Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Micra wants to charm the world

The premiere Nissan Micra fourth generation. The first impression of the design - the model was closer in spirit to the classical concept. "This is not just another modification of the well-known model from the very beginning we have completely changed the way we work. In fact, we have created an entirely new methodology for the development of cars ", - said Vincent Kobe, project manager V-Platform Company Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. 

The new Micra (known as March in Japan) is based on the new platform V-platform, developed using a new method of engineering design and production. The car was designed and tested in Japan and will be manufactured at four factories Nissan, located in other countries, all cars will be finalized taking into account the tastes and requirements of the buyer 160 countries. 

Koji Nagano, director of design car brand Nissan, said that when designing a new model of his team had three objectives. "First, the model should be like a very wide range of buyers from around the world. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure the highest level of quality in this class, both outside and inside. Small cars does not mean that customers will tolerate low quality: We know that consumers want the best. Our goal was to raise the bar on quality in achieving our third goal: to create a compact car, whose design has a very special charm. 

Chief designer Makoto Yamani, who created such models as the GT-R Concept 2001 and the Qashqai concept car in 2004, worked closely with engineers at the early stages of design Micra. It fulfilled the basic requirements for the design of this project working in three directions: to create a design, attractive on the international level, develop a solid and compact body; bring a sense of luxury inside and out, which would have helped to raise the prestige of the car. 

"The car is designed to enchant all the inhabitants of the planet - said Mr. Yamani. - Design must be attractive to the greatest possible number of people around the world - for women and men, for different age categories. And we are confident that we have succeeded. The appearance looks stylish and technologically. In this case the front of the car should look like is available and friendly, as a friend to whom we can always rely on. He stressed that the front of the car has a well-defined three-dimensional look. Especially through a carefully thought-out lines of the grille, which makes the car more recognizable on the road. The new Micra has maintained its traditionally recognizable arched roofline, which has proved its attractiveness in Europe and Japan. 

Dimensions of the new Micra is similar to the previous version. Length increased by only 61 mm - up to 3780 mm, width is 1665 mm (+ 5 mm), height 1525 mm (- 15 mm). Like the previous model, the location of the wheels on the corners of the body was a key factor in creating a spacious interior and increased the wheelbase by 20 mm - up to 2450 mm. The new smooth shape of the roof and barely noticeable integrated spoiler minimizes the aerodynamic drag of air, which leads to lower fuel consumption and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. Thoughtful design of the roof and recycled construction bottoms improve aerodynamics and increased downforce. Suspension of the new Micra is compact and takes up little space in the rear of the car, leaving optimal space for luggage without interfering with the performance. Thanks to the measures taken to reduce the weight of the car work suspension facilitated due to the decrease of the spring mass. 

The car will be equipped with different engines. For Europe, offered only two options, both are modifications of a new three-cylinder gasoline engine Nissan HR12 with a working volume of 1.2 liters. As heir to 4-cylinder engine HR16, which are equipped with a model Note and Qashqai, this engine fitted with a valve timing control (VTC). Engine power is 59 kW, and torque - 108 Nm. Emissions of CO2 for this basic version of the gasoline engine does not exceed 115 g / km. In the new air engine company later Nissan engine will offer a working volume of 1.2 liter with direct injection and turbocharging. This unit is the base for Europe and fitted with a "Stop - Start. This innovative system reduces CO2 emissions by 6%. Despite the increased power (72 kW, 98 hp) and torque, equal to 142 Nm, the engine emits just 95 g / km, which is an excellent indicator for the gasoline engine. Both engines can be supplied with five-speed manual gearbox with short straight course of the lever, as well as with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

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