Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Updated Toyota RAV4

Company Toyota officially unveiled a new generation of its popular crossover Toyota RAV4. First of all, drew the attention of the new design of the car - a substantial treatment was subjected to front bumper, radiator grille, headlights, hood and front fenders. As a result of changes in design RAV4 has become more like older brothers on the line, from which only won. A vibrant, stylish, modern car - these are just some of the epithets that are appropriate to the new look RAV4.

In appearance, Toyota engineers had worked on a new engine and Valvematic, Transmissions Multi drive S, as well as equipped crossover Russian navigation system with speech recognition. So what changes have RAV4 enough - it really wants to call new, and not face lifted.

Depending on the configuration, RAV4 is offered with standard and long wheelbase. Especially popular are "short" versions, among which there are front-wheel model with a 6-speed INC, as well as all-wheel-drive model with the same 6-speed INC or new V-belt variator, CVT. 

Variable Multi drive S is not by chance ends with the letter "S", which designates Sport. It must be said, sports mode on the RAV4 - is what will like young and energetic car enthusiasts. Before hundreds of machines accelerated in just 11 seconds, while top speed is 185 km / h. And while fuel consumption according to the manufacturer - just 7.5 liters of the combined cycle. Impressive. 

As part of the test-drive, organized by Toyota for the press, we were able to personally verify high performance vehicle. Despite the fact that the RAV4 is not positioned as an SUV, a moderate off-road nothing to him. The car has not only the differential lock, but also useful help system during the descent. Enough to confide in electronics, and she pulled the RAV4 with any of the mountain without any risk to passengers and vehicles. Of course, there is a system and help with the rise, not giving the car an arbitrary slipping, slope. At the same slippery road will incidentally protivozanosnaya system that works just perfectly.

Perhaps the main drawback of the car - a high level of noise in the cabin. Otherwise - excellent car that deserves the closest attention. True, many will stop the price - front-wheel car is a complete set of 899,000 rubles, and in four-wheel drive - from 988,000 to 1 million 385 thousand. Expensive? Perhaps, yes. Nevertheless, for the fans RAV4 is clearly not a problem. 

Of course, one day to test-drive is not enough to fully appreciate the new car. Therefore, we will soon take it again to test more closely. Watch for information

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