Thursday, July 2, 2009



Full power modell BMW X5 debuted at the Detroit Motor Show in 1999, the BMW X5 was just to limit saturated nainoveyshimi systems. Traditional ABS BMW X5 combined with dynamic control systems for braking and control of braking in a turn. In the BMW X5 has a more dynamic system stability control (DSC). The system of automatic speed control on downhill (HDS) in the BMW X5 has maintained its critical situations at a constant level of 8 km / h. 

BMW X5 first among the so-called big SUVs to crash-test Euro-NCAP has received the highest mark - five stars. 
In late 2006, the BMW X5 has added to the length and width, and has received the optional third row of seats. The new BMW X5 as an option, you can equip the system Adaptive Drive, control shock absorbers and stabilizers, depending on speed, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral accelerations, and a lot more. Car BMW X5 has been recognized in different countries, including Germany, the best of the SUVs.

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