Monday, May 28, 2012

The new automatic Volkswagen A-Mark 2012

Cordoba:  The Volkswagen has 8 speed boxes and the 4Motion system of the Toured. IT raised the journey as a test of regularity giving a road map and suggested speeds for travel. The idea sought to prevent journalist’s accelerators other in public, tempted by analyzing the properties of the A-Mark 2012, which also stretches the engine power to 180 horses.  The German has the 2012 version of its first Pick-Up, which debuts as big news, for the segment also an automatic gearbox ratio is 8. In the event held in the province of Cordoba, we were able to handle it through the intricate mountain roads linking the provincial capital of Villa General Bertram.

In the route
Initially this idea worked well and we saw some virtues known as the pick-up as a good space, ride comfort and driving position similar to a car. It also points out that A-Mark offers the same feeling that all VW, same instrument panel, the same wheel; same commands on the steering column, stereo same, even so. On the negative side there is still a rather Spartan design board and the use of plastics that do not seem as solid as a truck requires.
Speaking of novelty on time, the automatic transmission, it is noteworthy flawless operation, slipped free and quick up and down changes, an action that meets without jerks. The 8 changes are used to replace (partially) the use of reducing, with the first two gears to provide ultra short throw, which we find using the command sequence to keep the gears and see their level of gearing.
Do the other 6 speed? From 3 ° relationships are matching with the transmission of a "conventional 6-speed." In a clear line reached 140 km / h speedometer with the engine at 2,500 rpm. Without being completely silent, it was noted how relaxed he was traveling with two compact 2.0L TDi turbo, 180 hp and 420 Nm, 20 more than the manual version.
In the mountains
The idea of ​​a competition that does not regularly work for "us run," but only in principle. This is over when facing the mountains with winding roads up and down. Personally, the decision was taking to verify the goodness dynamics of A-Mark.
One of the virtues of this pick-up behavior is frank, without getting extreme (this is public roads and no escape routes) fits perfectly horn, makes squeal the tires long before losing grip, warning cautiously, bend and out quickly supported by the combination of torque and TDi too many changes to choose from. The brake pedal has the feel of a sponge, the direction is not particularly communicative and yet the driver relies on the A-Mark and can gradually increase their aggressiveness.
In some parts the road was gravel, allowing to check the virtues of stability systems (ESP) and 4Motion all-wheel drive with Torsion center differential that distributes 60% of torque to the rear and can send up to 60% ahead as the need. Entering something in curviness past, the tendency to jump the queue is quickly admonished by combining electronic controls safely moderate joy.
All told, the 2012 A-Mark is still a pick-up more suited to the owner of stay you have to travel many miles of road and then walk through mud or heavy work, for the man who lives and works daily in the field . It emphasizes ride comfort and stability toured to the 8-speed automatic transmission adds an extra refinement.
2012 The new A-Mark wills automatically later this month at Highline Pack version priced at $ 257,700

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