Monday, February 15, 2010

Toyota Hybrid of the third generation

One may argue with a clever kind of sound marketing policy of Toyota. About how, through "gray" dealers, who themselves also did not know, a ready market, as environmental propaganda shaped the demand was based strategy for moving ... However, all these arguments, in my opinion,  After all, the main attraction of this car is not just that he was "all this from a" hybrid, but in the fact that this is a hybrid of the budget available to the widest range of consumers. See the difference? At least, that's how it is positioned throughout the world, knowing that today, hybrids are no longer a unique phenomenon on the road - there are several models, only the cost of the scope of mass market does not fit perfectly. A Prius can afford almost any American grandmother with rouged face-burger, retirement savings is almost completely burned in the cataclysm of global crisis. 

However, God help him with marketing, with pricing and global positioning. People who are prepared to pay for advanced technologies such money in our country, surely there, because Prius Still, whatever one may say, even when life was not exactly legendary, but it is a landmark model. However, our old woman, left alone with the economic kata and all sorts of other enemas, it even lick not worth it. Upper-middle class, if such a principle exists, and then in a position to lay out your money only in the penetration aesthetically fit of irrepressible concerns about safety of the notorious birches. First of serious reflection, I loved the birch trees are of such investments.

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