chassis - a kind of back to basics. The truth of the production car does not start up before 2015, and therefore even a little early to wait for detailed features. Below is an amateur figure Andrew Avarvari.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Special model for Russia Sandero

Exclusively for the Russian market of digging Renault has prepared a special modification of a hatchback Sandero drayvovym under the title - Energy. Practical dream in the face of Renault Sandero Energy will be available with either the 84-strong 1.6-liter engine and five-step "mechanics" of some 415 000 rubles, or with a 103-strong unit of the same size and quad "automatic", which would cost already at 471 000 rubles. At the same equipment standard Sandero with 84-horsepower engine and the speaker called Prestige, worth 425,000 rubles,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

European Toyota Yaris

Toyota showed off pictures of the Euro-version of the popular Yaris hatchback next generation. Details not presented yet, but we know that the new "Yaris" is made based on a similar concept car, which was first shown in March at the Geneva motor show.  Presumably, the novelty will be equipped with the same engines as the precursor: gasoline engines of 1 liter.  (69 hp) and 1.33 liters.  (99 hp) and 1.4 liters.  diesel engine (90 hp).  There is also a suggestion that you may receive the 108-strong 1.5 liter.  unit. Prices of cars will be announced on July 12 this year, more detailed information yet, we only know that next year will also appear on the market hybrid modification. The hybrid version of Toyota Yaris gets power plant, which combines 98 powerful 4-cylinder gasoline engine of 1.8 liters., 80-horsepower electric motor and battery pack.  Eco-Friendly Japanese said that the car will be "best in class fuel economy performance and emissions CO2». Toyota Yaris for the Japanese market was introduced in December last year.  The car is completely new exterior, as well as increased by 50 mm wheelbase.  The car was 30 pounds lighter than older models and now weighs just 1,000 kg.

Carbon and powerful BMW M3 CRT

Innovators of BMW declassified a new version of M3 by called M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology). As the name implies, no carbon there has not been - make him a front apron, bonnet and spoiler. As a consequence - loss of weight hood 2 times. But the technology did not stop there, according to the customer can install the other carbon bodywork and even apply in the construction of carbon fiber seats. At the moment, the weight is 1.580 kg modification, which is 45 kg lighter than a standard sedan M3. Now, the driving forces of evolution. The 4.4-liter V8 engine was boosted from 420 to 450 hp. From now on, to disperse hundreds took 4.4 sec. And a maximum speed not uzhet 250, and 290 km / h. Not surprisingly, the cost of will be 130.000 Euros CRT, and it will be released in of 67 vintage pieces.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kid Lotus

After 3 years of company Lotus launched its smallest car - a compact city, under the name Ethos, developed jointly with the Malaysian Proton. In the European market it will be presented under the brand name Lotus, as in Asia and North America will be sold as Proton. This is not surprising for such a small machine, it will be equipped with a hybrid setup, or an electric motor. To preserve the "dynamics and style that consumers expect from the" Lotus "auto tuning specialists will be engaged in the British manufacturer. The prototype was presented last year at the Paris Motor Show. There he was held under the codename City Car - 3-door hatchback with rear-wheel landing formula 2 +2.Inside - a hybrid system with electric motor capacity of 73 hp and 47-horsepower gasoline engine capacity of 1.2 l and 1-speed transmission and a lithium-ion batteries. There it became clear that most electric cars can travel 60 km on the road podzaryazhayas of the internal combustion engine, which when full tank can increase mileage up to 500. Acceleration up to hundreds for a hybrid is very good - 9 seconds and top speed - 170 km \ h. It is planned to sell about 1,800 copies of Ethos per year. Its price in the UK is about 30,000 pounds Sterligov.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colorado from Chevrolet

Another news from the auto show in Buenos Aires and back from Chevrolet.  They presented a concept pickup Chevrolet Colorado Rally, on the patterns of which will be given serial Colorado.  Previous concept version was introduced in March in Bangkok. AWD transmission, 2.8-liter diesel engine, 2 winch in the front and rear bumper with 23-m steel cables, pulled the car up to 4 tons and 18-inch wheels with off-road tires 305/60 dimension impressive. Also supplied the car with racing suspension springs and dampers with remote reservoirs, as well as the opportunity to play with the height - to decrease and increase ground clearance by 50 mm. Inside, with the safety cage live sport seats, additional monitoring devices, steering wheel with LED engine rpm, acrylic glass, navigation system, the system quickly cleaning the air from dust (unfortunately only inside the cabin).  Also added a lot of useful shortcuts, such as - fire-extinguishing system control keys, control the pressure in the tires, dampers and controls auxiliary fuel pumps.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chevrolet Cobalt for developing countries

The Brazilian division of General Motors developed a new sedan Cobalt, which will be sold under the brand Chevrolet. Presented at the Motor Show in Buenos Aires, it is designed for fast-growing auto market areas such as the Middle East, South America, Asia and Africa. To facilitate the cross in such countries does not always have a perfect road surface, wheelbase 2620 mm reach new items and track 1735mm. It is strange that among countries not declared Russia is unlikely to surpass our roads cross the African route ...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shuttle from Honda

Honda will release the shuttle. So it will be called a new version of the car Fit (Jazz) station wagon.  It will not work on rocket fuel, and for quite a standard gasoline, as a hybrid power plant and modifications to the front and all wheel drive. Began on Thursday in Japan, sales have already exceeded the bar in 7000 orders. Base Wagon Honda Fit Shuttle has a 1.5-liter petrol engine with 118 hp.  with. and the hybrid version gets a power plant, which combines a 1.3-liter engine with 98 hp, 13-horsepower electric motor and CVT.  Average fuel consumption is about 3.9 liters per 100 kilometers. Another Tsiferki.  The height of the trunk 5-seater wagon is 540 mm (four-wheel drive version - 565 mm), the volume of the compartment reaches a petrol version 590 liters, and the hybrid - 517 liters.  This includes the amount of additional storage compartments under the floor.  At the base Fit Shuttle it is 94 liters, the all-wheel drive - 50 liters in hybrid - 21 liters. If you add up seats 2nd row, in the trunk is formed flat loading floor length 1810 mm.  And if we drop another and back of the front passenger seat, you will be able to shove something up to 2000mm. Pricing policy is that in Japan the price of gasoline Honda Fit Shuttle - from $ 20 thousand, and the hybrid modification - from $ 22.5 thousand.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Exclusive Zenvo ST1

For fans of hitting all the well is too expensive and beautiful machine, there is another change to shine before the public. Danish manufacturer of Supercars Zenvo and Red Sea Distribution (exclusive distributor of the brand in the North American market), prepared for United States specmodifikaciû Zenvo model ST-1. This Supercar with a capital "c" will receive the redesigned 7-liter 8-cylinder engine with a supercharger and mechanical gearbox with the ability to change levels podrulevymi petals. The power of the nedetskogo motor was increased from 1104 until 1250 HP while torque increased by 70 Nm to 1500 Nm. Thus exclusive Zenvo ST-1 can be accelerated to "hundreds" of less than 3 sec. Maximum speed is limited electronically at supercar 375 km/h. Auto will present in one of three colors (red, white or blue), the Salon will be a plaque with a number unique to each machine and the seat with a Monogram that is certainly very pathetic. New get wheels of magnesium alloy and the buyer as a gift will watch Aspen, which, incidentally, reaching 49 thousand. dollars. Price exclusive supercar Zenvo is a version of the United States only $ 1.8 million. The company plans to release the Zenvo only 15instances of model ST-1.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The updated Demio aka Mazda2

Demio(Mazda2) is updated 5 door hatchback was submitted to the Japanese market. The main innovation – The emergence of the modification called “13-SKYACTIV” equipped with a motor of the line units SkyActiv. This 4 cylinder engine with 1.3 liter direct fuel injection systems as well as variable valve timing and “start-stop. Motor Power 84 hp(112 Nm). Average fuel consumption is approximately equal to 3.33 liters(100 km). In addition, Mazda come up with a cunning feature, which will assess the driving skills of the owner on three levels from “stage1 to stage3”. This was made possible thanks to a system called i-DM, which tracks the movements of the steering wheel, pressing the gas and brake pedals, as well as the speed of the car and then displays the result on the dashboard. The system will display points for each trip, summing them into one of the levels of driving skills. Seeing the change at this level, the driver will understand that his skills were better, the press service of Mazda. In Japan taking orders for this car started from June 10. The cost amounted to approximately 14.4 thousand dollars for the basic kit.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Audi S7 without camouflage

Audi S7 this time even without camouflage. She has four pipi and aggressive type of nose with a very broad duct diverted rally grille, aerodynamic skirts on the perimeter and the aluminum hull of mirrors. In general, A7 as the A7, only prinaryazhennaya. Another thing is that it has under the hood. Under the hood of her burly four liter V8, gets out to 429 hp. The same incidentally will soon have restaylinogovogo Bentley Continental GT buying S7, you buy a piece of Bentley. Bonus to the motor going, repurposed suspension and pit Boolean grip the brakes, However it is no longer under the hood.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hyundai Elantra Coupe 5th generation

At the show in Los Angeles in November, will be the world premiere Hyundai Elantra Coupe. Since last year the Elantra sedan already sold a fifth generation, prticularly in the U.S., so all the details of a truly American version of the upcoming Hyundai Elantra coupe. New borrow the sedan 1.8 liter gasoline engine produces 148 hp and torque of 177Nm and 6 speed transmission like a machine and mechanics. Hyundai is very happy with their consumption of 1.8 liter engine Elantra, it is 8.1 L/100 Km city and 5.9 liters on the highway. It is also possible that in 2012 the North American market will be released Coupe Elanra R Spec with a turbocharged engine power of 208 hp, that is installed on a compact sports coupe Hyundai Veloster.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Well it is very multi-Porsche 911

The new Porsche 911 is a luxury sports cars waiting for a pleasant surprise which will be a 7 speed manual gearbox. The new transmission would be “formed” from semidiapazonnogo preselektivnogo PDK dual clutch, which is designed for all sports car brand. These things will lead to a welcome reduction in fuel consumption and reduces noise when traveling long distances. Overall length of the new car will increase by 56 millimeters, the wheelbase will increase by 10 millimeters and the height is reduced by 11 millimeters. Also due to a special diet, weight decreased by 45 kg. The new suspension and engine 3.4 liter, instead of the current 3.6 will add a jouful picture.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jubilee Camaro

In honour of 45 years old man’s Chevrolet Camaro comcern General Motors introduced a range of VIP persons new version of the car, which is named of the 45th Anniversary Edition . Engine updated to V6 of 3.6 liters now gives 323 horsepower. Significant change and suspension FE4 has undergone which has acquired a new geometry. Chevrolet Camaro stands above all a brand new spoiler and updated taillights. Steering wheel, shift lever, blue and red flashing seats and logos with special badges 45th all this gives a special jubilee style in cars of this issue. The chevrolet paid special attention to the roof of his convertible. The company said the top of the car equipped with electric drive opened and closed no less than 22.400 times what an ordinary driver can not perfotm and for 10 years. In the heat and cold went in the trap experiwncing roof strength under extreme conditions from 30◦ C to 77◦ C and humidity up to 95 percent. Also a thee layer roof repeatedly doused with water, checking it for water resistance. So we can say that the Camaro in every sense was fire, water and copper pipes.