Monday, February 15, 2010

The bright-eyed little Car

My first car in the beginning of the turbulent 90's. was unforgettable "Tavria" - a car, which is likely, Ukrainian nationalists forever and for all avenged damned "Muscovites". Until now, with a shudder in all sensitive parts of the body remember my visit to her. How much contempt for myself, I read in the eyes of other road users, as they were jeers - even if not crush, so even pruning as it should! 

So when I was invited to test the Hyundai I20 - the car is essentially similar to the "Tavria" class - I'm all right somehow tensed. Gruesome pictures of the past instantly stood up before his eyes - not just lazy then I blinked in the back beam and not signaling when overtaking. Is history destined to repeat itself? It turned out there. 

Subkompankt i20, as it is called creators, was the next replenishment in the line of cars Hyundai new generation, which is assigned the prefix to highlight the inherent inspiration intelligence  and integrity. It was first presented to the general automotive public in late 2008 by i20 idea was to replace the popular, but largely obsolete model Getz. However, in some markets, including is still selling these two machines.

Hyundai i20 is based on the new platform, designed in European design office of South Korean automaker in Rüsselsheim (Germany). Place of its development was not chosen by chance. Company representatives did not conceal - i20 designed, taking into account the preferences and needs of Europeans, so the car got completely safe (5 star crash test Euro NCAP), a very environmentally friendly (all gasoline engines comply with the standard of Euro IV) and yurkim enough (though in non-European environment these qualities are very honored). 

The latter gives me great pleasure to fully feel about on the road clogged with iron streets of Moscow. It seems to i20 there are no barriers. The machine is very nosy. It is in any traffic jam will find themselves their own individual free number (of course, I do not mean the pavement). Must be formed some terrible pandemonium that this "smart fellow" from "hendaevskoy" breeds are not able to get out briskly on the operational space. Therefore, the city i20 moves much faster than the most clever "sports car despite the fact that he is not equipped with the most powerful engines. 

Way to choose between three petrol engines and two transmissions to ensure a good momentum. Basic equipment i20 provides 1.2-liter 16-valve engine power 78 hp with maximum torque of 118.6 Nm, relief at the expense of manufacturing aluminum alloy. Following this is 1.4-liter engine equipped with a system of continuous variable valve timing with a maximum output of 100 hp In top-end version is installed 1.6-liter unit as a system of continuous variable valve timing, which provides output power at 126 liters. with.

Although it seemed to me, i20 could accelerate and better, given its small mass. Still, the car is not so easy to slowly "warm up" at the start, probably thinking, it is worth it to go right now or can wait a little, and vice versa "bullet" to pluck from their seats as soon as the driver's foot touched the accelerator pedal. 

Perhaps guided by some hidden agenda, Korean engineers deliberately "strangled" engines. This is often practiced that couple of years later all of a sudden a body blow and shoot an updated modification of the same, but you seem like superusovershenstvovannym and megaforsirovannym motor. And the fact is that the engine remains the same, just change the settings on the software level. However, this is enough to change beyond recognition dynamics of the car and to present it as something entirely new. 

However, we hardly ever know what there saying "high" capital calmness, in fact the case. By and large does not really matter whether i20 accelerate for half a second faster or not. Evaluating the various cars, we often forget about what their true purpose, why they were created, which focus on and try to compare, in effect, incomparable. At the same time we want to find in them what they should not, in principle, and very frustrating when it does not detect. Moreover, we are beginning to blame the developers for their lack of professionalism and primitivism, for failing their creations invented by ourselves standards, which for some reason they must comply with the constructed machine.

So in this regard, it should be noted that from the i20 should not expect any revelations, it is a simple city car without unnecessary claims. It has everything one could cram for its price. Yes, a cheap plastic, but some problems with sound insulation, rather the problem of not having it in some places, such as under the hood - it's called, attach wit, buy a foam on the market and zaizoliruyte themselves. But the model is equipped with systems, ABS, EBD and ESP. She has active head restraints, front seat belts with pretensioners and six airbags. Steering wheel, among other things, adjustable angle and reach, and leather trimmed gearshift knob. To connect external devices with a USB connector. Casette (radio + CD + MP3 + AUX + 4 or 6 speakers) is equipped with a control unit on the handlebars. On-board computer shows though skudnenky but quite informative set of data: average fuel consumption, mileage, temperature overboard, etc. In addition, more weight is more or less useful details (power windows, heated mirrors and front seats, central locking, etc. etc) for only some 500 thousand rubles. Plus-minus, depending on transmission type, wheel size, and so on. And the cost of basic modifications only. 

Now consider how much it costs to our native sharp aching pain in my heart (and sometimes literally) a miracle the domestic automobile industry, which does not even half of these functions. Thousand three hundred? Exactly. Add a little bit there and before you options to burst at the seams, and the thundering kryahtyaschy on each mound, did not get out of the service, hired in haste vehicle set for the same half-million or even more. There is a difference? "Certainly. That's why Hyundai - the world-famous and respected car brands, and automobile from the city on the Volga - the constant jokes and folk hero, not always decent folk. They say that laughter prolongs life. With such a car manufacturer we probably will live forever. It turns out that Koreans need something to praise ...

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