Friday, June 3, 2011

Jubilee Camaro

In honour of 45 years old man’s Chevrolet Camaro comcern General Motors introduced a range of VIP persons new version of the car, which is named of the 45th Anniversary Edition . Engine updated to V6 of 3.6 liters now gives 323 horsepower. Significant change and suspension FE4 has undergone which has acquired a new geometry. Chevrolet Camaro stands above all a brand new spoiler and updated taillights. Steering wheel, shift lever, blue and red flashing seats and logos with special badges 45th all this gives a special jubilee style in cars of this issue. The chevrolet paid special attention to the roof of his convertible. The company said the top of the car equipped with electric drive opened and closed no less than 22.400 times what an ordinary driver can not perfotm and for 10 years. In the heat and cold went in the trap experiwncing roof strength under extreme conditions from 30◦ C to 77◦ C and humidity up to 95 percent. Also a thee layer roof repeatedly doused with water, checking it for water resistance. So we can say that the Camaro in every sense was fire, water and copper pipes.

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