Sunday, February 28, 2010

The hybrid premium compact Car

Company Lexus has distributed the first official photo, five-door model CT 200h, which is positioned to challenge the Audi A1 and 1-series BMW. Novelty is the first full hybrid vehicle, which will be launched in the compact premium segment. CT 200h has been designed primarily for the European market, however, with the start of production in late 2010 Lexus plans to sell the model in the world. Premiere of new items will be held at the Geneva Motor Show.

Latest supercar models Agera

Koenigsegg Swedish company has distributed the first photos of their latest supercar models Agera. The car received a 4.7-liter V8 engine with 910 hp 6850 rpm and 1100 Nm of torque. Up to 100 km / h accelerates at 3.1 per second, and up to 200 km / h in 8.9 seconds and a top speed of the car is 390 km / h. The body is made of pre-impregnated carbon fiber and Kevlar. The chassis is made of aluminum reinforced with carbon fiber, has adjustable suspension. Koenigsegg plans to produce 16 to 20 copies Agera year.

Green Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

The first detailed picture Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which turned green in the literal and figurative sense. This is the first supercar brand Ferrari with a hybrid powerplant, in honor of particularly high ecological box model is painted in green. Rear-mounted electric motor 99 hp and 149 Nm of torque runs from beneath the floor of the battery. The debut of the car will be held in Geneva next week.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The next generation Car : Chevrolet Aveo

There was the first information about a car Chevrolet Aveo the next generation. Design of new items based on the concept Aveo RS, which was introduced in January 2010 at an international exhibition in Detroit. Built on a front-wheel drive platform, Gamma II, which is also used for the Opel Corsa and the Chevrolet Beat. The car will be produced in the body "sedan" and "hatch" under the hood it should be a turbocharged 138-horsepower gasoline engine volume 1.4 liters. To build the new Chevrolet Aveo is scheduled to begin early next year at a plant in Michigan.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Honda Debuts

The International Geneva Motor Show 2010 will be the world premiere of a stylish three-wheeled electric cars Honda 3R-C. 3R-C - a single three-wheeled electric trolley, which shows the appearance of a compact city car of the future. The power plant is the lowest in three-wheeled frame, resulting in lower center of gravity and improve stability on the road. 3R-C is equipped with a transparent plastic hood that covers the driver's seat while parked, and during the movement into a sleek windscreen and the driver provides a high level of comfort. The sides of the capsule provide significant security protection for passengers, reducing the risk of injury during side collisions. And for protection from bad weather 3R-C designers have created a flexible bag, which fits over the upper body of the driver. Design 3R-C was developed in European R & D Center Honda in Milan. 

In addition to the 3R-C, will be held in Geneva, the European premiere retromobilya Honda EV-N. EV-N is a sketch on a stylish urban electric vehicle near future. It is based on the compact Honda N360 1967. At each door of this two-door car posted the latest Unicycle Honda U3-X, which offer previously unattainable level of mobility. Powerplant EV-N consists of a compact electric motor and a powerful lithium-ion battery, which can automatically recharged by the built-in roof solar panels, while EV-N is in the parking lot.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

KIA Mohave with characteristic handbrake

Even the name of the marker for the crossover model lineup KIA was chosen corresponding to: Mohave. So reverently styled extremely arid desert, situated in the southwest U.S., southern California, entirely consisting of troughs and ridges and covered with just as juicy as they are wild succulents, of which the local Aborigines driven very "fire water". Incidentally, in this desert is the legendary Valley of Death. So welcome to a fascinating journey to the edge of a habitable land. 

Despite its ominous name, the crossover Koreans came out pretty nice and impressive. According to the plan marketers KIA, Mohave be associated with the public with the way the slope, quiet stillness and extreme temperatures; impersonate brute strength and composure in any weather conditions. Design team Mohave relied on the 8 key words in all the new SUVs company KIA, including the "hermit" - "a modern, simple, powerful, reliable, safe, aesthetic, dynamic, sporty". It turned out whether they have conceived in hard to say. I feel much more "extreme" and literally and figuratively (especially in the figurative) sense of the word looks like Soul. Well, in terms of "steepness" a hundred points ahead Mohave will squinting at Mercedes Opirus. 

Modern, simple, powerful - I agree. Safe - must be verified, but reluctant to go to the brave experimentation with the security I have, like any adequate driver was not. Aesthetic ... Hmm, a little unclear what was meant. Aesthetics in Mohave no more than a wooden cart, only he's bigger and more modern. So what is according to today's notions of beauty and style in the automotive industry in question? Look at these happy eyes, headlights and grille Hollywood smile. Is there a drop in their fashionable nowadays aggressiveness? A clear-cut profile ... Where's the sportiness and dynamism? 

However, the appearance of this car is extremely misleading. And misleading, so to speak, the better. Nearly five meters Mohave which comfortably accommodate 7 people it does not look bulky machine. Yes, and behaves the way it was very unexpected way. The model is very simple to operate and do what is called a light heart. Despite its scope, it is quite maneuverable, goes smoothly in the flow. Its size is absolutely not felt. That is, you quickly get used to the dimensions Mohave and then manage to create such wonders in it, which even on a compact hatchback is not always dare to. 

Naturally, this agility and lightness is achieved by different power plants. I do not know what the gasoline engine - I tested the diesel version, so I will only say for him - clearly, five points! 

At a recent press conference, one my colleague, incredibly proud of himself, stated that the power engines of KIA cars supplied in our country, comparable only to power the motor of his electric shaver. Sitting behind the wheel of Mohave, I thought - have my Electric engine with features like in this crossover, it would have plowed it on my face in the two accounts and place of living on her cheeks would not have left. Judge for yourself - Mohave equipped with V-shaped 3.0-liter 6-cylinder unit, develops a power of 250 l / s at 3,800 rpm. It is equipped with advanced fuel injection system Common Rail with pezoforsunkami, and its cylinder block is made of modern vermicular graphite cast iron with (who else would explain what it is but it sounds really cool). 

This diesel engine gives incredible acceleration, although (as with any other of his fellow Jews) in the car for a long time warming up salon. But it is not so important when it comes to really interesting model. 217 mm ground clearance, frame construction, fully independent front and rear suspension (suspension, adjustable air), a complex electronic systems to monitor the movement make Mohave comfortable to operate on city roads and on moderate off-road. 

It Mohave provides an opportunity to select the optimum mode drive for road and off-road "driving. The drive is equipped with an innovative system of ITM (interactive control of torque) developed by the Korean Bureau of BorgWarner, all-wheel drive transfer case and integrated system ECU (electronic control mechanism), increase control and reduces the response mechanisms of action of the driver. 

The system works as follows. In manual mode switching drive, while driving in the city and on highway 100% thrust is transferred to the rear wheels. For a better grip on slippery roads (rain, snow and unpaved roads), the driver can manually select all-wheel drive. This regime is evenly distributes traction between the front and rear wheels to disperse 80 km / h. 

Automatic system of permanent four-wheel drive consists of two modes (a powerful and fast). Manual switching mode power implies an increase in traction in 2,4 times in the speed range from 0 to 40 km / h. This mode gives the maximum possible power and road vehicle off-road. 

Just as with manual switching, automatic permanent four-wheel drive in high speed mode takes 100% of traction to the rear wheels, but if necessary can spread from 0 to 50% on the front and from 0 to 100% of the rear wheels. Can be optionally installed LSD (differential, limiting slip), which reduces wheelspin, even in active mode, a single drive. Well, neither give nor take - the owner of the road. But still not get too carried away by a passion for off-road adventures on such machines. They are more suited to high-speed highway, rather than rural byways. 

In general, a lot of what is good Mohave, but only, perhaps, not price. Tested my modification is in the area of 2 million rubles. If for this same version would receive 1 300 - 1 400 thousand rubles. it immediately without looking: give two! I'm not even going to meticulously select, and order the color, decorate and immediately wrap! But the 2 million rubles. raises serious questions. Of course, on the one hand it is clear where this figure. Mohave technically equipped to glory, and in a sense it is quite suitable for driving on some off-road crossover, which has plug-wheel drive, navigation, rear view camera, etc. On the other - materials such as the not very inspiring, and a cheap look and touch plastic, familiarly decorative socket "under the tree" to torpedo ... 

With such a price from Korean "hermit" would have great to compete for the buyer, given the competitiveness of this segment. The choice in his favor in comparison with "classmates" are not so obvious. There are many more prestigious models, costing only slightly. And where two million, there are two with coppers, so it is thought to weigh everything ...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sport Citroen DS3 Racing Car

Engineers sports division Citroen Racing've taken an existing model for DS3 and adapt it to the conditions and requirements of a sports car. Used Cars at 100% is a racing car. Like any other child Citroen Racing, sports DS3 distinguish carbon inserts and special equipment that is used in competitions. Under the hood of new products developed by Citroen Racing 1,6-liter turbo engine of 200 hp Emphasis engineering office Citroen Racing on finalizing the chassis and undercarriage of the car. The main task of engineers has been to seek to enhance the driver's experience behind the wheel and provide precise control over the road. New DS3 Racing will be released limited edition of 1 000 copies and will go on sale in the second half of 2010.

The British Goodwood Festival

Company Hennessey Performance Engineering has no time to prepare Venom GT supercar to the Geneva Motor Show. For the first time the car will be presented at the British Goodwood Festival of Speed in July this year. Currently, the testing of rear-wheel cars with engine capacity of 1000 hp and maximum torque of 1288 Nm at 4800 rpm., works in tandem with 6-speed manual gearbox.

New information Mercedes-Ben

The company Mercedes-Benz issued a new information on the concept CLS-Class Mercedes F800. The car has the original exterior design, LED lights and a sliding back door like a mini-van. Salon accommodates five passengers. Under the hood of the car are encouraged to establish a powerful and compact hybrid power plant new construction. It consists of a petrol V6 engine rated at 300 hp electric motor at 81 kW. The total plant capacity of 409 hp, it accelerates the concept to 96 km / h in 4.7 seconds and has a maximum speed of 249 km / h, and in purely electric mode - 121 km / h. At only one electric car can travel 29 kilometers, thereby reducing the average consumption of gasoline up to 2.9 liters per 100 km electric motor powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged from a standard household outlet.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Modernized Toothed "cub"

Volkswagen has now begin to produce "charged" version of the latest generation hatchback Polo. Novelty has reduced by 15 mm modernized suspension, differential XDS, sports 17-inch wheels with low-profile tires and red brake calipers. Radiator grille is decorated with chrome nameplates with red trim, a new rear bumper has a small cone, and two chrome-pipe exhaust system. 

Polo GTI is armed with a petrol 1.4-liter TSI 180 HP and 250 Nm of torque, which is available in a range from 2,000 to 4,500 rpm. Transmission - seven-step DSG. From 0 to 100 km / chegoVolkswagen Polo GTI accelerates for 6.9 seconds, its maximum speed is 228 km / hour. Fuel consumption per 100 km - 6 liters, the level of CO2 emissions 139 g / km. World premiere: Volkswagen Polo GTI will be held in March at the International Motor Show in Geneva. Sales of car will commence in the second half of 2010.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado diesel engine Sales

Toyota Motor said that on Feb. 20, 2010 on the territory will begin selling Toyota Land Cruiser Prado new generation diesel engine with a working volume of 3.0 liters. The car is offered in four trim levels - "Comfort", "Elegance", "Prestige Plus" and "Lux". Diesel engine working volume of 3.0 liters completed a 5-speed automatic transmission. Its capacity is 173 hp, it can accelerate the car to a maximum speed of 175 km / h, while acceleration to 100 km / h is 11.7 seconds. Fuel consumption in combined cycle - 8,1 l / 100 km. 

Off-road vehicle quality emphasize its belonging to the family car Land Cruiser. A new generation of machines equipped with the system of kinetic stabilization of the suspension with electronically controlled (KDSS), and adaptive suspension (AVS), which minimizes body roll, improve response car steering wheel and damp all the road irregularities. Special aid system when driving on bad roads - Multi-terrain Select and Crawl Control can ensure the passage of the most difficult sections. Multi-terrain Select (MTS) allows you to select one of four driving modes depending on the type of surface, and therefore supports optimal traction, and the driver in any situation retains control of the vehicle. The system of driving at low speeds Crawl Control, managed from a central console, allows very slowly move up or down the slope, as well as release the jammed car. In this case there is no need to press the pedal, and the driver can fully concentrate on steering. 

Land Cruiser Prado new generation equipped with a large range of active and passive safety, allowing for maximum safety of drivers and road users. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a factory Toyota in Japan. Suggested retail price for a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado diesel engine - from 1 729 000 rubles to 2 486 500 rubles depending on the configuration.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Nissan Patrol In Abu Dhabi

 In Abu Dhabi next generation Nissan Company introduced SUV Patrol. The exterior design and interior design of the car has undergone quite significant changes significantly upgraded air conditioning system interior. At the regular Patrol, apart from the usual heavy-framed SUV options (four-wheel drive, reduced transmission, locking differentials, etc.) and installed the new system has its own body stabilization during cornering Hydraulic Body Motion Control System (HBMC), developed by engineers of Nissan. The maximal acquisition received new V8 engine capacity of 5.6 liters and 400 hp, transmission equipped with seven-speed automatic transmission. Later in the line appear more modest engines, as well as one or two diesel.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Nissan in Geneva Motor

Company Nissan is going to show at the Geneva motor show several new products. Home page intrigue - a global premiere of a completely new compact car, which replaces the Micra. This is the first car built on a new platform V, developed by Nissan. Particular attention was paid to reduce the weight of the new V-platform that allowed us to obtain additional benefits in terms of efficiency and environmental cleanliness. Sales begin in Thailand in March this year, in Europe the car will fall. In addition, the public first appeared in the crossover-Juke. 

Also for the first time in Europe will be presented to the first production electric Leaf, who is a household name C-segment. Electric Leaf is the first electric production from one of the world's leading automakers and the first in the future, "electric" family alliance of Nissan and Renault. Leaf built on a platform specially designed for electric vehicles. Wheelbase car is 2700 mm, length - 4445 mm, width - 1770 mm Height - 1550 mm. Car driven by a compact electric motor of its own design company Nissan, located in front of the car, torque is applied to the front wheels. AC motor produces 80 kW and 280 Nm of torque, enough to achieve the maximum speed of 140 km / h. At full charge the battery can go a distance of 160 km. According to the results of the research is sufficient for 80% of European users, which on average daily journey is much shorter distance. The electric motor is fed energy "from Nissan developed lithium-ion battery plate with a total capacity of 90 kW. Module with 48 batteries mounted under the seats. Energy regenerated during braking and movement "freewheeling", which saves battery power. With a special quick-charge stations from the network DC 50kW battery can be recharged to 80% for 30 minutes. Until then, while the network of fast charging stations will not become widespread, it is anticipated that most owners will charge their electric vehicles from household electrical outlet 220 ~ 240Volt/16 amperes. Fully charges batteries in these conditions takes about 8 hours. Both jacks for fast charging and home located in the nose of the car under a hinged lid with the emblem of Nissan. Bank pre-order will be opened in selected markets in Europe this summer, supplies of the first batch of cars with left-hand steering planned in late 2010. 

In addition, the Geneva show updates crossover Qashqai and Qashqai +2, significantly updated Pathfinder and Navara will also be present at the stand. These models will debut a new liter six-cylinder diesel engine V6. The power of this engine to 175 kW (238 hp) and torque - 550 Nm - will be the best indicator in the classroom. Engine 2.5 dCI also been significantly reworked, resulting in a higher power and torque, as well as lower fuel consumption and improve environmental performance. Power is now 140 kW (190 hp) - an improvement of 14 kW (19 hp) - and torque improved by 47 Nm, amounting to 450 Nm. In the combined cycle in versions with manual transmission will improve fuel economy of 1.4 l/100km and 8.4 l/100km amount, and CO2 reductions of up to 40 g / km to 224 g / km. 

Another debut zhevskogo Dealer - open version 370Z Roadster. As with version coupe, roadster is powered by a V6-engine volume of 3.7 liters capacity 241kVt (328 hp) and 363Nm of torque transmitted to the rear wheels. The car comes with the system synchronization speed gearbox Nissan for mechanical transmission, which allows you to precisely control the throttle to ensure a smooth switch at any time. Also available automatic transmission with shift paddles. The roof of the car develops within 20 seconds. To do this, there is no need to manually disconnect the latch on the windshield. The roof can also be folded, not from inside the car, it is sufficient to press and hold for 3 seconds the button to unlock door locks. Sales of new items starting in March.

The new KIA cee'd goes to market in March 2010

The 1st March this year in showrooms KIA Motors start selling updated KIA cee'd. The car has got not only a new design, but also new options. The most recognizable detail KIA cee'd has an updated grille, made in accordance with the new concept of Schreyer Line, developed by the chief designer of KIA Motors, Peter Schreyer. Changes to the front of the complement new projection-type headlights with black trim and bumper with enlarged air inlets and "quad" fog ". Additional direction indicators of the new KIA cee'd integrated into the body of mirrors, that would make them more visible. In the design of the rear lighting as amended. Due to the special lenses and lens marker lights and signal inhibition purchased LED effect. The changes were made and the rear bumper, which has become more athletic shape and increased lower studs. 

The car received a new wheel: Now in the cee'd hatchback in the back gives a wider alloy wheels in dark gray radius of 16 inches. In the palette of exterior colors appeared cee'd five new hues: rich blue metallic Byte Blue, silver metallic» Sirius Silver, bright-red metallic Infra Red, Dark Silver Phoenix Silver and classic dark blue Clyde Blue. The interior of the new cee'd also undergone significant changes. The most notable of them - an updated design of the central panel and steering wheel. Now to a driver - chetyrehspitsevy wheel with a metal insert, and special hot flashes for more comfortable grip. 

Updated cee'd is equipped with two types of dashboards - sports, with improved graphics and a red-orange illumination and panel Supervision, which highlighted the scale of a bright white light that makes it easy to read information at any time of day. In addition, the panel Supervision includes a graphical display that can display information on fuel, distance, average and instantaneous fuel consumption and travel time and average speed. The seats were upgraded cee'd new combination of two upholstery options gray fabric, which is perfectly compatible with the finish central console. Glove box car added to the volume increase to 6.5 liters. Handle opening the box, before flank, moved to the center of the lid. 

Drivers who prefer a gearbox with a mechanical gear shift, certainly appreciate the changes in the design of the lever: the ring, which previously had to be raised to enable reverse gear, replaced by a comfortable key. This solution not only improved ergonomics, but also allowed most of the casing to close the lever, making it look more solid central part. The options of the new cee'd expanded by an integrated system of active management, which synchronizes the operation of system stabilization (ESC) and electric power steering, so that a dangerous situation to facilitate the driver to "correct" movement of the steering wheel and make it difficult to those that may lead to loss of control . 

Another useful option is the updated car - help system when you start to rise, which automatically maintains brake pressure until the beginning of movement, allowing you to avoid sliding back when starting up the hill. Improve the speed control in abnormal situations intended mode switch kick-down, integrated with the gas pedal. Now, in order to perform the maneuver with a fast set speed, you need to dramatically "selling" the pedal, after which the automatic switch to a lower gear, providing an intense crackdown. The system included turn signals now has an automatic mode that allows you to run a series of three alarm indicators with a single short-clicking on the gearshift paddles. This feature allows you to make a safer active maneuvering in the flow of cars. 

The temperature in the cabin cee'd now meets the new two-band climate control system, which allows the driver and front passenger to choose the temperature of incoming air independently. Acoustic comfort in the cabin allowed to raise additional insulation walls engine compartment and wheel arches, as well as new, less noisy tire Silica. Changes undergone and suspension of the car. Its operating range is increased by enhanced springs with a reduced possibility of transverse strain and increased step turns, as well as new shock absorbers with revised damping characteristics. Additional comfort when driving on the roads of variable quality provide silentblocks new design, which helped to reduce transmission of vibration and shocks to the body. Updated KIA cee'd will be offered in the back of hatchback and station wagon. The car is equipped with an engine volume of 1.6 liters, 126 hp power of Russia's buyers can choose from 16 complete sets for the price of 525 900 rubles. Like its predecessor, the updated cee'd is a factory KIA Motors Slovakia.

Updated Lotus Elise

The British company Lotus will introduce at the Geneva Motor Show next version of the Elise sports car 2011 model year. Significantly changed the design of front and rear headlights, a new, wider grille. Disappeared behind the vents, bumper and widened. These and other external changes reduced air resistance, thereby reducing emissions by 13% - up to 200 grams of CO2 per kilometer. In addition, the sports car received a new six-speed transmission, cruise control and two new set of alloy wheels. In the sale of Bluetooth headsets are expected in April.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The bright-eyed little Car

My first car in the beginning of the turbulent 90's. was unforgettable "Tavria" - a car, which is likely, Ukrainian nationalists forever and for all avenged damned "Muscovites". Until now, with a shudder in all sensitive parts of the body remember my visit to her. How much contempt for myself, I read in the eyes of other road users, as they were jeers - even if not crush, so even pruning as it should! 

So when I was invited to test the Hyundai I20 - the car is essentially similar to the "Tavria" class - I'm all right somehow tensed. Gruesome pictures of the past instantly stood up before his eyes - not just lazy then I blinked in the back beam and not signaling when overtaking. Is history destined to repeat itself? It turned out there. 

Subkompankt i20, as it is called creators, was the next replenishment in the line of cars Hyundai new generation, which is assigned the prefix to highlight the inherent inspiration intelligence  and integrity. It was first presented to the general automotive public in late 2008 by i20 idea was to replace the popular, but largely obsolete model Getz. However, in some markets, including is still selling these two machines.

Hyundai i20 is based on the new platform, designed in European design office of South Korean automaker in Rüsselsheim (Germany). Place of its development was not chosen by chance. Company representatives did not conceal - i20 designed, taking into account the preferences and needs of Europeans, so the car got completely safe (5 star crash test Euro NCAP), a very environmentally friendly (all gasoline engines comply with the standard of Euro IV) and yurkim enough (though in non-European environment these qualities are very honored). 

The latter gives me great pleasure to fully feel about on the road clogged with iron streets of Moscow. It seems to i20 there are no barriers. The machine is very nosy. It is in any traffic jam will find themselves their own individual free number (of course, I do not mean the pavement). Must be formed some terrible pandemonium that this "smart fellow" from "hendaevskoy" breeds are not able to get out briskly on the operational space. Therefore, the city i20 moves much faster than the most clever "sports car despite the fact that he is not equipped with the most powerful engines. 

Way to choose between three petrol engines and two transmissions to ensure a good momentum. Basic equipment i20 provides 1.2-liter 16-valve engine power 78 hp with maximum torque of 118.6 Nm, relief at the expense of manufacturing aluminum alloy. Following this is 1.4-liter engine equipped with a system of continuous variable valve timing with a maximum output of 100 hp In top-end version is installed 1.6-liter unit as a system of continuous variable valve timing, which provides output power at 126 liters. with.

Although it seemed to me, i20 could accelerate and better, given its small mass. Still, the car is not so easy to slowly "warm up" at the start, probably thinking, it is worth it to go right now or can wait a little, and vice versa "bullet" to pluck from their seats as soon as the driver's foot touched the accelerator pedal. 

Perhaps guided by some hidden agenda, Korean engineers deliberately "strangled" engines. This is often practiced that couple of years later all of a sudden a body blow and shoot an updated modification of the same, but you seem like superusovershenstvovannym and megaforsirovannym motor. And the fact is that the engine remains the same, just change the settings on the software level. However, this is enough to change beyond recognition dynamics of the car and to present it as something entirely new. 

However, we hardly ever know what there saying "high" capital calmness, in fact the case. By and large does not really matter whether i20 accelerate for half a second faster or not. Evaluating the various cars, we often forget about what their true purpose, why they were created, which focus on and try to compare, in effect, incomparable. At the same time we want to find in them what they should not, in principle, and very frustrating when it does not detect. Moreover, we are beginning to blame the developers for their lack of professionalism and primitivism, for failing their creations invented by ourselves standards, which for some reason they must comply with the constructed machine.

So in this regard, it should be noted that from the i20 should not expect any revelations, it is a simple city car without unnecessary claims. It has everything one could cram for its price. Yes, a cheap plastic, but some problems with sound insulation, rather the problem of not having it in some places, such as under the hood - it's called, attach wit, buy a foam on the market and zaizoliruyte themselves. But the model is equipped with systems, ABS, EBD and ESP. She has active head restraints, front seat belts with pretensioners and six airbags. Steering wheel, among other things, adjustable angle and reach, and leather trimmed gearshift knob. To connect external devices with a USB connector. Casette (radio + CD + MP3 + AUX + 4 or 6 speakers) is equipped with a control unit on the handlebars. On-board computer shows though skudnenky but quite informative set of data: average fuel consumption, mileage, temperature overboard, etc. In addition, more weight is more or less useful details (power windows, heated mirrors and front seats, central locking, etc. etc) for only some 500 thousand rubles. Plus-minus, depending on transmission type, wheel size, and so on. And the cost of basic modifications only. 

Now consider how much it costs to our native sharp aching pain in my heart (and sometimes literally) a miracle the domestic automobile industry, which does not even half of these functions. Thousand three hundred? Exactly. Add a little bit there and before you options to burst at the seams, and the thundering kryahtyaschy on each mound, did not get out of the service, hired in haste vehicle set for the same half-million or even more. There is a difference? "Certainly. That's why Hyundai - the world-famous and respected car brands, and automobile from the city on the Volga - the constant jokes and folk hero, not always decent folk. They say that laughter prolongs life. With such a car manufacturer we probably will live forever. It turns out that Koreans need something to praise ...

Toyota Hybrid of the third generation

One may argue with a clever kind of sound marketing policy of Toyota. About how, through "gray" dealers, who themselves also did not know, a ready market, as environmental propaganda shaped the demand was based strategy for moving ... However, all these arguments, in my opinion,  After all, the main attraction of this car is not just that he was "all this from a" hybrid, but in the fact that this is a hybrid of the budget available to the widest range of consumers. See the difference? At least, that's how it is positioned throughout the world, knowing that today, hybrids are no longer a unique phenomenon on the road - there are several models, only the cost of the scope of mass market does not fit perfectly. A Prius can afford almost any American grandmother with rouged face-burger, retirement savings is almost completely burned in the cataclysm of global crisis. 

However, God help him with marketing, with pricing and global positioning. People who are prepared to pay for advanced technologies such money in our country, surely there, because Prius Still, whatever one may say, even when life was not exactly legendary, but it is a landmark model. However, our old woman, left alone with the economic kata and all sorts of other enemas, it even lick not worth it. Upper-middle class, if such a principle exists, and then in a position to lay out your money only in the penetration aesthetically fit of irrepressible concerns about safety of the notorious birches. First of serious reflection, I loved the birch trees are of such investments.

Miracle of the Korean automotive industry Hyundai ix35

Hundai long and firmly taken a considerable niche in the Rossiyskom automotive market. New model Hyundai ix35 deserves special attention. Its prototype can be regarded as a nationwide pet Hyundai Tucson. 

But compared with last, Hyundai ix35 struck superbly streamlined forms, he is taller and wider (although not much) and really looks very presentable. European Design Center Hyundai / Kia tried to fame - as compared with box "Tucson" ix35 amazing style and grace. 

Externally, the car I like. Waiting when you are in the showroom. I Elantra 2008 mileage 45000. In the burnt bulb is not a criticism. From ix 35 expect the Korean practicality, comfort, comfort. And, of course, acceptable affordable and accessible to the people of pricing policy. 

Dynamics is expected to more powerful than "Tyusonom. Well aerodynamics too much different. The interior of the car was a bit more spacious and there is easy to fit 5 adult passengers. 

The car struck me constructive simplicity and relative cheapness. By default, the front-wheel driving and periodically through clever electronics and constructive multi-disc clutch connects the rear wheels. 

Pleasant Power Hyundai ix35 - at 2.0 liters - 184 horses and 6 speed ACCC. Taking into account all the achievements of modern science intelligent braking system, you will agree - a very important factor. In the interior trim - Fresh design using quality materials. Pleasant addition - the rearview TV camera and a cooling glove box.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ford Focus - the best in Europe car.

I love Ford Focus. Because he is perfect in all respects. See how many modifications - 3 and five-door hatchback and, in particular-wagon - the most popular family cars. They can accommodate half flat, two children, a dog and even beloved wife's mother. And everyone will be comfortable. 

This car is such a popular favorite. Because acceptable pricing policy, cost-effective spare parts - by the way, this nuance is unimportant because the machine is practically no breaks, even on small things. Timely maintenance (TO 1, 2), replacing oil and air filter does not guarantee the reliability of one year. 

According to the statistics - Ford Focus, which, incidentally, replaced the Ford Escort VII - currently has the largest percentage of bought in the U.S.. And in Europe it is not less popular. 

This is a unique 4 - door sedan struck an ideal form, dynamics, comfort and softness. A very important factor, almost lost - is a minor fuel in large enough engine power. 

And my favorite is the modification of the Ford Focus - a convertible - 2,0 i Titanium, striking the ideal shape and has 145 horses under the hood. Shunting, fast and smart. 

Concluding all the above thoughts, summarize - ruler of the model number of the Ford Focus is so wide that it can satisfy the most spoiled and knowledgeable expert in car buyers.