Thursday, March 4, 2010

Premiere Infiniti M

The stand Infiniti in Geneva was presented some interesting premieres. First of all, this Infiniti M third generation, and the first in the model number of the brand diesel and hybrid engines. It seems luxury brand group Nissan is going to take a good spot on the already close the European market car business class. Not only were the Germans of a Lexus, so here is one more headache! 

The car will be installed active management of all four wheels, the system noise and the world's first Blind Spot Intervention - another innovative system offered by Infiniti. The car has intelligent gas pedal, saves fuel, as well as climate control system, which generates a fresh scent of the forest in the car. In September this year a new "Emka" appears on the public roads. Infiniti M - this is already the third generation of the car, but the first time the family will be offered at all 35 global markets, Infiniti. 

The emergence of a new 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine marks the second phase of the onset of the brand Infiniti on the European market cars luxury. This is the first diesel engine for a 20-year history of the brand, was designed and demonstrates high honed performance indicators in line with the philosophy of Infiniti. Initially, it will be installed on both successful crossover - EX and FX, and later will be available for luxury sedan Infiniti M. 

The emergence of a new diesel engine - a key element in the continued growth of Infiniti in the European market. Despite the fact that the emergence of the brand in Europe coincided with the worst economic downturn in the global economy over the past decade, has sold over 2000 cars of all model series - G37 sedan, coupe and convertible, as well as crossovers EX and FX. 

Six models - Infiniti M - appear on the market during 2010. For it will also be provided for petrol and diesel version with a new three-liter engine. The values of the golf-diesels indicators speak for themselves. The new engine with 175 kW (238 hp), develops a torque of 550 Nm. In combination with a standard 7-speed automatic gearbox, it accelerates EX30d to 100 km / h in just for 7,9 pp. For FX30d the figure is 8.3 with. These impressive torque figures will more fully experience the dignity of all Infiniti during overtaking. 

At today's Geneva press conference Infiniti made vice-president of Toru Saito. "Dynamic performance - these are the main characteristics of the brand Infiniti. And the new diesel engine, the first of the twenty-year history of the brand, reflects this approach ", - said Saito.

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