Friday, March 19, 2010

Anniversary Porsche

Company Porsche celebrates 60 years of automobile production in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. It all began in 1938 when the office Porsche moved from the city center of Stuttgart in several new buildings in the suburb of Zuffenhausen. Here is the order of the German government began designing the first "people's car", buyout and then went down in history as the "bug" - Volkswagen Beetle. The Second World War put an end to plans by Ferdinand Porsche. After the defeat of Nazi Germany's military factory in Zuffenhausen is in the American occupation zone, and Porsche will start construction of the model temporarily Porsche 356 in liberated by Soviet troops in Austria. 

Finally, in 1950 the German avto konstruktoru can return to its Stuttgart plant, where on April 6 with the conveyors went first cars Porsche 356. In the first year, managed to produce only 369 copies, but success can develop, and two years later in Zuffenhausen opens second factory Porsche, and eight years later and the third. To date, the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen was built more than one million cars Porsche. To commemorate this milestone in the Porsche Museum will host an exhibition with a series of early photographs and the first production car 356 Coupe, built in Zuffenhausen. The event will start from March 20 and will run until May 9.

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