Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In the BMW 7 Series for the first time united sportiness and reliability of high-speed cars car class. BMW 7 appeared in 1977, depending on the volume of motor patterns show up: BMW 728, BMW 730 and BMW 733. In 1980, a mast-head model BMW 745. On the basis of BMW 745 was launched a few customized armored cars. And in 1985 he saw the light of the most luxurious version Highline (this performance and offered for BMW 735). 

First, the car was produced in the body BMW e23, which in 1986 replaced the BMW e32, and in 1994 - BMW e38. Since 2006, the series is produced in the body BMW e66. 
In March 1987, at the Geneva Motor Show was presented to the 12-cylinder BMW 750 car with an engine output of 300 hp A huge car accelerated up to a hundred for 6,6 seconds and reach 250 km / h. In 1992 the company had been submitted BMW 730 and BMW 740. 

In 2003, a new flagship - BMW 760 with an engine capacity of 445 hp However, in 2006 there restyling and BMW 7, is always considered the sport limousine has become a massive and powerful sedans higher segment.

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