Thursday, June 16, 2011

Exclusive Zenvo ST1

For fans of hitting all the well is too expensive and beautiful machine, there is another change to shine before the public. Danish manufacturer of Supercars Zenvo and Red Sea Distribution (exclusive distributor of the brand in the North American market), prepared for United States specmodifikaciû Zenvo model ST-1. This Supercar with a capital "c" will receive the redesigned 7-liter 8-cylinder engine with a supercharger and mechanical gearbox with the ability to change levels podrulevymi petals. The power of the nedetskogo motor was increased from 1104 until 1250 HP while torque increased by 70 Nm to 1500 Nm. Thus exclusive Zenvo ST-1 can be accelerated to "hundreds" of less than 3 sec. Maximum speed is limited electronically at supercar 375 km/h. Auto will present in one of three colors (red, white or blue), the Salon will be a plaque with a number unique to each machine and the seat with a Monogram that is certainly very pathetic. New get wheels of magnesium alloy and the buyer as a gift will watch Aspen, which, incidentally, reaching 49 thousand. dollars. Price exclusive supercar Zenvo is a version of the United States only $ 1.8 million. The company plans to release the Zenvo only 15instances of model ST-1.

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