Thursday, February 25, 2010

KIA Mohave with characteristic handbrake

Even the name of the marker for the crossover model lineup KIA was chosen corresponding to: Mohave. So reverently styled extremely arid desert, situated in the southwest U.S., southern California, entirely consisting of troughs and ridges and covered with just as juicy as they are wild succulents, of which the local Aborigines driven very "fire water". Incidentally, in this desert is the legendary Valley of Death. So welcome to a fascinating journey to the edge of a habitable land. 

Despite its ominous name, the crossover Koreans came out pretty nice and impressive. According to the plan marketers KIA, Mohave be associated with the public with the way the slope, quiet stillness and extreme temperatures; impersonate brute strength and composure in any weather conditions. Design team Mohave relied on the 8 key words in all the new SUVs company KIA, including the "hermit" - "a modern, simple, powerful, reliable, safe, aesthetic, dynamic, sporty". It turned out whether they have conceived in hard to say. I feel much more "extreme" and literally and figuratively (especially in the figurative) sense of the word looks like Soul. Well, in terms of "steepness" a hundred points ahead Mohave will squinting at Mercedes Opirus. 

Modern, simple, powerful - I agree. Safe - must be verified, but reluctant to go to the brave experimentation with the security I have, like any adequate driver was not. Aesthetic ... Hmm, a little unclear what was meant. Aesthetics in Mohave no more than a wooden cart, only he's bigger and more modern. So what is according to today's notions of beauty and style in the automotive industry in question? Look at these happy eyes, headlights and grille Hollywood smile. Is there a drop in their fashionable nowadays aggressiveness? A clear-cut profile ... Where's the sportiness and dynamism? 

However, the appearance of this car is extremely misleading. And misleading, so to speak, the better. Nearly five meters Mohave which comfortably accommodate 7 people it does not look bulky machine. Yes, and behaves the way it was very unexpected way. The model is very simple to operate and do what is called a light heart. Despite its scope, it is quite maneuverable, goes smoothly in the flow. Its size is absolutely not felt. That is, you quickly get used to the dimensions Mohave and then manage to create such wonders in it, which even on a compact hatchback is not always dare to. 

Naturally, this agility and lightness is achieved by different power plants. I do not know what the gasoline engine - I tested the diesel version, so I will only say for him - clearly, five points! 

At a recent press conference, one my colleague, incredibly proud of himself, stated that the power engines of KIA cars supplied in our country, comparable only to power the motor of his electric shaver. Sitting behind the wheel of Mohave, I thought - have my Electric engine with features like in this crossover, it would have plowed it on my face in the two accounts and place of living on her cheeks would not have left. Judge for yourself - Mohave equipped with V-shaped 3.0-liter 6-cylinder unit, develops a power of 250 l / s at 3,800 rpm. It is equipped with advanced fuel injection system Common Rail with pezoforsunkami, and its cylinder block is made of modern vermicular graphite cast iron with (who else would explain what it is but it sounds really cool). 

This diesel engine gives incredible acceleration, although (as with any other of his fellow Jews) in the car for a long time warming up salon. But it is not so important when it comes to really interesting model. 217 mm ground clearance, frame construction, fully independent front and rear suspension (suspension, adjustable air), a complex electronic systems to monitor the movement make Mohave comfortable to operate on city roads and on moderate off-road. 

It Mohave provides an opportunity to select the optimum mode drive for road and off-road "driving. The drive is equipped with an innovative system of ITM (interactive control of torque) developed by the Korean Bureau of BorgWarner, all-wheel drive transfer case and integrated system ECU (electronic control mechanism), increase control and reduces the response mechanisms of action of the driver. 

The system works as follows. In manual mode switching drive, while driving in the city and on highway 100% thrust is transferred to the rear wheels. For a better grip on slippery roads (rain, snow and unpaved roads), the driver can manually select all-wheel drive. This regime is evenly distributes traction between the front and rear wheels to disperse 80 km / h. 

Automatic system of permanent four-wheel drive consists of two modes (a powerful and fast). Manual switching mode power implies an increase in traction in 2,4 times in the speed range from 0 to 40 km / h. This mode gives the maximum possible power and road vehicle off-road. 

Just as with manual switching, automatic permanent four-wheel drive in high speed mode takes 100% of traction to the rear wheels, but if necessary can spread from 0 to 50% on the front and from 0 to 100% of the rear wheels. Can be optionally installed LSD (differential, limiting slip), which reduces wheelspin, even in active mode, a single drive. Well, neither give nor take - the owner of the road. But still not get too carried away by a passion for off-road adventures on such machines. They are more suited to high-speed highway, rather than rural byways. 

In general, a lot of what is good Mohave, but only, perhaps, not price. Tested my modification is in the area of 2 million rubles. If for this same version would receive 1 300 - 1 400 thousand rubles. it immediately without looking: give two! I'm not even going to meticulously select, and order the color, decorate and immediately wrap! But the 2 million rubles. raises serious questions. Of course, on the one hand it is clear where this figure. Mohave technically equipped to glory, and in a sense it is quite suitable for driving on some off-road crossover, which has plug-wheel drive, navigation, rear view camera, etc. On the other - materials such as the not very inspiring, and a cheap look and touch plastic, familiarly decorative socket "under the tree" to torpedo ... 

With such a price from Korean "hermit" would have great to compete for the buyer, given the competitiveness of this segment. The choice in his favor in comparison with "classmates" are not so obvious. There are many more prestigious models, costing only slightly. And where two million, there are two with coppers, so it is thought to weigh everything ...

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