Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The new KIA cee'd goes to market in March 2010

The 1st March this year in showrooms KIA Motors start selling updated KIA cee'd. The car has got not only a new design, but also new options. The most recognizable detail KIA cee'd has an updated grille, made in accordance with the new concept of Schreyer Line, developed by the chief designer of KIA Motors, Peter Schreyer. Changes to the front of the complement new projection-type headlights with black trim and bumper with enlarged air inlets and "quad" fog ". Additional direction indicators of the new KIA cee'd integrated into the body of mirrors, that would make them more visible. In the design of the rear lighting as amended. Due to the special lenses and lens marker lights and signal inhibition purchased LED effect. The changes were made and the rear bumper, which has become more athletic shape and increased lower studs. 

The car received a new wheel: Now in the cee'd hatchback in the back gives a wider alloy wheels in dark gray radius of 16 inches. In the palette of exterior colors appeared cee'd five new hues: rich blue metallic Byte Blue, silver metallic» Sirius Silver, bright-red metallic Infra Red, Dark Silver Phoenix Silver and classic dark blue Clyde Blue. The interior of the new cee'd also undergone significant changes. The most notable of them - an updated design of the central panel and steering wheel. Now to a driver - chetyrehspitsevy wheel with a metal insert, and special hot flashes for more comfortable grip. 

Updated cee'd is equipped with two types of dashboards - sports, with improved graphics and a red-orange illumination and panel Supervision, which highlighted the scale of a bright white light that makes it easy to read information at any time of day. In addition, the panel Supervision includes a graphical display that can display information on fuel, distance, average and instantaneous fuel consumption and travel time and average speed. The seats were upgraded cee'd new combination of two upholstery options gray fabric, which is perfectly compatible with the finish central console. Glove box car added to the volume increase to 6.5 liters. Handle opening the box, before flank, moved to the center of the lid. 

Drivers who prefer a gearbox with a mechanical gear shift, certainly appreciate the changes in the design of the lever: the ring, which previously had to be raised to enable reverse gear, replaced by a comfortable key. This solution not only improved ergonomics, but also allowed most of the casing to close the lever, making it look more solid central part. The options of the new cee'd expanded by an integrated system of active management, which synchronizes the operation of system stabilization (ESC) and electric power steering, so that a dangerous situation to facilitate the driver to "correct" movement of the steering wheel and make it difficult to those that may lead to loss of control . 

Another useful option is the updated car - help system when you start to rise, which automatically maintains brake pressure until the beginning of movement, allowing you to avoid sliding back when starting up the hill. Improve the speed control in abnormal situations intended mode switch kick-down, integrated with the gas pedal. Now, in order to perform the maneuver with a fast set speed, you need to dramatically "selling" the pedal, after which the automatic switch to a lower gear, providing an intense crackdown. The system included turn signals now has an automatic mode that allows you to run a series of three alarm indicators with a single short-clicking on the gearshift paddles. This feature allows you to make a safer active maneuvering in the flow of cars. 

The temperature in the cabin cee'd now meets the new two-band climate control system, which allows the driver and front passenger to choose the temperature of incoming air independently. Acoustic comfort in the cabin allowed to raise additional insulation walls engine compartment and wheel arches, as well as new, less noisy tire Silica. Changes undergone and suspension of the car. Its operating range is increased by enhanced springs with a reduced possibility of transverse strain and increased step turns, as well as new shock absorbers with revised damping characteristics. Additional comfort when driving on the roads of variable quality provide silentblocks new design, which helped to reduce transmission of vibration and shocks to the body. Updated KIA cee'd will be offered in the back of hatchback and station wagon. The car is equipped with an engine volume of 1.6 liters, 126 hp power of Russia's buyers can choose from 16 complete sets for the price of 525 900 rubles. Like its predecessor, the updated cee'd is a factory KIA Motors Slovakia.

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