Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Temporary registration of cars. How to save?

According to the rules, not later than 30 days after the state registration of the purchased cars (re-registration of property rights) should be carried out inspection. 

And what do those who left their places of permanent registration to the place of registration of temporary and took a car ? Indeed, for various reasons, can "impatient" for a long time to move to another city or village. In this case, inspection stickers and further use of cars has its own nuances. 

So ... you came from another region and have temporary registration. In order to pass inspection (TO), you'll need to put in a temporary account your car with the inevitable change of numbers in the new code in the new region (35 - on the example of the Vologda region - Moscow instead of 177). Old (basic) numbers will be stored on demand by you during the period of temporary registration in the district of ATS.

To place a temporary registration will require the following documents (originals and photocopies) and actions: 

Vehicle registration certificate (PTC - blue bumazhentsiya); 

Certificate of your personal temporary registration issued by the village council (municipality);

Passport RF; certificate of registration of the vehicle (MV) in the original (taken away for storage traffic police officers along with the old numbers "177" with a new certificate of vehicle registration in the 35-m region with a "temporary registration"); 

  own facilities (state registration plates with the numbers 177), taken alone and cleared of mud;

  application for re-registration (of registration) of the vehicle, a model which can be found at the information stands of traffic police (militia) or a duty officer of the District. On line registration actions must specify "for staging the temporary registration";

  Receipt paid to the department of Sberbank, indicating the theme "for the registration of action - statement on the account, the sum of 500 rubles.;

  Provision of vehicles with purified numbers of aggregates (body and engine) to inspect in accordance with the duty of registration of motor traffic police.

After completing all the formalities after mandatory in such cases, checks on all databases tracing and verification of numbers of units of automobiles to those specified in the statement and evidence, you will receive a new certificate of vehicle registration and new public facilities (signs). Duration of temporary motor vehicle registration may not exceed the term of your time of residence registration, but both can be easily extended, with a near relatives or property in the property. 

After successfully carried out the procedure must be within 30 days to pass then (in accordance with the requirements of the law). When you move back to the main registration area (177) voucher TO dealt with in the numbers (35) in the traffic police department, which issued them. Instead, you get old, the main number (177) and a paper on the time required for the next inspection (certified stamp act), which after the presentation in your area (177) at TO exchanges (without charge and test the car) to a new card checkup. 

Contact region change registration 

When the inverse change of registration of the car - with the time taken for the - filed a similar declaration with the traffic police plot "for the removal of the temporary registration. This services are only 200 rubles (present a receipt of payment through Sberbank), because you just get your old number (177) and the old certificate of registration of vehicle, is still preserved in the traffic police (35). That is, if you replace the back a few saves, and paying only the registration steps. 

In addition, if you want to change the temporary registration of his "iron horse" (35) for the core (177), while in "home" region (177), it is not necessary to drive the car for inspection in the "temporary" region (35) as would be close or far he is. You go to the local traffic police (in my example - in Moscow) and presenting a car for osmotrovyh platform, the same day receives inspection report, certified by the seal. Present this act (along with the numbers (35), a receipt for 200 rubles and a Certificate of temporary vehicle registration) without the car itself in the local registration district traffic police (35), without delay, you get old (177) number and certificate of vehicle registration core of the region. Now just have to bring their own numbers to the car, not vice versa.

About the new regulation of the technical inspection for vehicles 

In 2009, the territory of Russia adopted a new regulation for implementation of the technical inspection for motor vehicles and parts from car owners are having problems because many people speak foreign cars of various years of issue and condition. For instance, the turn signals on the newly introduced regulations should be yellow, but what about those with cars imported from the U.S., and there turn signals - red? And tuning (angle) headlamps in the U.S., Europe and in Russia (regulations) are different. And what do those who have the front bumper is equipped with a "kengooryatniki"? Now these cars, according to the regulations, is unlikely to pass inspection will have a minimum rent "kengooryatniki.


For such options would recommend passing inspection at the place of temporary registration (in the outback). First, its cost is significantly lower, by the example of the Vologda Region about 600 rubles (new prices from February 2010). Secondly, cheaper and insurance - on a temporary registration, it cost me 892 rubles per year for four-wheel drive passenger car foreign car with 110 hp Third, upon presentation of the car on inspection in the province of traffic police inspector completely satisfied by inspection (not always have a special station SO and computer diagnostic equipment), "kengooryatniki" shoot do not need lights to change, too, Draw your own conclusions.... 

And one more thing ... At the time of registration may be less expensive than, for example, in Moscow, "bump" category on the management of vehicles. Go to the category "C" (cars with a maximum permissible mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes) to the category "E" (cars with trailer) in my hometown of cost (including courses in driving school) to 19 000 rubles, Verhovazhskom District, Vologda Region - in 7500 rubles. Similarly, we can get right to the tractor, snowmobile, Jet Ski and boat up to the boat (the last two options - in Vologda GIFT Department, State Inspectorate for Small Vessels), costs a fraction of financial assets.

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