Thursday, March 4, 2010

Company Citroen new model DS3

Company Citroen has brought to Geneva a few concepts. As with most other brands, it all comes down to the original design and ecology - hybrids, electric, new materials. After the official presentation of the new model DS3, Citroen is continuing to develop an innovative line of DS, and offers two more concept car of the line. DS3 Racing - a sport version of the model DS3, developed by the division Citroen Racing. DS High Rider - the prototype of an entirely new model line DS; C-ZERO - the second after Berlingo First fully electric car developed by Citroen. 

Survolt - a concept car that combines unusual appearance, original design and compliance with environmental standards. Model Survolt - more progressive, like no other and change all representations Development Citroen in electric vehicles. Prototype electric model Citroen concept car has Revolte, presented at the Frankfurt motor show last year. 

For several years, participating in the program to reduce fuel consumption and fewer emissions, the company Citroen concept car represents the C3 Picasso e-Hdi - is "Ecomobil" showing several "environmental friendly" methods (system Stop & Start, robotized gearbox, clean materials, roof with photovoltaic cells). 

Citroen launches a whole new range of products under the name of e-HDi. This designation will apply to cars with the use of innovative technologies, including micro-hybrid system Stop & Start of the new generation. This technology delivers the engine and reducing emissions of CO2, due to the partial restoration of the charge in the batteries during braking or deceleration of the car - and all this without compromising the comfort of the driver and passengers. Given under the hood of 1.6-liter turbodiesel HDi, a demonstration model C3 Picasso e HDI is equipped with a system Stop & Start of the second generation, as well as robotic mechanical gearbox. In addition, the Citroen C3 Picasso HDI E embodies all the modern development of the company within the program long-term development: a roof made of polycarbonate has 70 photovoltaic cells with total capacity of 160 Tues This allows you to recharge your batteries, and rarely use the AC generator, which in turn reduces fuel consumption, while creating a car in an environmentally-friendly materials, whose share amounted to almost 20%. Of such materials are made rugs in the cabin, edging the seats, wheel caps and even the fuel tank. The company set out to Citroen in 2011 to reach 20% of the use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of each new model.

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