Thursday, July 2, 2009



By the advent of the compact BMW X3 SUV built on a third platform, much was required to succeed his elder brother's BMW X5. However, since the first appearance in public in 2003, BMW X3 criticized for shaking suspension, and poor interior. The company listened to the opinion of the public and automotive critics, equipped BMW X3 in 2005, a soft suspension, Bluetooth'om, improved interior and the sensor is an open door, the absence of which many customers complained. Change has helped, even the BMW X3 was the best SUVs, 2005» in Canada. 
In 2007 came the updated BMW X3 with a 3-liter 258-strong R6, as well as with 6-cylinder turbodizelem. Major changes in the BMW X3 in 2007-m referred to the interior and external parts of the body. 

It was expected that in 2009, BMW will produce the next generation of crossover X3. The new BMW X3 will be equipped with new engines: 3.0-liter capacity 306 hp turbomotorom and turbodizelem power 204 hp volume of 2.0 liters.

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