Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hyundai new items ruler Blue Drive TM

The International Motor Show 2010, held in these days in Geneva, the company Hyundai Motor presents 8 new products, including the concept of I-flow, a new crossover ix35, running on fuel cells, i30U new model year, as well as new items ruler Blue Drive TM. 

Center display at the Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai became the concept of i-flow - the first diesel hybrid company. The new 1.7-liter engine U2 is equipped with two-stage turbocharger and lithium-ion polymer battery Hyundai, which in combination with six-speed gearbox with two clutches provide a highly efficient and high-tech combination. 

The concept was developed in conjunction with the company BASF. With the assistance of BASF been possible to reduce weight and size of the main elements of the interior such as seats and center console. The main control interface is centered on a large screen, which recognizes not only touching, but also gestures to the entire surface of the dashboard. 

Glossy finish under the "liquid metal", developed by BASF Coatings, enhances the visual impression of the appearance of the I-flow. Special pigments in this environmentally friendly water-based coating give the surface appearance of polished metal and plastic stress the nature of the car. 

I30 new model year is an entirely external as well as in terms of technical performance. Changed grille and rear bumper, a number of previously unavailable options - such as optitronnaya dashboard, cruise control with speed limiter. Crossover ix35 FCEV was the next step toward commercialization of fuel cell cars. Already by 2012, Hyundai Motor plans to produce several such cars for the domestic market, where the expected high demand for these eco-friendly and high-tech models. 

Also at the Geneva salon Hyundai Motor is the latest model in its ever-growing line of environmentally friendly cars, Blue Drive TM. Program of the company led to the emergence of five new cars, fully ready for production: i10 blue, i20 blue, i30 blue, i30cw blue and ix35 blue. These innovations will allow the company even closer to its goal - to become a world leader in "green" automotive technologies. 

All models are established line of Blue the latest cost-effective power plants, developed in research centers Hyundai Korea and Europe. Thus, the new 1.0-liter gasoline engine Kappa reduced volume and 1.7-liter diesel U2 uses modern motor oil of low viscosity, which allows significantly reduce friction in the transmission, a dual system of continuous variable valve timing, improved combustion, optimized gear number and engine control system, which increases its efficiency. 

The driver will use an innovation system "Stop / Start" own design Hyundai. When you stop the car, she turns off the engine and gearbox off, and then starts the engine when you press the clutch pedal. This is especially effective for minimizing emissions and reducing fuel consumption when driving in urban traffic jams. Together with the system of "Stop / Start» Hyundai offers generator control system, which ensures maximum battery charging during braking. 

In the design of new cars Blue Drive TM been several changes to improve aerodynamics and reduce rolling resistance. In particular, all models are set lower body panels, which close the cavity, available in standard cars, which creates additional aerodynamic resistance and lead to increased fuel consumption. In some models to use technical solutions that reduce the friction brake shoes on wheels, and set tire pressure, low rolling resistance. Outwardly, cars are not much different from their no hybrid versions, but they are easily identified by the logo and color. Emblem in the back indicates that the car belongs to a family of Blue Drive TM. In addition, all models are painted a shade of Lavender Blue (lavender blue) with the original design on the back. 

Innovative technology has allowed engineers to reduce CO2 emissions for models i10, i20 and i30 Blue modifications to the mark, not exceeding 100 g / km. Latest ix35 Blue boasts an impressive figure of 135 g / km, which sets new standards for the C-segment crossover. i10 Blue, which begins production in late 2010, is equipped with an efficient new 1.0-liter gasoline engine Kappa, whose power is 69 hp at a lower speed at 6200 rpm, and torque is 94 N * m It is also equipped with a dual system of continuous variable valve timing (CVVT). Thanks to improved aerodynamics, and modernization of power plant CO2 emissions in the i10 Blue is only 99 g / km. 

In i20 installed 1.4-liter diesel engine U2, designed in research and development center in (Germany), whose power is 75 hp at lower rotational speed of 4000 rpm, while torque is 220 Nm. The power plant is equipped with the latest six-speed manual gearbox. CO2 emissions in the i20 Blue are just 98 g / km, and its production is scheduled for 2011. 

I30 Blue and his version of CW are equipped with 1.6-liter engine U2, whose power is 90 hp at lower rotational speed of 4000 rpm, while torque is 240 Nm. Propulsion completed a six-speed manual gearbox of the latest generation of energy-efficient transmissions. The launch of these vehicles will begin in 2011 at the Czech plant in Nosepiece, and CO2 emissions of just 98 g / km for the hatchback and 99 g / km for "wagon" would be a major factor for buying this car. 

ix35 Blue, which begins production in late 2010, boasts an impressively low CO2 emissions of just 135 g / km, which makes him not only a leading competitor of crossover in the C-segment, but the hatchback in the same segment. 1.7-liter diesel engine U2, also developed at the research center, has a capacity of 115 hp at a lower rotational speed of 4000 rpm and its torque is 260 Nm. It comes with the latest six-speed manual gearbox.

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