Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About Mazda Car

Buy Mazda cars at affordable prices in Moscow, the sale of new cars and Mazda cars have been run from the official car and the best auto Mazda with proven reputation, at favorable terms. 

Automobile portal Carsguru.net offers cars from the famous Japanese company Mazda, received its name in honor of the god Ahura-Mazda life. In 1931 the company began manufacturing trucks. A little later, Mazda has signed an important agreement on the development of rotary engines with the German CB NSU. Since then the company has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of powerful sports cars. Those victories have given us added impetus to develop its own production. Currently, the company Mazda - this is new technology in machine building, power units to adapt to the new fuel cells and environmental technology. Most popular models: 

• Mazda 3 (Mazda 3) 
• Mazda 6 (Mazda 6) 
• Mazda 626 (Mazda 626) 

Mazda 3 - it is a comfortable car with a modern, sporty design and a high level of security. New security system to protect not only drivers but also passengers. Mazda 3 has in its arsenal of electronic brake force distribution and dynamic stability control, which provide reliable protection in an emergency. In addition, the car is equipped with excellent steering system, which enables the driver of Mazda 3 has full control over the road. 

Mazda 6 distinguishes great functionality and comfort, which is able to evaluate even the most exacting customer. Not only the technical and dynamic characteristics are aimed at creating a feeling of comfort, but also a stylish finish inside the cabin, and smart layout of controls make it possible to get pleasure from my visit to this elegant car. 

Mazda 626 - a car that has passed several stages of modification, to present technical and external perfection. It was manufactured in several forms: 4-door sedan, pyatidverny хетчбек, station wagon and two-compartment. In addition, based on the various bodies is also a sports changed Mazda 626 GT. Standard Mazda 626 includes: a convenient and reliable electric front windows and mirrors, four airbags for driver and passenger, ABS, a height adjustable steering wheel and immobilizer built. According to individual requirements, you can add automatic climate control, protivobuksovochnuyu system and a laptop computer, which shows the instantaneous fuel consumption, the balance of gasoline in kilometers and more. 

A formal car Mazda has always made available a wide range of Mazda models of different equipment. You can buy the best Mazda Motor Show in Moscow, Mazda sales at low prices on new cars as the Mazda, and on cars with mileage.

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