Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toyota Aqua - a new hybrid of the B-Class

Tokyo Motor Show was the hybrid Toyota Aqua. It is reported that due to the 74-strong polutoralitrovomu gasoline engine working in tandem with an electric motor, the car spends less than 3 liters (2.8 to be exact) for a hundred miles away. The total capacity of the power plant is equal to one hundred "horses." Hybrid will be the "younger brother" of the popular Toyota Prius - Length of 3995 mm hatchback, which classifies the vehicle is a Class B on the European classification. Interestingly, the machine will not "connect" - to charge the batteries from home network can be. Representatives of the company keep silent about the reasons for this strange decision, since Rechargeable from household outlet hybrids have become increasingly popular.

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