Monday, May 28, 2012

The Alpine A110-50

The Alpine A110-50 will be rolling on the F1 street circuit in Monaco is present in such important event. The A110-50 falls to two important moments in the Alpine brand, the acronym refers to the model A110 Berlinette produced from 1962 to 1977. The author of the A110 design was Berlinette Giovanni Michelet, who sculpted the beautiful shapes with a new material, fiberglass. The number 50 refers to the half century of the Alpine A110. 
On the twenty-first century Alpine little is known, the only picture "leaked" to the network, makes much reference to the concept desire Renault, with some characteristic features of the A110 Berlinette   such as river of headlights and a large central diamond Alpine crowning word at the apex of the bodywork. 

According to speculation the A110-50 carries a central engine of a Megan Trophy legacy that delivers 400 hp, its construction is in composite materials (resins and carbon fiber) and the authorship of the design is clearly attributable to Lauren van den Acker, chief designer Renault.The company was founded Alpine in 1955 by Jean Reediness, son of a Renault dealer in Dipped France, the restless Reediness began producing its own cars, using the mechanics I had on hand, from a Renault 4CV. 

Alpine vehicles began to attract worldwide attention, thanks to its beautiful silhouettes, one of those impacted by the Alpine style was one of the senior management of Renault, who offered technical support Reediness in the production of future vehicles competition and success in ASSEMBLIES arrived. In the sporting arena Alpine won the first World Rally Championship in 1973, in the same year, the Reggie Renault (state company) takes over 100% of Alpine Management, sporting success kept coming, in 1978 a Alpine A442B piloted by Diddler Perini and Jean Pierre Jaussaud wins the race edition of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. 

After winning the world's most prestigious race engine, the Alpine-Renault approach was Formula One, but for some marketing decisions Alpine name was diluted, leaving only Renault Sport, a division that develops all high performance models Renault, and is located in Dipped, in the same location where Reediness Alpine farm. The brand stopped using the name Alpine, probably by a legal spat between the founder of the brand and Renault, being the last Alpine GTA production in 1995.

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