Friday, July 24, 2009

THE CAR Mazda 626

Comfortable car Mazda 626 was created for the American market, which he left in the distant 1979. Since then the Mazda 626 has been several phases of modernization, allowing him not to lose relevance and be the leader in sales of an average class of vehicles. 

The last generation Mazda 626 is able to complete two types of gasoline engines (2.0 liter volume and capacity of 115 hp or 136 hp), or diesel units (capacity of 100 hp). The space inside the cabin Mazda 626 can be transformed, turning the car to a cozy mini-bar. 

To protect the driver and passenger Mazda 626 is built to the unique technology Maidas, which can save lives, even during a frontal collision. The essence of this technology is that the shell consists of a Mazda 626 cells, which extinguish blow, sending him on a safe route. In addition, the Mazda 626 is complete with five modern belts with protechnic device .

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