Thursday, April 22, 2010

New ISUZU N-Series

Company SOLLERS presented at the exhibition ComTrans-2010 next prime the next generation of medium-duty trucks N-series model NPR 75. The car is equipped with a cabin of the new generation, which gives the driver a high level of ergonomics and safety. The new instrument panel is easy to read and provides maximum necessary information, a large number of niches and shelves can be placed in cabin all the necessary things, a large glass area and enhanced rear-view mirrors provide good visibility in all directions. However, the NPR model 75 maintained and the basic dignity of the preceding generation - the structural reliability, low operating costs, a powerful universal frame on which to install the body add any complexity, as well as the high level of security. It is expected that mass production of ISUZU N-Series new generation starts at Elabuga factory JV SOLLERS-ISUZU in 2011

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