Saturday, March 13, 2010

The family Lada Samara

Concern with the company AvtoVAZ JSC "Super-Slide" parasails to the simultaneous release of five new small-scale versions based on the family Lada Samara. New three-door sedans and hatchbacks that family will be equipped with 16-valve engines. This provides the ability to install two models of the engine - VAZ-21124 90 hp, which was used "top ten", and VAZ-21126 power of 98 hp, developed specifically for the family of Lada Prior ". Second motor differs improved characteristics. Since March 2010, this same engine was the founder and ruler "Samara" with 16-valve engines - five-door hatchback VAZ-21124. 

These motors must make new "Samara" the most fast cars among all products AvtoVAZ - the manufacturer declared maximum speed of 185-190 km / hr. Besides the new engine, these vehicles increased traction, increased front brakes, 14-inch wheels, and unified with the "Prior" suspension, between the uprights of the front suspension to improve the rigidity of the body mounted stretching. Price of new products slightly higher than the recommended value of machines with 8-valve engine - Chto Well, progress in the model lineup AvtoVAZ is evident - the old model of the new engines installed. It may be a bad thing - if the speed "Samara" will not fall apart.

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