Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ford Focus - the best in Europe car.

I love Ford Focus. Because he is perfect in all respects. See how many modifications - 3 and five-door hatchback and, in particular-wagon - the most popular family cars. They can accommodate half flat, two children, a dog and even beloved wife's mother. And everyone will be comfortable. 

This car is such a popular favorite. Because acceptable pricing policy, cost-effective spare parts - by the way, this nuance is unimportant because the machine is practically no breaks, even on small things. Timely maintenance (TO 1, 2), replacing oil and air filter does not guarantee the reliability of one year. 

According to the statistics - Ford Focus, which, incidentally, replaced the Ford Escort VII - currently has the largest percentage of bought in the U.S.. And in Europe it is not less popular. 

This is a unique 4 - door sedan struck an ideal form, dynamics, comfort and softness. A very important factor, almost lost - is a minor fuel in large enough engine power. 

And my favorite is the modification of the Ford Focus - a convertible - 2,0 i Titanium, striking the ideal shape and has 145 horses under the hood. Shunting, fast and smart. 

Concluding all the above thoughts, summarize - ruler of the model number of the Ford Focus is so wide that it can satisfy the most spoiled and knowledgeable expert in car buyers.

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