Sunday, June 12, 2011

The updated Demio aka Mazda2

Demio(Mazda2) is updated 5 door hatchback was submitted to the Japanese market. The main innovation – The emergence of the modification called “13-SKYACTIV” equipped with a motor of the line units SkyActiv. This 4 cylinder engine with 1.3 liter direct fuel injection systems as well as variable valve timing and “start-stop. Motor Power 84 hp(112 Nm). Average fuel consumption is approximately equal to 3.33 liters(100 km). In addition, Mazda come up with a cunning feature, which will assess the driving skills of the owner on three levels from “stage1 to stage3”. This was made possible thanks to a system called i-DM, which tracks the movements of the steering wheel, pressing the gas and brake pedals, as well as the speed of the car and then displays the result on the dashboard. The system will display points for each trip, summing them into one of the levels of driving skills. Seeing the change at this level, the driver will understand that his skills were better, the press service of Mazda. In Japan taking orders for this car started from June 10. The cost amounted to approximately 14.4 thousand dollars for the basic kit.

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