Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diesel racing car R15 TDI

Company Audi introduced a new generation of diesel racing car R15 TDI, which is June 12-13, will fight for victory in the race 24 Hours of Le Mans. The team has already embarked on an extensive test program that improved the car LMP1 class in the United States. 

"For the Audi LMP1 class of preferred Formula 1 because in these sports category is the engineering solutions and technologies that are used in production cars - explains the head of the unit Audi Motor sport Dr Wolfgang Ulrich. - In Le Mans paramount performance car. Today it is increasingly subject to the expectations of potential buyers of production models, while remaining one of the most important competitive advantages of brand Audi ». 

This year's Le Mans race regulations prescribe the use of air restrictor with a smaller diameter and reduced boost pressure for diesel vehicles. After the reduction of engine power due to restrictions in the Rules Audi tried to improve the efficiency of the vehicle due to further improve the aerodynamics, optimizing the parameters of drag and thrust. 

Audi had to completely change the front of the R15 TDI. As a result, a new diesel racing car, which has the working title of R15 plus, there is a new "face" with double noses. Body Form R15 TDI completely redesigned for maximum efficiency. With the same purpose produced revised cooling system and fuel tank. V10 TDI engine is optimized for the use of smaller diameter air restrictor and work with the reduced boost pressure. Power plant capacity of 5.5 liters to continue to develop capacity of more than 440 kW. 

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