Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to buy a car and not be deceived?

The famous phrase "car is not a luxury but a means of transportation" in the recent past, the majority of Soviet citizens was seen with a certain amount of humor and skepticism. At those wages, prices and volumes of the market "iron horse" was by far not everyone can afford. 

But times change, and rather quickly. First car ceased to be unavailable deficit, and today it's functionality is much greater than the obsolete concept. What are the roles played by cars in the life of modern man? 

It is hard for something not to miss. Contemporaries quickly had forgotten that once the four wheels were just a means of moving in space. Today the car - this tool and a tool for relaxation, hobbies and entertainment, a measure of prestige and an indicator of affluence, self-expression and realization of plans, objectives, and in some situations, the goal itself. 

Yes, exactly! The car - a goal of modern life, temporarily left without iron friend. How much effort, time and money we spend to achieve that goal! How many dangers and pitfalls waiting for us on the path to the secret acquisition! 

It would seem - there is nothing easier. If you have money - go to a showroom and choose what one likes. Not enough money for a new car - on the market is full of second-hand in good condition for a variety of prices. Automotive industry around the world offers the buyer make and model narrow realm of expertise and a broad, diverse shapes and sizes, all colors of the rainbow, for every taste, able to satisfy the broad needs. 

Market Auto insatiable as unlimited human needs. In the area of car sales "turns" huge money, based on the cost of a single purchase - your. 

Unfortunately, money is always attracted swindlers. Car market - not an exception to the general rule, but rather a popular place for hangouts fans quick profit. People buy cars infrequently, and therefore the shopping experience they have a little bit. An inexperienced buyer - a favorite object of frauds. From their point of view there is nothing easier than the "Provisional Government teapot" rusty tin can at the price of a Formula 1 car. 

Fraudster not interested in how to get his money to the victim. Fraudster not interested in what will happen to the person deceived, his family, work, and mental health. Fraudster only interested in money. Your money is allocated for the implementation of long-cherished goal - buying a car. 

In the arsenal of scam many intricate combinations. They are built on two things - lack of attention of the buyer and his ignorance. You can dismiss board - look better. But not so simple. 

In the market of used cars is important not just watch, we must know where to look and that there can be seen. Each latent defect has its visible manifestation, would know just what to look for. The disadvantages, of hidden really, not so much. 

Adoption of this is true not only in relation to technology. The human soul - the darkness, but the identity of the seller for an experienced buyer - an open book. Unless you know what language this book is written, how bold typed and on what page the necessary information. 

In an unsophisticated buyer may get the impression that the "divorce" only when buying used cars with it. They say dangerous buy an ad or on the city car market, seething evil "Kidal" with unshaven faces. 

In practice, not rare deceptions in showrooms, where buyers are not random encounters seller rumpled denim jacket, a smiling manager in an immaculately white shirt. Remember, do not you never heard someone slipped bituyu car under the guise of a new, or sold to two buyers in the same instance, delayed a car out of the cabin after the payment, provided documents that are not put on the record ... 
Shoulder to shoulder with cabin scammers plies bankers and insurance agents. For example, offering a "paltry" interest for the use of credit, but his conditioning insurance purchases for "symbolic" price from damage due to floods in the Sahara. 

And how can frazzle the nerves routine procedures of your purchase! Wait - we're waiting for, sign in the adjoining room - and we are moving forward again, and write it to pay - and we pay ... for what? But just because you have money to fraudsters who really want to take. 

Which would not have chosen a niche for its fishing car thieves - all united by one thing, a burning desire to profit at the expense of the buyer? Like a wolf pack, they, until a certain time, tail between his legs, wander around the intended victims, choosing a convenient time to chop off a piece of juicy. 

Memorize once and for all: going for the purchase of a car, no matter where, at the city market or in a prestigious salon, you go into battle. You will receive a real battle for your dream and your money, even if outwardly composed most blessed situation. 

The success of any battlefield depends on the ability to fight, ready to fend for themselves and their goals, equipment, availability of allies. The easiest option - to hire their allies during the battle, turn to professionals to help you choose the car, inspect it, to find hidden defects, tell you where and how to get a loan and purchase. 

Simple - not the cheapest. Employment specialist qualifications certainly effective, but good work and is expensive. Imagine that heeding the advice you gave up the first option, second, third... 

But you have to pay in any case. As a result, the buyer can get something from which sought to protect. A much better option if buying a good car for the price of two, taking into account broker fees than buying pimped for a reasonable price? In addition, in all honesty, who can give no assurance that hired a specialist does not lead you by the nose? 

The only reliable option - be ready for battle himself. You can interview friends and acquaintances, as buying a car passed them, analyze the situation, draw conclusions and predictions. But on the one hand, people tend to forget whether they can recall the necessary details? On the other - a lot of you have such friends? But if much, much needed time to talk with each? And it is not a fact that of all the stories in practice, you can use at least one. Lesson clearly yielded promising results. 

However, conscientious professionals who choose the means of livelihood services for fellow citizens to choose a car, working constantly in the field of selling cars accumulate over time, a huge and invaluable experience. They are not afraid of any frauds, the latest just do not communicate with those who are familiar with all the hidden techniques of deception. 

Specialists are ready to share with you the fact that they know and can do. Their experience is collected, processed and systematized by the authors of educational video course "How to buy a car and do not be deceived. All and all variants of purchase” . 

In an accessible and understandable format video course acquaints with virtually all versions of cheating in buying a car, simple and effective tips collected in step by step instructions, the use of which would protect car buyers from losing money. 

After reviewing this video training, you will be fully prepared for situations developing when buying a used car in the city market and abroad, the new car in the saloon, credit registration and insurance. You will be informed of the legal subtleties and technical secrets, learn how to legally save huge sums, obtaining favorable credit, choosing a balanced and reasonable insurance. 
Statistically, when buying a car is wrong 97% of potential car owners. Not all errors are fatal, but agree with crooks a huge field of application of their abilities. 

On error learning. Most people - by their own mistakes, to correct that require time and money. And only a minority of drawing conclusions from the experience of others. Stay in the minority, click on the link to view the videokursom, Find out all about scams, save your money, health, good spirits and good mood. 

We are all different and we all have the right to choose. And in any case, I wish you all my heart an excellent car, save money and happiness in the family!

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