Friday, February 26, 2010

Honda Debuts

The International Geneva Motor Show 2010 will be the world premiere of a stylish three-wheeled electric cars Honda 3R-C. 3R-C - a single three-wheeled electric trolley, which shows the appearance of a compact city car of the future. The power plant is the lowest in three-wheeled frame, resulting in lower center of gravity and improve stability on the road. 3R-C is equipped with a transparent plastic hood that covers the driver's seat while parked, and during the movement into a sleek windscreen and the driver provides a high level of comfort. The sides of the capsule provide significant security protection for passengers, reducing the risk of injury during side collisions. And for protection from bad weather 3R-C designers have created a flexible bag, which fits over the upper body of the driver. Design 3R-C was developed in European R & D Center Honda in Milan. 

In addition to the 3R-C, will be held in Geneva, the European premiere retromobilya Honda EV-N. EV-N is a sketch on a stylish urban electric vehicle near future. It is based on the compact Honda N360 1967. At each door of this two-door car posted the latest Unicycle Honda U3-X, which offer previously unattainable level of mobility. Powerplant EV-N consists of a compact electric motor and a powerful lithium-ion battery, which can automatically recharged by the built-in roof solar panels, while EV-N is in the parking lot.

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