Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LANCER X 2010 issue - options in plus, FEE LESS!

Finally, already in all salons Rolf legendary cars LANCER X in the new models! All configuration options are supplemented, and prices for cars in 2010 steel output is even lower - ! 

Each client can use a unique credit program for this vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors Finance - loan payment / Month. For more information on the loan and rates you can get at dealerships Rolf. 

With the purchase of every customer receives a special card "roadside assistance", which operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. This service is specifically designed to help drivers to feel comfortable and confident on the road. 

All of these features significantly distinguished LANCER X compared to other cars. And this unique and colorful car is made in Japan. Even today you can sign a contract for this car and get a test drive.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ford : The new range of commercial vehicles

Motor Company Forddemonstrated the new range of commercial vehicles and trucks at the 10th International Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles 2010, held in Moscow. 

This year the exhibition will feature coaches Transit Bus M1 for 8 seats and Transit VAN 350 LWB AWD, the new Transit - Bus Class "A" to block traffic for a 22-passenger and Ford Transit Connect Tourneo. Among the new products - Ambulance "Class B based on the Ford Transit 4x4 and insulated van, refrigerated for transportation of ice cream on the basis of Ford Transit Chassi. In addition, the stand can see Ford Ranger last generation. Company Ford Heavy Trucks introduced Bowsers based building chassis Ford Cargo 3530 D and truck-based road chassis Ford Cargo 1830 T. 

"Despite the crisis, in 2009 was for commercial vehicles, Ford is very successful. Updated last year, Ford Transit Connect was a success in the market, increasing its stake to 5 percent in the segment of light commercial vehicles. And in terms of sales, commercial vehicles Ford once again become the best among foreign manufacturers in this segment of the market "- said at the opening of the pavilion, Mark Ovenden, President and Managing Director of Ford.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

The territory of Mosfilm was the premiere of the new super car Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. High-tech super car appeared before the guests in an atmosphere of style Hi-Tech, which is supported by all means: the audience welcomed and accompanied by a virtual leadership, the walls were placed touch screens, to respond to every touch of the change of pictures and video. 

While welcoming the numerous public, general director of Mercedes-Benz "Juergen Sauer noted that the SLS AMG already become a legend. "When you create this masterpiece of the designers the goal was through the interpretation of the classics of the past to create classics of the future and release the road is the most beautiful sports car XXI-st century". The fact that the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG really difficult to doubt a masterpiece, but whether he will be a classic of the future and the most beautiful sports car will only century, this is the future.

New ISUZU N-Series

Company SOLLERS presented at the exhibition ComTrans-2010 next prime the next generation of medium-duty trucks N-series model NPR 75. The car is equipped with a cabin of the new generation, which gives the driver a high level of ergonomics and safety. The new instrument panel is easy to read and provides maximum necessary information, a large number of niches and shelves can be placed in cabin all the necessary things, a large glass area and enhanced rear-view mirrors provide good visibility in all directions. However, the NPR model 75 maintained and the basic dignity of the preceding generation - the structural reliability, low operating costs, a powerful universal frame on which to install the body add any complexity, as well as the high level of security. It is expected that mass production of ISUZU N-Series new generation starts at Elabuga factory JV SOLLERS-ISUZU in 2011

New Mercedes-Benz

For the first time JSC "Mercedes-Benz demonstrated a minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based 515 CDI in the standard of the box. City minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 CDI is equipped with an engine capacity of 110 kW/150 hp, 6-speed ILAC and lots of features of active and passive safety. The car has 19 seats and 7 of standing places. 

In the minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has an effective thermal and noise insulation of the ceiling, doors and walls. For convenience and safety of passengers in the cabin set anatomical seats and additional handrails. Sex in the minibus Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is finished with water-resistant non-slip coating. 

The second premiere of the Mercedes-Benz at the exhibition ComTrans-2010 has dual-fuel car Mercedes-Benz Sprinter NGT with four-cylinder power kVt/156 115 hp, is able to operate on natural gas, and on regular gasoline. The car has a range of up to 1 200 km. A third small tonnage exhibit booth Mercedes-Benz - Sprinter chassis is 515 CDI Mercedes-Benz.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to save on gasoline?

On fuel economy affects a variety of factors: it features an engine and transmission, mass and loading the car body aerodynamics, rolling resistance, timely maintenance, road condition, and, finally, the manner of driving. 

When driving in urban environments with relatively low-speed rolling resistance is more important for fuel economy than the aerodynamic drag. The magnitude of rolling resistance mainly depends on the construction of the tire carcass. By its technical characteristics of radial ply tires far exceed the tire with bias ply: they not only reduce rolling resistance by about 50%, but also improve traction on wet or snowy roads, plus they are more durable? 

When cold starting the vehicle friction in the engine and power transmission is very high, which significantly affects the performance of fuel economy compared with typical for start-up fully warmed-up car. In a new or newly renovated car friction losses in the engine can be quite large. As the fitting of parts friction is gradually reduced. Good technical condition and proper adjustment of the car is the key to the normal consumption of fuel. So, for example, incorrect installation of ignition timing increases the fuel consumption by 15%! 

With respect to maintenance, there is, first and foremost, you must promptly change the air filter. It is known that the shortage of air for cooking oil / air mixture is spent much more gasoline. Also you should regularly check tire pressure - under-inflation adversely affects fuel consumption (in order to get adequate performance, it should be done on cold tires). Timely replacement of engine oil reduces engine wear and reduces energy consumption. In the interest of better flood the engine light synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil with low viscosity. Compared with mineral oils that have a higher viscosity of such oils somewhat reduces fuel consumption and facilitate engine start. 

If you have a foreign car with air suspension, we recommend choosing the lowest position - with a low resistance to clearance of the car will be lower. Regarding the transmission: the optimal regime is riding on the maximum transmission with the minimum possible for her speed. The most cost-effective range of the engine is in the range from 1500 to 2000 rpm. Gear ratio manual - a very significant factor affecting the fuel consumption and engine wear as well as mechanical work, engine and its resources are not determined by the vehicle's mileage, and the total number of revolutions of the crankshaft. Therefore, the motion for reduction gearing increases fuel consumption and engine wear at one and the same mileage. 

As additional options that increase the comfort level, then at work radio, air conditioner or even more sophisticated climate-control fuel consumption increases by approximately 15%. In summer open windows can be a good alternative to air conditioning, but one should bear in mind that when driving at high speed lowered glass negative impact on the aerodynamics and thus fuel consumption. Also detrimental to the flow effect included lights, heating glasses and loud music (especially if you have installed subwoofers and additional amplifiers). The Council is only one - try seldom include consumer surplus power, which creates additional load on the generator and as a consequence, the engine burns more fuel . 

Car lovers do not know firsthand what a neat way of driving, with smooth starting in place and the same inhibition, can save a lot. Also, riding at a constant speed reduces the load on the nodes of a car. If a stop takes longer than 30 seconds, the engine is better drown. The machine with the load consumes more fuel, so do not carry any with them unnecessary things. Installed on a roof rack increases the aerodynamic drag, so if there is no continuing need, it is better to dismantle. 

When planning long trips, do not forget about the seasonal factor. Most drivers are well aware that summer fuel consumption is much lower than in the cold season. Characteristics of road surface - very important factor. When driving on gravel or sand, as well as wet and snowy roads of petrol above. Environmental conditions also affect fuel economy, ranging from the influence of temperature on the hysteretic losses in the tires , friction in the engine, the desired composition of the fuel mixture and ending with the influence of humidity on the process of burning fuel mixture.

Genuine or aftermarket parts - what to choose?

All motorist will sooner or later faces the problem of choosing what parts - original or aftermarket - used for maintenance and repair of his "iron friend. 

In the vast spaces of the Internet you can find millions of indisputable arguments as supporters exclusively original, and most ardent of his opponents. Advocates of the original conviction that originally specified by the manufacturer to reach the car parameters, and accordingly - reliability, durability and functionality, is possible only if the replacement of spent or broken item exactly the same "family". And it is difficult to argue. 

But opponents of using only original spare parts also have a number of arguments, the chief of which - the high price, a significant proportion of which is exactly belong to a car brand. And many are simply not ready, and sometimes not in a position to pay such a high price, especially since the modern market auto parts offers the widest alternative in the form of analog-substitutes. 

Actually, not so simple, and the truth is known, is somewhere in the middle. In this article we try to give a clear and understandable definition of original and non-original spare parts, and try to carry on the possibility of a complete and impartial analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using these parts in the car, which, ultimately, help you make the right choice. 

Original Spare Parts - parts and assemblies of identical parts and nodes supplied to the assembly line manufacturer. These parts are mandatory branding and unique number car manufacturers. 

The main advantages of using original spare parts: 

1. Quality and compatibility of parts meets all requirements and is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the car. 

2. The range of original spare parts provides consumers with a 100-percent demand for the repair or maintenance vehicle parts. 

3. When searching and purchasing spare parts for the unique original number significantly reduces the risk of acquiring an incorrect product, as well as counterfeit goods. 

4. When warranty service and repair many operations in the technical centers are carried out exclusively with the use of original spare parts, due to the requirements of maintaining safeguards on the car. 

The disadvantage of using original spare parts is not so many, but they are significant: 

1. High price. Typically, the cost of original parts for 30-50% higher than the cost of comparable quality (and often - and produced at the same factory as the original) analog; 

2. Long waiting times in the absence of the ordered items in stock, its official representative (from 2 weeks to several months). For reference, the full list of details only one car model is a few tens of thousands of items, so a single representative of the manufacturer is not able to keep a warehouse full availability of original spare parts. 

Aftermarket parts - product of independent producers specializing in the production of parts specific group (eg, suspension and steering, braking system, engine , electrical, etc.) for various makes and models of cars. These parts can be produced as a private-label manufacturer, and other brands of companies-packers. 

Advantages of using non-original spare parts: 

1. Lower, compared with the original price. Secondary market auto parts may propose analogs of substitutes and more expensive than the original. Typically, this is linked to either embedded in them additional properties (not expected of a car manufacturer), or actually higher quality parts, produced by a specific company - the undisputed leader in the production of this group of parts (but not a supplier of conveyor car manufacturers). In any case, the choice of non-original spare parts, if you want to get a decent replacement, we should not rely solely on low price. Qualitative analogy may not be cheaper than the original more than 30-40%. 

2. Save time searching for and acquiring the necessary details. If original parts in the market is usually present no more than 2-3 major suppliers, for the most unoriginal detail in "running" segments (filters, brake pads, batteries, etc.), the competitive environment may number up to ten or more brands. Accordingly, the total capacity of storage of all these providers far exceeded the supplier of original spare parts for the consumer the necessary materials. 

The main disadvantages of using non-original parts include the following: 

1. Using parts that do not have official approval manufacturer, can give rise to invalidation of the warranty on the car. 

2. Among the non-original spare parts more often, according to specialists, there are serial marriage and frank falsification that ultimately can lead to serious and costly breakdowns of complex assemblies and mechanisms vehicle. 

3. The range of non-original spare parts are usually much more modest view of the fact that for the free sale of manufacturers try to produce a top-selling items (some auto parts for foreign cars are only original, basically it refers to little wear and rarely breaking for spare parts such as interior parts, engine and suspension beams etc.). 

4. The probability of errors and misleading information in the directories of producers of non-original spare parts is much higher than in the documents of the car manufacturer, hence the higher the probability of purchasing the wrong parts. 

5. Finally, the violent competition among the many companies and brands, supplying the secondary market a variety of spare parts, always pushing them to lower prices for the proposed product, and this, unfortunately, most often achieved not by increasing productivity and minimizing costs, and banal decrease the quality requirements of raw materials, locating production in developing countries and the deterioration of the characteristics of the final product. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that the ordinary motorist is not easy to determine in all the diversity and ever-changing trends in today's market auto parts. It's like medicine - a lot of clinics, and the correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate prescription can not all doctors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The most economical Mercedes C.

Company Mercedes has announced a number of changes for the updated C-Class. Now C-Class is available with a new 1.8-liter engine with direct injection. The engine will be installed on the C 180 CGI Blue EFFICIENCY and C 200 CGI Blue EFFICIENCY. These models are equipped with six-speed manual transmission and system start / stop, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have reduced by 10%. Model C 180 CGI Blue EFFICIENCY has a capacity of 154 hp and develops 250 Nm of torque. This allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 9.0 seconds; top speed is 225 km / h. The C 200 CGI Blue EFFICIENCY has a capacity of 181 hp and develops 270 Nm of torque. Her acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds. The new Blue EFFICIENCY C 220 CDI is equipped with a 2.1-liter diesel engine with 170 hp and develops 400 Nm. A car equipped with start / stop and 6-speed manual gearbox, which reduces consumption to 4.4 liters of fuel per 100km, making it the most economical avomobilem C-Class of all time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The new Mercedes-Benz ML

Avtopaparatstsi caught in his lens next Mercedes-Benz ML AMG 2012 model year, passing the test near the Nurburgring. Apparently, the car will be lower than its predecessor, the details of the exterior is too early to judge - Camouflage regularly doing his job. It is assumed that the car will be released with a 3.5-liter V6 and 5.5-liter V8 gasoline engine and 3.0-liter turbo diesel V6. AMG version is likely, with the engine twin-turbo V8 engine with 570 horsepower. Later expected and a hybrid version of the model - how in our time without a hybrid! Premiere cars expected at next year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Updated Suzuki SX4 sedan

On the market began selling the updated Suzuki SX4 sedan in. Experts Suzuki primarily paid attention to the motor. Thoroughly revised for all parameters of 1,6-liter 16-valve engine with a proprietary system of variable valve timing VVT, by reconfiguring the engine control unit and changes in the inlet system was both more powerful, economically and environmentally sustainable. The new engine has a capacity of 112 horsepower and increased to 150 Nm (at 3800 rpm) torque. 

Exterior of the car by updated bars, aerodynamic plates and the new light-alloy 16-inch five-way drives. A new level of comfort and ergonomics in the cabin is provided by trimming soft materials door armrests, modern upholstery, chrome inner door handles (in the kit GLX) and a modified front panel with a central speaker and an updated dashboard, centered on the LCD information display board computer with necessary in the way of information.

Executive Minibus Volkswagen

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers vans Volkswagen Multivan V6 Edition in a special limited edition. Model Multivan V6 Edition - a special version of the Multivan Highline representative class. Its main difference from the prototype is the existence of a powerful V6 petrol engine volume of 3.2 liter capacity 235 hp 

Volkswagen Multivan V6 Edition is equipped with automatic transmission or all-wheel drive 4MOTION, controlled electronic clutch Haldex. Electric sliding doors gently open the touch of a button on radioklyuche. Salon has a decorative finishing of wood or aluminum trim from alkantry with the skin or in full leather interior. The lounge is a multifunctional table, above it - a system of ceiling fixtures. Tinted glazing is separated from the observation. The instrument panel in the cab has a chrome frame indicators. 

By the end of May 2010, these cars can be purchased at a special. Protesters can choose a gift of any of the three sets of accessories: Chrome style, Active style Or Freedom tour. The package Chrome style includes chrome bezel for the tailgate, grille, a set of pads on the door handles, grille bumper pad on the lighting panel of the plate for the roof spoiler and chrome side pipes. In the Active style including a cross Rellingen, anchorages bike on the rear door, trunk-case for the roof and a refrigerator thermos. Package accessories Freedom tour offers trailer coupling, cross Rellingen, chrome side pipes, V-Protector and trunk-case for the roof.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Lorinser

Company Lorinser has released a new aerodynamic tuning package for Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2010 model year. The kit consists of new front bumper with spoiler, side skirts, Lorinser characteristic holes in the wings, a small spoiler on the roof, wing, updated the boot lid and rear diffuser. 

The car set the wheels RS8 size 9x21 fronts and 10x21 rears. As an option, you can order sports mufflers. Lorinser installs on a machine a wide range of motors ranging from compact petrol and V6 turbo-diesel engine and finishing with a powerful bi-turbo V12 AMG power of 612 hp

Polo Sedan

Avtopaparatstsi made a few "spy" photos of a mysterious new sedan Volkswagen. Perhaps it is the same car, which is preparing for the market - we recently wrote about it in the news. Presumably, he will actually be based on the sedan model, the fifth-generation Polo. No technical data about the car yet, but most likely its configuration will be close to the normal Polo. It is also possible that the novelty will get its own name - in the 70's of last century sedan based on the Polo first generation was produced under the name Volkswagen Derbi. If the price really be about 10 000 euros or a little more - it goes to us a real "killer" Logan and their classmates.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

World Car of the Year - 2010

On passing these days the New York Auto Show Volkswagen Polo the winner of "World Car of the Year - 2010", among the finalists which were also Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Toyota Prius. This is the second such award is the fifth-generation Polo - in the autumn he won the European competition "Car of the Year - 2010", ahead by 10 points Toyota iQ.

Awards in the competition "World Car of the Year" awarded by the jury of 59 automotive experts from around the world. In its final memorandum, the jury noted that the fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo different noble and harmonious stylish design, high security, demonstrates a mature and dynamic style of driving, has excellent adjustability of the driver.

"The new Polo is certainly one of the best ever built small models of Volkswagen, all elements are well weighted and accurate. In general, the arguments of the jury's world automotive experts in New York, repeated findings of our recent test drive the new VW Polo.

Automakers from Wolfsburg won another important award - the entire line of Volkswagen BlueMotion - Polo, Golf and Passat were victorious in the category "Green Car of the Year", ahead of hybrid Honda Insight and Toyota Prius. Prizes were awarded in New York, Walter de Silva, head designer of Volkswagen AG.

Among the winners of the "World Car of the Year - 2010" as named Audi R8 V10, fought for the title of "sports car of the year" with the Ferrari California and the Porsche 911 GT3, but the prize for best design received a Chevrolet Camaro, won a Citroen C3 Picasso and Kia Soul.

The next generation of Fabius looks wider and more capacious

The company Skoda Auto has announced receiving orders for the new Fabia and Fabia Combi. The next generation of Fabius looks wider and more capacious, changed the design of bumpers, optics, and wings. Interior design is also updated, with new fabrics, and on air, gear lever and parking brake button - chrome. The new three-and rudders now optionally can be equipped with radio buttons and telephone, in addition to custom leather trim. 

The car also installed breathable seating and an improved climate control Climatronic. New Fabii completed fairly wide range of engines: 1.2 HTP/60 hp, 1.2 12V HTP/69 hp, 1.4 16V/86 hp and 1.6 16V/105 hp, which is available as a 5-speed manual or 6-speed Tectonic. The first cars will appear at the official dealer marks the beginning of May. Prices for all versions of the new Fabia are the same as in the previous-generation Fabia and begin c 389 000 rubles. Complication also remained unchanged. Cars will be produced at a factory in Kaluga, on the principle of small-hub assembly.

The new sedan Impreza WRX STI

Company Subaru introduced at the motor show in New York, the new sedan Impreza WRX STI 2011. New WRX STI model will be available in the four-and five-door in the configuration. The new WRX STI has a more modern design: updated outline bumpers, fog lamps and front grille with air intakes. Under the hood of the car remains the same 2.5 liter turbocharged engine with 305 hp.

KIA Motors introduced the Optima sedan new generation.

At the International Motor Show in New York Corporation KIA Motors introduced the Optima sedan next generation. The new model is created development centers KIA Motors in Frankfurt (Germany) and Irvine (USA). The car was longer, wider and lower than the previous version; it created a new midsize platform KIA. Car body is made of quality steel that reduces vehicle weight and achieves high power durability. Front and rear suspension - independent, front type McPherson, rear - multilink. 

Optima received a range of new, powerful and economical engines; some engines are equipped with direct fuel injection and turbo charging. In 2011, to appear more and the hybrid version, designed for North America. In the standard new Optima is equipped with a security system that includes six airbags, active head restraints front seats, shock-beams in the doors, system of fixing the child seat LATCH system and Tire Pressure Monitoring TPMS. 

In the basic kit also includes the Optima Multi audio system Dimension with eight speakers, analog input (Aux), USB-port and a Bluetooth interface for connecting external devices. As additional options will be offered to buyer’s xenon headlights with automatic level control, LED rear optics, rear spoiler and alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 or 18 inches.